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  1. Do you feel your age?

    stupid receding hair line holding things back. other then that, in the best shape of my life. &^@# sakes.
  2. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    I personally meant as teammates. Having them in the locker room in game situations etc etc.
  3. Bieksa undercover as a security guard. Hilarity ensues

    He will be emplyed by the Canucks when it’s all said and done. He did say he wants to come back.
  4. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    That would have been a great idea. the sedins, Edler, burrows, Kesler, and among other players said that playing even half a season with Matt’s sundin took those guys to that next level due to his leadership and teachings. It would be nice if the sedins would be around when juolevi, dahlen, Pettersson comes in.
  5. ohhh they will find a way to make it happen. They've been "buying" medals for the longest time, I"m sure they can use money and resolve this issue. but it will be nice if Doan and Iginla can be there. That be epic. Too bad the Olympic extended the ban even to the AHL. If they allowed AHL players to go, we could have gotten an awesome team.
  6. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    previous years, it seems like, they will let go or extend gm's AFTER the season. Example, Dave Nonis (he will actually let go with one year left) Mike Gillis was let go at the end of his term, I believe, Jim Benning since he's not let go yet, I am guessing they will see how the season goes. Other then the Clenndenning trade and the Linden Vey trade, I think he's done a pretty good job rebuilding, drafting, and transitioning the team to a new era. Would have been nice if that jackass Ryan Kesler didn't limit his trade clause to one team. (Yes it was originally the choice of one team, but then I guess he knew that was way too duchebag of a move so then it was moved up to 3 teams, which really handicaps Benning negotiation leverage).
  7. (Rumor) - Canucks interested in Evander Kane... Again

    Big psychical winger that can fight and score goals ? He’s also from my hometown of east vancouver. Will gladly try to work something out and sign as a free agent.
  8. Well in Boston he was the assistant gm, and he did not have the final say in things so it was kind of a different situation.
  9. Jonah Gadjovich | LW

    Jake virtanen injures his wrist brick boeser injures his wrist earlier last year now him what’s with our guys with wrist issues
  10. Jake Virtanen | #18 | Right Wing

    Michael Dal Cole, 0 NHL games 4 points in 10 AHL games. Hayden Fleury 3 assists in 12 games, as a defender, I guess is not bad, still a far fetch from Nylander/Ehlers, so, no &^@#in way we are the only team that messed up.
  11. Ghosts and other unexplainables

    what with my fiance, and her nephew, and niece and of course my brother in law. currently in indonesia right now and a lot of those "out door" restaurants, where you're just covered by a tarp. Niece mentions that she found it strange that, there is an old lady just staring at the ground, and not moving, then resumes "sweeping" the floor and stops and does it again. Nephew mentions the same thing and asked why is that old lady doing such a strange thing. (Neice is 4, nephew is 2) Niece points at the direction of the old lady. Myself, fiance and my brother in law does not see any old lady. According to my Brother in Law, this happens quite often, but of course he often changes the subject quickly. Where they will see a person just acting strangely, and asks my brother in law why, (of course he doesn't see the person even).
  12. The Workout Thread

    Anyone here doing an ATHLEAN-X work out ?best stuff I’ve done . anyways added a grand total of 5lbs since sept 23.
  13. Engagement Ring

    store please. They also give you a receipt in case you want to exhange it.
  14. Erik Gudbranson | #44 | Defenceman

    IF I'm saying A big IF if we somehow meet the Ducks or the Kings or even Flames in the playoffs, this is where he will shine. mark my words. he will be far more important to a team like us over a Jared McCann. There is a reason why Dale Tallon wanted to trade for Guddy again. They like him, he's a good dman.
  15. Olli Juolevi | D

    Elias lindholm level player. Very important to be patient.