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  1. Emergence of Nilsson

    well i really hope youre joking, smokes. i know u are but why piss everyone off.
  2. K what? you mean the interviews they have given since lindens departure? which is a handful at most and nothing out of the ordinary. Those seem honest to you? on another note, you think current mgmt seems to be working very well? What are you basing this on?
  3. Boeser playing scared?

    alright........stop being a dick. lol . we all know that this may be really good. even i know this. Just Go Canucks Go. cmon man.
  4. Boeser playing scared?

    He used to write for Pass it to Bulis. He wrote a piece on Ovechkin after the Caps won the cup and pretty much thrashed Ovi for partying with the cup. He just came off like he thinks himself as a better person than Ovi or something like that. I mean im sure if Harrison Mooney won the cup he wouldnt party because he`s too cool........i mean that. he probably wouldnt.
  5. what about the Frasier Cranes?
  6. yes, getting the deal to renovate key arena was a huge step forward in the NHL`s approval.
  7. yep and they gave up a lot for Tatar and are still in good position. If Vegas happened to be Quebec instead, one could seriously ask the question of if it would of been the same deal. I dont think it would because the league knows Quebec would be supported regardless.
  8. hands down the Seattle Seahockeys
  9. The start of a HOF career

    exactly. Thank you
  10. The start of a HOF career

    Ill just strongly disagree. see Baggins quote right above you. That about sums up my point. You dont mind it and thats fine. It drives me nuts and thats also fine.
  11. The start of a HOF career

    because its foolish, smokes. that`s why. It makes us look like the Toronto media.
  12. The start of a HOF career

    I realize its one game and people are excited. Ive also been around long enough to realize that some of these people are 100% serious. I dont take them serious as fans and thats just me. I understand that because we have been for the most part a big ticket draw around the league for the better part of 18 years that we have grown our fan base quite large. Downside to that is it brings in a lot of on the fence fans who pose more than anything. its more evident then ever. I know it shouldnt get to me but it does because often they are the loudest voices and make the rest of us look like uneducated bandwagon jumpers.
  13. Top 5 Players Who Should Be The Canucks Captain

    I wouldnt be one bit surprised if it turned out you were actually Sean Avery. lol.
  14. The start of a HOF career

    Yeah I know. Same thing.
  15. The start of a HOF career

    Dont go all CNN on me and only tell half of what i said. I have no problem with falling in love and being excited for any of our guys. Thats not my issue. To say a player is a HOF after 1 game is asinine. These types of reactions just make people look foolish. Ive already read on forums that the kid should be captain. Like come on. If youre not an educated fan at least act like it or maybe dont say anything.