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  1. why do you guys want a number 4 dman at number 4 or 5 in Heiskanen ? crazy, what a crappy draft year, the fact Heiskanen is number 4 is just horrible. future 25 point dman with a high pick? I thought we are rebuilding.
  2. The only way we can really draft 5th is if Colorado doesent get any of the top 3 picks and we also don't win any of the top 3 picks. There is no other way for us to lose bad enough for the 5th pick. And since they are ahead of us, in the suppose draft lottery standings they will get 4th which means we naturally gert the 5th. So IF on draft day we have the 4th pick it means Ava have one of the top 3 picks,
  3. he's allowed to do whatever he wants. Just like Willis has the right to call people out, the owner also have that very same right.
  4. if we draft 5th, it means Colorado also got bent over and screwed as they fell to 4th. No other way around it. So as long as Colorado drafts in the top 3, we can go no lower then 4th. which still sucks.
  5. Cause everyone has jumped on the overrated vilardi train. Owen Tippett is a better player then him and will turn out a safer bet then vilardi. Owen Tippett is one hell of a player. There is some major controversy right now about him. Some fans think he's one dimensional and there are some fans that actually really like him and think he can go as high as 2, so far majority of fans seems to be more on the negative side. One fan thinks his shot is the same as Steven stamkos, at the same age. Remember Phil kessel? Dude literally was the poster boy for (1 dimensional) , and over the years all that improved.
  6. Your going to be in for a shock. Remember this conversation. I'm trying to warn my fellow Canuck fans well in advance about vilardi and mittelstadt not being in the 3-4 range. I have nothing against him. I originally kinda liked him until I found out how little interest the Canucks have in this guy. Again, ok fine, I will take back what I said about him not being drafted in the top 5, but I will assure you guys, the Canucks will not be selecting Gabriel vilardi or Casey mittelstadt with whatever pick we get. Some one quote me. Better yet let's just remember this comversation.
  7. Reports vs actual NHL team listing ism different things. I have nothing against him. I have enough information to know that vilardi will absolutely not get picked in the top 5 by anyone. Trust me on this.
  8. You think, but NHL teams think otherwise. Put it this way. He will not be picked in the top 5 by anyone.
  9. Necas ,Makar, Tolvanen, Pettersson just to name a few.
  10. Ok, that's fine. But the Canucks will not be drafting him even if we had the 5th pick and he's still on board. Absolutely not, my gosh he so overrated.
  11. dude is playing in a the highest level league in in the Czech league. he's as good as it gets, and the the next best forward after Nico/ Nolan. heres my source on how they think Vilardi is. As you can see he is ranked very low. He's nowhere near the top in offensive forwards. they have at least 7 other players who think they are a better player then him. give it up guys, Vilardi and MIttelstadt will not be drafted in the top 5.
  12. I'm not insider I just have their rankings from mid terms. not saying necas is the 3rd pick, he is the 2nd highest ranked 2way foward. Liljegrin is the top rated offensive dman.
  13. The Vancouver Canucks have him very high on their list. Top 5 pick for sure maybe even top 3
  14. It will be a deadly mistake taking with with the number 2 or number 3 pick. There are other players ahead of him and better then him in the top z5.