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  1. ..... fail! if this is the case we should just fire our entire scouting team, and just pick guys who racked up stats on their draft years? a fan that followed that league mentioned that, Hertl also made it, but he was playing on a very weak team at the time so weak he was able to secure a top 6 role.
  2. I am one that was never really interested in him to begin with. Too many Canuck fans not on the same boat like the 2014 draft again. we all have our own opinion. but yea.... Nuck fans are divided.
  3. If we are looking for grit up front look no further then. Elias petterson or Martin necas. These guys don't back down and play a hard 2 way game. Martin necas might actually be the fastest guy in the draft. Petterson is a fast player himself too.
  4. Gifted offensive player who can stick handle and make plays at a high speed. Gifted offensive player who plays a hard 2 way game, under whelming stats is due to him being regulated to a bottom line role, for a team in the highest level Czech league, that won the championship. For an 18 year old to make the Czech league is rather rare but it happ no, happens far less then 18 year old Swedish kids to make swedish tier 2, he stuck around in the best team in Czechoslovakia. if anything I have valid reason to believe the Vancouver Canucks might be targeting him at 5 since he was rated so high by them at mid terms.
  5. VERY GOOD Chance we will select him.
  6. I remember this moment. I was stunned and a little shocked. I was like (Mathew Tkachuk is not a bad choice) dayyyymn.
  7. there is some skillset in there.
  8. We should trade his negotiation rights for a draft pick if possible like what l a did with Ben bishop.
  9. preference. Jovanovski rarely slapped it. but he turned out a pretty good offensive dman. I will too, but very likely he will be gone by 5.
  10. It be nice, but at this point for our franchise maybe prospects and draft picks over 27 year old players.
  11. I problem bro, anytime.
  12. Ok what was he going to say about Vancouver? It's not a place I want to go to because the management sucks ? He was put on the spot, of course he's bound to say something positive.
  13. Who the hell cares what other agencies think. It's what we think that matters.
  14. Because of only one player can be ranked number 1amd that's Nolan Patrick who pretty much checks out with everything you need as a number 1 centreman. Your making it sound like he has to be a number 1 or else he's a bust. Stop asking why he's not rated number 1. He's not heck karlssom was drafted in the mid teens.
  15. he's not ranked number 1 because he's not the next Karlsson. No one said he was. Playing is Karlsson. Just like how Jordan Schroeder playing style was Steve Yzerman. He's just ranked very high because he's an offensive dman with no weaknesses at the moment.