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  1. I know people who bumped into him. If you had the chance to meet him I am 100 percent sure you will take back your words,
  2. I can tell you for a fact he does not have him at 3.
  3. lets sign him in the summer then so we can take advantage of his 3 years of entry level.
  4. you know who else was undersized and put up huge numbers? Jordon Subban. I've seen plenty of undersized CHLers who are dmans and putting up huge numbers only to never sniff the NHL. Nothing to really see here. Happy with the Juolevi pick.
  5. in terms of offensive dmans we are looking Liljegeren or Makar.
  6. Did anyone actually think he (Reese) would have signed here ? East coast America wanting to go to the worst Canadian team on top of that the furthest one ?
  7. a veteran like Toby Enstrom should know better then to do something like that last second.
  8. Benning had a trade lined up with the devils back in 2014. Burrows at the time decided not to waive for that dump.
  9. I guarantee you if he's available at 5, we won't be taking him. This I am 100 percent sure.
  10. not to mention Canucks are not very high on him. but that was mid term ratings. someone also asked about Glass, Canucks are not high on him either. Maybe with the 31st pick if the Sharks win the cup.
  11. there was a heated topic on hfboards about him. the haters were saying that he is actually racking up the points because of them but the fact is, someone mentioned the he is actually not full time line mates with them, and is on an entire line anchoring the other scoring line and of course at times when needed he will be put with them.
  12. this player was not ranked in the canucks mid term rankings anywhere. It doesn't look like we will be drafting him anywhere in the 1st or 2nd round.
  13. I was able to obtain a copy of the Vancouver Canucks mid term rankings through a valid source. In this ranking, Vancouver Canucks categorized from, Offensive forwards, 2 way forwards, offensive mans, 2 way dmans, pw Fwds. and have players categorized into each one. this list has 50 players name on it, as this list looks like a target for who they want in their 1st 2 rounds. as promise I am not going to disclose what was on that list, I will say some. Hischier is rated number 1 in Offensive forward category. Nolan Patrick is rated number 1 in 2 way fowards Liljegren is rated number 1 in offensive dman. (The Canucks only have 3 defencemens rated as offensive dmans) What really stood out to me in this list is... Vilardi listed as number 8 in offensive fowards Mittelstadt listed as number 5 in offensive fowards. Right behind Nolan Patrick at number 2 in 2 way forwards is Necas. B.C boy Rasmusson is rated number 4 in 2 way forwards. bc boy Callan Foote listed at number 3 in 2 way defenders Today we are standing at 6th from the bottom, don't expect the Canucks to be drafting Vilardi or MIttlestadt if both those players on their on board. Infact I see another 2016 repeat, as in , we all thought Tkachuk will be our player but we selected someone else, because Vilardi and MIttlestadt are so highly regarded our brains think they are for sure top 5 or 6 or 7 players, and we think we will draft one of them. Players 4-16 is one tier. 1-3 is one tier. The higher the pick the better, but the 16th pick is going to be as good as the number 4 player.
  14. without a doubt, no Christian Ehrhoff, no art ross trophies for the Twins. That's how much of a difference a true offensensive dman makes to a team. Just like Keith to Chicago and Doughty to L.A. He was our "Keith" Getting Mikauel Samuelsson also helped Kesler with his offensive production, as that anchored our 2nd line. Man oh man are we far away from building a team even close to that.