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  1. anyone try Athlean - X? His actual workout programs? My gosh I am one week into one his programs and this is the best workout program I've ever done. anyone else tried it?
  2. Give this a shot. But this is tricky. My fiance had ex's trying to reconnect with her numerous times, it was at a point were she had no interest in speaking to them. She gave me more reasons to flat out ignore them then to respond. That said, you have nothing to lose at this point. The worst thing that can happen is, she tells her current boyfriend, and that is all. 5 days later she will forget you even contacted her.
  3. you're thinking too much. We will sign him and lock him up. Don't worry.
  4. will be happy with Merkley Mcissac Boqvist Quine. Bold Wilde. be happy if we came out of 2018 with any of those players.
  5. stay away from crossfit, if you value your own health in the long run man, also your wallet for crying out loud. Their are some benefits to cross fit, but overall in the long run it's not good of your health.
  6. not surprised at all. I recently read an article that Netflix is actually 20 billion dollars or debt. Hiking up 1 dollar is really nothing.
  7. Bure Sedins, Naslund, Linden, Jovocop Ohlund, lUONGO
  8. It's kinda crazy how he fast he still skated (despite being out of shape) last year, imagine him in shape, my gosh.
  9. I think he is doing a hell of a job. the worst trades he's made in my point of view was 2nd round pick for Linden Vey and Gustav Forsling for Adam Clendenning. other then that, he's building a powerhouse under the radar right now. It's insane.
  10. the only way we are drafting a foward this year is with the 2nd pick. Anything else I am certain it's a dman. I am onboard with it this time around for drafting this Russian kid if we somehow win the 2nd pick.
  11. I do have it. How do I go for the U.S version of Netflix? anyone watch "Jessica Jones"? I like this show more then Daredevil actually. not on netflix, are you from the States? one of the best anime's I've ever watched. Recommend for everyone.
  12. delete triple post.
  13. delete triple post.
  14. delete triple post.
  15. I do have it. How do I go for the U.S version of Netflix?