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  1. Virtanan is 20 years old...... like cmon... ok he hasn't progressed as quickly as Ehlers or Nylander, but Haydn Fleur and Michael Dal cole hasn't turned heads either. Sam Bennets 26 points as a top 6 winger is a huge disappointment too.
  2. I firmly believe we need to select a dman from this draft. If there is a draft that can almost guarantee a dman of a floor of top 2, this is the draft. top 10 is loaded with defencemens. HIgh quality dmans..
  3. I think we make it by 20 25. at this point, Bo Horvat is 30 year old captain ( Similar to Henrik Sedin when he makes the finals at the age of 31) Petterson and Juolevi is at their prime in their mid 20's. Assistant captain Boeser is 28 comes off a career year. Assisted on our blue line, 2018 High picked defensemen. Demko is one of the best goalies in the world.
  4. Probably one of the best trades Jim Benning made. lets first look at Eric Gudbranson. top 4 dman on the Panthers. As proven on stat sheet, based on ice time in the playoffs he was the leading dman for ice time. what do neutral fans think of him? look no further then this thread A year prior Kings trade their 1st rounder and Roland Mckeown for Andrej Sekera who was a top 4 and a ufa. Also earlier Oilers traded the 16th and 33rd pick in 2015 in exhange for Griffin Reinhart We simply just traded Jared McCann (who had troubles cracking our lineup and struggled to beat out Linden Vey for a spot) and a 33rd pick, for a 24 year old Eric Gudbranson who was always trusted by his coach and management. We robbed Florida of this trade very badly, because McCann is currently a left winger all of a sudden and I don't even know what happened to that 33rd pick. Nick Kypreos (biggest Canuck basher) thinks its a lop sided move in favor in Vancouver, McGuire, Craig Button. I do not see how we got robbed here, best trade Benning has made. one thing I do have to mention is that he did struggle. Hoping he turns it around. He was very good in the Panthers /Isles series It goes to show how valuable he is, when Dale Tallon is trying to require him.
  5. Hoping the same thing will happen again( a playe that should have gone higher dropping to us and turning out good) boeser has since out produced strome and meier. Combined.
  6. They need to make the NHL as a regular 1st, plus it's a long term project since he's a 2nd rounder. At last 2 years then maybe the ahl. We will see.
  7. For some strange reason brian Burke offered him a 650 000 k entry level contract, which was odd. The going rate at the time for 1st rounders was the entry maximum at 1.1 million, which most of the 2001 draftees were getting Mean while Kesler gets a 850 000 k offer right out of college, umberger gets 650 000 k when he should be getting 1.1 million. Umberger a true sport in the end was willing to,sign for 900 000 k still which is low balling considering the season he just had but Burke still said no. Eventually rangers get his rights offers a 250 000 k entry level contract, he becomes a ufa and ends up in Philly. He had an ok career as a 2nd line centreman.
  8. totally understand that. I also acknowledge that in hindsight Virtanen wasn't the right pick either, but no need for trashing him senselessly meanwhile Haydn Fleur and Micael Dal Cole (who even Islanders fans have written off for being a career tier 2 guy) hasn't even played a single NHL game. hope Virtanen does do well. Big body bangers like him thrive in playoff matches.
  9. the one that finished top 10 in scoring in a mens league as a 19 year old.
  10. the one that finished top 10 in scoring in a mens league as a 19 year old.
  11. glad they have their cam Barker. there is a reason why he dropped. Wish Calgary drafted him. there is a reason why he dropped,there is also a reason why he was the only guy we didn't interview.
  12. LOl the idiots on canucks fans and non Canucks fans have written him off already. Dude is only 20 years old. love it. Lets see what he does. You call yourselfs Canucks fans yet want to see him fail? like wtf is that.
  13. 2 years ago someone posted some Corsi of his time in the whl. He "generated as much offence as Leon drasati.
  14. too early to tell, seriously, but this draft I am getting better vibes then previous years. 2014 I was excited for the 1st 4 picks. virtanen was good always wanted McCann Demko and Tryamkin. Forsling is already a NHL played 40 games this season 2015 was only excited with the Boeser pick at that point. Then got some good vibes when Briseboise was compared to Tanev. 2016 was only excited for the Juolevi and the Lockwood pick. The rest were questionable. 2017, excited for very much all our picks except for the Gunnarson pick. then Dhalen got interviewed about how good Gunnarson was so warming up to that pick too. now why is 2017 so good? according to NHL draft site, we picked up 3 first rounders with our first 3 picks. They had Lind and Gadjovich also as 1st rounders Glass Games 69 pts 94 Lind Games 70 Pts 87 Vilardi Games 49 pts 61 Gadjovich Games 60 pts 74 Then we have Dipietro and Rathbone, Brassard is a wonderul 7th rounder. we did really well in 2017.
  15. "Speed and skill speed and skill" drafts Kristoffer Gunnarsson. lol