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  1. [Injury] Sutter with broken jaw, Edler broken fibula

    why the sad face??? its for the better of the future man, just suck it up for a few months, its worth it, no one remembers a 1st round exit.  or a 14th place finish.
  2. [Rumour] - Caps interested in Hamhuis

    end what? whats the point of keeping Hamhius around?   21st place?  HA! 
  3. Once again, no shame Leafs tank

    the thing about the Leafs was they were actually still in a playoff position when they fired Randy Carlyle ,  its like they watched the World Juniors, fell in love with McDavid, realized ok, we are too good to draft him, lets do a mid season tank, hire an incompetent man, gut the roster and hope for the best.    rather disgraceful.   They were actually pretty good, and at that time, recently beat Detroit at the winter classic.
  4. [Rumour] - Caps interested in Hamhuis

    there is no bloody way this is the best we can get for Hamhius when garbage dman Andrej Sekaras got the Hurricanes a conditional 1st (which is going to be a 2016 1st round pick) and Roland Mckeown (who also played for team Canada in January)   If he's worth that, Hamhius is worth at least a non conditional 1st rounder.  There is absolutely no way we are getting this little for him, if this is Washington's best offer to us, we will be shopping elsewhere. 
  5. (Poll) Where do we go? TankorPlayoffs?

    trade vets but if you ask me the definition of trading Vets is, Hamhius, Vrbatta and Miller.  those are the guys that might get us a 1st round pick,  
  6. 2016 NHL Entry Draft

      what thing that really stood out for me, was that, the puck seem to follow Chychrun around, ( a good trait if a dman always has puck possession) it seems to always find him, despite at the top prospects game, kinda struggled a little (Juolevi might have generated more offence in that game, but Chycrhrun if you ask me, had more puck possession time much more).   Plays a physical game, in Mckenzies mid term rankings, 7 out of 10 scouts have him as the number 1 dman, the exact same number of scouts who had Laine at number2, Jesse at number 3.  Not to mention Physical play, and Craig Button sees Chychrun as the best skater in the draft, although there is a chance he will go ahead of him, I am almost certain, Chychrun will be the top defender in this draft.      I see some Duncan keith end to end skating abilities..   btw..   ever since the top prospects game Chycrun has 5 points in 5 games and a +3.  If we had the 4th pick, I will be happy with this player.  We will never leave the Best player available.   off topic, would love to have Mathew Tkatchuk on our team.  future top line offensive winger with grit and heart, why wouldn't we want this guy?    
  7. [Report] Lucic plans to "remain a King" for rest of career

    Like a few others have said, good news, I originally liked the idea of him here, he is a tough as hell and probably one of the toughest and best fighters, not to mention, he's pure vancouverrite but really, dude is a punk as a player as it gets the stuff he does is quite disgusting. He will be an embarrassment for our team, not to mention with the league going so hard on us, last thing we want is another bait player the league can be used as an excuse for the Vancouver Canucks.   i wish his dreams come true and he remains a king until his career ends.
  8. What should Nucks do if they get #2 pick in 2016 draft

    Pulju.   I think he will be a more effective nhler
  9. 2016 NHL Entry Draft

    1 Chychrun, 2 Sergachev, 3 Juolevi, 4 Bean, (Because of a source) . . . . Between Bean and Fabbro canucks have 3 other guys in between these 2 players.   5-Fabbro.  
  10. [Rumour] Pitt interested in Hammer

    Sucks they don't have a 1st rounder this year but Derrick pouliot and Our second rounder in 2016 (which is currently in pittsburghs possession because of sutter trade) and we will call it a day.   
  11. [Rumour] - Caps interested in Hamhuis

     i find it extremely unbelievable that the market changed over night.  Just when the Vancouver Canucks actually have the assets to obtain additional 1st round picks, Bob Mckenzie, who does have a record of also making minor troll attempts to the Canucks say he's heard from other gm's  gm's nowadays are not willing to give up much for rentals?  to be honest, that's music to my ears,and I'm waiting for that day to happen, that day when rentals are not traded for 1st round picks. a garbage dman like Lukas Sekeras garned a 1st round pick and Roland Mckeown, I am expecting the something similar for Hamhius.  Sorry Mckenzie.   
  12. 2016 NHL Entry Draft

    Dubois is said to be able to play centre but right now he is primarly a winger. McLeod is probably the next best rated centreman in the draft after Mathews.  the closes thing to a 1st line centreman in the draft after mathews. I wouldnt mind having him.  dude reminds me of Nathan Mackinnon.
  13. Daniel Sedin: The real All Star Game MVP

    yea but the NHL is ran by goons,   John Garret was totally right for calling out the NHL.  
  14. Happy Birthday, Jacob Markstrom!

    last time he was traded, Buffalo got a 1st rounder in return, and that was him being a pending UFA, if we trade him we should get a 1st rounder
  15. 2016 NHL Entry Draft

    3 points in the last 2 games for Chycrhrun since the junior game.