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  1. [Report] Lucic plans to "remain a King" for rest of career

    Like a few others have said, good news, I originally liked the idea of him here, he is a tough as hell and probably one of the toughest and best fighters, not to mention, he's pure vancouverrite but really, dude is a punk as a player as it gets the stuff he does is quite disgusting. He will be an embarrassment for our team, not to mention with the league going so hard on us, last thing we want is another bait player the league can be used as an excuse for the Vancouver Canucks.   i wish his dreams come true and he remains a king until his career ends.
  2. What should Nucks do if they get #2 pick in 2016 draft

    Pulju.   I think he will be a more effective nhler
  3. 2016 NHL Entry Draft

    1 Chychrun, 2 Sergachev, 3 Juolevi, 4 Bean, (Because of a source) . . . . Between Bean and Fabbro canucks have 3 other guys in between these 2 players.   5-Fabbro.  
  4. [Rumour] Pitt interested in Hammer

    Sucks they don't have a 1st rounder this year but Derrick pouliot and Our second rounder in 2016 (which is currently in pittsburghs possession because of sutter trade) and we will call it a day.   
  5. [Rumour] - Caps interested in Hamhuis

     i find it extremely unbelievable that the market changed over night.  Just when the Vancouver Canucks actually have the assets to obtain additional 1st round picks, Bob Mckenzie, who does have a record of also making minor troll attempts to the Canucks say he's heard from other gm's  gm's nowadays are not willing to give up much for rentals?  to be honest, that's music to my ears,and I'm waiting for that day to happen, that day when rentals are not traded for 1st round picks. a garbage dman like Lukas Sekeras garned a 1st round pick and Roland Mckeown, I am expecting the something similar for Hamhius.  Sorry Mckenzie.   
  6. 2016 NHL Entry Draft

    Dubois is said to be able to play centre but right now he is primarly a winger. McLeod is probably the next best rated centreman in the draft after Mathews.  the closes thing to a 1st line centreman in the draft after mathews. I wouldnt mind having him.  dude reminds me of Nathan Mackinnon.
  7. Daniel Sedin: The real All Star Game MVP

    yea but the NHL is ran by goons,   John Garret was totally right for calling out the NHL.  
  8. Happy Birthday, Jacob Markstrom!

    last time he was traded, Buffalo got a 1st rounder in return, and that was him being a pending UFA, if we trade him we should get a 1st rounder
  9. 2016 NHL Entry Draft

    3 points in the last 2 games for Chycrhrun since the junior game.
  10. that is plan.    we trade him to whoever, we sign him back in july get a free prospect from whatever our doomed to be season is, done.
  11. Is Milan Lucic Out of Control?

    I think if Lucic played for the Canucks he will end up being the new scape goat for NHL referees everywere to call things on him.  It's just a bad combination ready to happen.  1 of the most hated player in NHL's most hated team, yea its disaster, I rather try to invest that money on a top pairing dman.
  12. 2016 NHL Entry Draft

    in the end we have no control, that said the feedback at a certain hockey forum, tells a different story by people who does watch him a regular basis.
  13. [Rumour] Could Be Several Oilers On The Block

    bunch of crappy players, I wouldn't mind Shultz though for a 7th round pick, apparently when he was in college he would get pissed when the Canucks lose.
  14. [Video] Benning: We won't draft by position, taking best player.

    mark these words, if we make the playoffs end up with the 15th pick or so, they will be selecting Jake Bean if he's not taken yet.   some people asking about B.C boy Fabbro... he has 3 players in between Jake Bean and Fabbro. insider info right here.
  15. 2016 NHL Entry Draft

      not sure why your quote is here, i just want to respond about the top prospects game. I sat on Orrs side of the rink, so it was kinda hard to really watch Cherry's team, and knowing who it was.   In general these are the players I liked,   Mcleod.  Extremely dynamic, highly skilled offensive player, made things happened, extremely confident player which goes a long way for a young guy willing to do some things new players not willing to do, such as an extra deke or trying to split the D.  Love the way he played, wouldn't complain one bit if we selected out out of the top 5.  One of team Cherry's most dynamic and exciting player to watch. HIm without Nylander for an extended period of time were he had no points it is truly a small sample size.  He is that good.   I will never argue against anyone that critizies him anymore.  never ever, lol, he will make an excellent linemate for Boewser or Virtanen or anyone in general.  Sees the ice very well.  Comparison : Nathan Mackinnon like a carbon copy. Jake Bean.  Mr Bean I thought was the best dman for Orr.  He was poised, confident, willing to make a elusive deke or avoid a forecheck to go back and make a player rather then make a safe move such as dumping it out, of his own zone by means of throwing it along the boards, and getting it out of the zone.  Plays like these kinda add up over time, if he's willing to make a player that will help his team making puck possession, such as making a deke skating it out of his zone vs just a regular dump it out, over time, it adds up to the puck possession have with the puck.   Love the way he played, and if he is the targeted player for Benning good find on this, I don't expect him to be used for a top 10 pick. Has excellent end to end skating abilities also.   but I really love his poise Comparison : Phil Housley.  Favorite player last night. Juolevi : he was ok.  ok at best, nothing really stood out.  WJC is truly a small sample size, since the strategies they apply is strictly based on what players were available to Finlands disposal.  Set plays, strategies etc etc, made him look real good at the WJC This was a perfect game to see how good he is, with limited ice time, against equal competition, he did not blow me away by any means, he's not as poised as Bean, well maybe he is, but I really didn't see it.   although he is very good in his own end, good end to end skater, but to be honest, a great exaggeration to think he is better then Chycrun, and anyone who decides to select him over Chycrun is truly making a huge huge mistake.   Comparison : Christian Ehrhoff. Sean Day : Although we will not be selecting this guy..... he was not bad, I thought he was pretty damn good.  Very poised, very confident, extremely skilled, wow, very dynamic defencemen very athletic.  I Personally believe if he puts in some effort he can make it in the NHL at the very least a top 4, sure not a top 2 corner stone, he can do it as a top 4 dman.  If we obtain a later 1st round pick, I wouldn't complain if we drafted him comparison :  I don't really have a comparison for him, he does have a lot of athleticism like a Duncan Keith   Sergachyov  He was good.  Very determined, made things happen, A Russian player is truly a Russian  player, made the incentive to make things happen. He was good.  Comparison : I don't really have a comparison for this kid P L Dubois Kids unreal.  Love the way he plays, he's not as skilled dynamic as Mcleod, but he does generate a lot offence with his hard work and termination.  Dude is a sneaky sob, likes to pick at you and steal pucks away from ya, like a Bo Horvat, no joke.  Works his tail off, in a game if he gets 18 minutes of ice time and Mclead gets 18 min of ice time, he generates equally as much offence as Mcleod.   Probably the best 2 way player I saw last night, he plays outstanding on both sides of the rink, without the puck, with the puck, equally as good.  this kid I personally was one of my favorite fowards last night.  and I thought he was much better then Tkhacuk last night.   Of course that won't represent him having a better career. Comparison : Kinda like a Jeff Carter.   Freddy Gautheir. : I didn't notice him much, but when I did, he is a huge sob that can skate pretty fast, and plays an power forward honest hard working game.  If we picked up in the early teens, no complaints from me. Comparison :  Trevor Linden. Mathew Tkahuck : this kid is pretty much the perfect player for the Sedin twins, tough and smart, positional player.  He knows where to go, he knows how to dangle with it too.   If we draft this kid, he might actually give the Sedins another 2 years of hockey for them.  I'm ok with taking him at the number 5 pick. Chycrun. dun dun dun dun..... Personally I thought he was Cherry's best dman.  really do.   the puck seems to follow him, no joke.  in the second period he got caught with a super duper long shift, where he actually gave the puck away 3 times, Edler style on the same shift, but after that, I don't recall any huge blunders by him.  Love the way he skates, his body positioning, his toughness, and his toughness to play tough and not take stupid penalties.   He handles the puck extremely well, like Jake Bean, makes plays that helps his team maintain puck possession (of course no dman can play a perfect game, sometimes you do have to go throw the puck along the boards). Did he stand out super star style? Hell no he didn't that's not his game, did he generate offense? I think he did, a lot of plays was a direct result of him either skating the puck out of his own zone or through a break out play that his teammate successfully received the puck, without pressure.  Dude is extremely confident and also very poised with the puck, ran the powerplay like a boss, no complaints.  again he's one of those guys were the puck seems to follow him a lot, not sure if its a matter of luck or skill, he often has the puck a lot and is in possession, not to mention he also has excellent skating and puck control abilities.  played excellent in all 3 zones.   Guys a keeper in the top 4 for sure.  one takeaway from watching him play (he always has the puck)  near the end when Red was pressing for the tying goal, he pulled some drew Doughty / Duncan Keith sh!t were he had to make risky deke deke, and skated end to end and top speed. Is he going to be Doughty Ekblad Calibre?  I don't think so, can he be a future top 1 dman? you bet he can, and I am projecting him to be at the very very worst, just a number 2 dman.   He is almost a complete package.  that said keep in mind Ekblad  wasn't flashy at all. Comparison : Ryan Suter.  Others Ty Ronning I thought he played very good.  lol nothing more I can say.     Players I liked Mcleod Dubois, Chycrun, Bean. there isn't anyone I didn't like.     If a given if the Canucks win the number 1 or 2 pick, its Mathews Laine, but if we get the number 3 pick, I am voting Chycrun literally 10 out of 10 times. if we end up with 6-10 pick, I will be extremely happy with Dubois or Mcleod. Canucks are targeting a DMAN, this is just my oppinon those guys Dubois and Mcleod stood out more to me then Sergachyov   and Juolevi , not to mention I thought Jake Bean stood out more then those 2 dmans.  My insider info told me they are targeting Bean, now i know exactly why Benning wants him.   I hope my scouting report helps, it's not much.