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  1. not to mention they traded a 1st and Roland Mckeown (a decent prospect, was on team Canada WJC last year) for Andres Sekaras. Meanwhile Jim Benning gets wrecked for trading the 33rd pick, and Jared McCann for Eric Gudbranson
  2. hmmm I don't recall quoting you on anything, that said. very loose term. We can say anything is long and "durable" if we wanted too. In the most desperate situations, an deticated android user will say "they are durable," because yes, an android phone can tecnically last 3-4 years if they are ok with freezing, crashing, and using an outdated system. news to me. that said, all i know, is the second someone updates their android to the latest version, there are ALWAYS issues. that's all I know, that's through my friends that use android. They will shrug it, their best, because they don't want to expose the weakness of android phones to the apple iphone users. cool Not everyone uses a S4. some android phones run XXX android versions different from different phones. got 2 friends that got the LGG3, update to the Lollipop, phone died. that said, back to the MAIN AUTHORS reason for post. If you want, try an android phone. No worries. Apple users are not as sensitive as a others out there. however, I can tell you author, I have far more complaints towards android phones then apple phones, far more. In fact, if we only had iphones, my company can lay off 90% of our tech support team. Most of the time people are calling about issues towards an Android. Mostly its Samsung, but of course, Samsung is by far the most popular of android phones.
  3. don't know what your talking about. I honestly don't. 100% of the updates on my ios, requires ios6 or later. My ios is not up to date, and my phone and apps work just fine. in response to your original question, your android phone becomes obsolete after one year, because most android phones are compatible up to the next latest android version, and not to mention it might not even work anyways. Google will not bother to release for example, the latest version of android onto the Galaxy s4, because it wont even run it. they don't bother. Forcing the consumer if you want to run the latest version of android, to use it on a super phone. Meanwhile, the latest version of the ios has no issues running currently on the 5s. how do I know this? My fiance has the 5s running it on the latest version of ios. if someone has a android phone from 2013 and is telling you, they have no issues with the latest android version, they are clearly lying. How do i know this? I know a ton of developers. trust me. ALL OF THEM uses an iPhone. I do know people that have went from apple to android and havent swtiched back, its a few people, that said I do work for one of the "big 3" and I can tell you, there are customers out there, that went from apple, got convinced by their apple hating friends to go to android, by making something up about apple that is totally not true, and in the end they switched back to apple. I've heard of this many times. if you like apple, I don't think you will like android. (customer feedback) if your an apple hater no matter what they do, then stick with android. if your just a regular consumer, you don't really care, no bias, my bet is that you will like the iPhone more. but feel free to try. others: I can tell you right now in Canada, based on the amount of phones I sell, its 85% iphones, 15% other. I've sold more iPHone Se's in one day, then I've sold galaxy s7's or the edge combined in one day. 95% of people calling in about a defective phone are Galaxies. the s6 was the worst. another fact : I have more demands for the SE in the past 2 months then any other phones. No joke. why? a surprisingly huge number of people prefer the small phone. anyways, try it out. trust me, android phones starts to go to hell after 9 months. updates don't do $&!#. and the phone bricks out.
  4. Guess benning had no interest in this guy.
  5. Not,sure about Larsen but Rodin has a 1 way contract. button also wanted the flames to pick joulevi with the 6th pick and even said on air, his brother is the head scout in Calgary and he will convince him to do so.
  6. Nice 1st post. Like to add that trading a 2nd for baertchi was a mastermind move. it was literally "fast forwarding" our rebuild because we were adding a recent high end 1st rounder. He made an immediate impact for us, 1st being the "Pavel Bure" for the Utica comets on rout to the Calder cup final, and making an impact for us last season. Gudbranson, we did trade McCann and a 2nd round,,but looking at this again , we didn't trade those assets for a 29 year old. We added another top 4 dman 24 years old that can also be a vital part of s teams rebuild. Especially a young team, like you said, Prust was suppose to,help out virt, but gudbranson said it himself, "I don't like it when players take liberties on our guys." So he too can provide a protective presence,. I Personally can't wait for him and Kesler to make acquaintance. None of our teammate were willing to step,up,to him, that clown was literally running horvat and virtanen around. But great 1st post. I do trust benning on what his plan is.
  7. We starting topics on ex Canucks gaining weight ? Wtf.
  8. Looking at Chicago and Pittsburgh for example elite teams for a while now, Chicago has 3 cups in the past 7 seasons, Pittsburgh has 2, both these teams do have a few top 3 picks in the line up that's why everyone fascinated with tanking and think only the best players are taken with a top 2 pick.
  9. Give him 2 years like boeser.
  10. not a chance. Kid grew in the east, and a huge Boston fan. Speculations is that he is going to sign in Boston, the fact that he said he is giving up millions so he can choose which team he wants to go too. Who already forgone signing bonuses for not signing with Nashville. He will end up in Boston.
  11. I personally want to see him go back to the ohl. See how does with a marnerless Knights.
  12. I think we might be too good this year to finish in the bottom 5. I think this time around, adding a centre man , an offensive one, Somone that can actually play a role as a 1st liner can really be beneficial in our re tooling mode. we have goaltending kinda set with demko. we got our dman (finally after 11 years), so defence is fine, we have our right wingers in virt and boeser, all we need is a centre man. Horvat is fine but I think he's more of a number 2 centre man.
  13. Sbisa at this point. Sbisa actually had a decent year last year, if he starts to cut back on those bone head plays with the puck he will be fine. Without the puck Sbisa is actually pretty good, not afraid to hit,
  14. I'll be happy if he ends up being a top pairing. Bonus if he becomes a number 1.
  15. New York Rangers and st.louis Blues among teams that did nothing. Those guys lose.