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  1. lol at them picking Tom Lilgegren. Dude is a turn over machine. this pick set back their rebuild actually.
  2. Lol. Angry canuck fan : "I am pissed we passed up on vilardi!!!! Blah blah gabriel vilardi goes 11 the kings. You silly Benning bashers was polling and pissed at benning for not taking a guy that wasn't even in the top 10 with our 5th pick. This is the bloody reason why Canucks fans know jack squat. And shouldn't be making picks.
  3. 100% behind this. everyone went by scouting reports and how it was going to be Vilardi , glass. We all saw how much Vilardi and Mitt dropped. awesome 2 way player, deadly iq, love this pick. We just need him to work with Roger Takayashi right away, and prep him for Pentiction against the other prospects.
  4. I told you clones that there is a good chance we pass up on Vilardi, Glass Mittelstadt if the chance all 3 are still on board. I said this on I also said it here!. Very very happy with this pick, not surprised at all, not surprised that hack Gabriel Vilardi dropped to 11th. We potentially have a future selke winner here boys. awesome pick. him and bo will anchor our top 2 for years.
  5. Petterson or necas will be our latest additions.
  6. They weren't too interested in him anyways. So see you later.
  7. Even Oilers fans are poking fun at their gm and he kinda has a label of losing trades. canucks fans who dislike benning. im not forcing you to like him. baertchi who is from the same draft year as strome, outscored strome in fewer games. we traded a late 2nd rounder for him. Strome os not a 3rd line player as he suppose a top 3, and not even hold down a top 6 role. he also traded Taylor hall for Adam larrson, who gets outscored by 3 Canuck players without a mcdavid. he also traded the 16th and 33rd pick in 2015 for griffin reinhart, who got claimed by vegas ultimately destroying those 2 assets. cap dump my ass. Cap relief for what ? Does it mean you lose trades? If for what ever reason we need to free up cap room I still want a fair deal. Terrible trade for Edmonton. My gosh are they lucky to get mcdavid.
  8. If strome can get the isles eberle, it makes you wonder what we can get for baertchi.
  9. lol stock piling a bunch of D's no one want you mean?
  10. Wanted ritchie, but now I will take Ehlers. as for out the outlook I want virtanen to succeed. I see maybe a James Neal type. anyone who wants him to fail, your not a Canuck fan and need to take a hike. Seriously, the pick is already made, in hindsight it was probably not the best choice, but all we can do right now is see the positives. He skates, he hits, he's got some grit, pretty good wrist shot, a far cry from Ehlers, Michael Dal cole and Haydn Fleury haven't been turning heads at all. Their teams didn't even make the playoffs yet they didn't even get a single nhl game this year. his effectiveness I believe will come when its the playoffs. When game tactis is planned specifically to beat one team in a best of 7. He will be assigned a checking hitting role were he will really thrive. No way any Oiler fan will say no to having a guy like Virtanen in their lineup against the Ducks.
  11. ok Oilers are in the mix anyone else?
  12. Schneider man. Dude's a trooper.
  13. I've said this many times, I've heard from a few people already that bumped into him at random places, dude is a very nice guy, he actually bought my friend a drink when he saw him at bar. All of them said that he is a very nice guy.
  14. I'm fine with getting better lottery odds next April. We are rebuilding.
  15. What do you do when your ex dumps ? Bang another women.