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  1. You can also argue that makar has played with more productive players. Hughes has in my opinion been far more important to his team than Makar....but yeah this is more of an individual award i guess so your points are also valid.
  2. I heard jiri slegr is making a comeback tonight and Jim Sandlak has started to practice
  3. I would definitely say fire green after this one!
  4. ............. ............. ............. ............. video highlights: ............. ............. .............
  5. We actually played well CDC. The one thing that killed us was trying to make the pretty play instead of just shooting. This happened at the very least three times tonight with prime chances. There was one power play where we weren’t dicking around and it was great. Simplify the game a bit boys. Also Demko has gotten better each game he’s played. It’s been very evident since Markstrom’s absence that we needed to tighten up. Ultimately I think the team should and is (slowly) realizing their flaws. All in all I’d take this as a positive rather than a negative. It’s getting late in the season though for a learning curve so hopefully we can dig deep. Go Canucks go
  6. Nope. I just think ur opinion on this matter is stupid because it’s actually stupid. Keep whining about loui. What you want isn’t going to happen.
  7. I don’t know. I’m not an NHL coach. Are you? The guys still an NHL caliber player. Deal with it. Love how this place is full of egotistic whiners.
  8. Nah I think u underestimate the business side and the obvious reality that loui still plays a pretty good quiet defensive game. He’s been nothing but class through all of this too. He’s not going to the minors and he doesn’t deserve to either. Again you don’t have to like it but it’s just the truth y’all
  9. You do realize they’re not going to do that? first because of the amount of money he makes and second because his agent is a very well known agent with pull so you don’t want to piss him off for future contracts. All that and loui hasn’t been a liability at all and is playing pretty decent. My advice to you is just forget about the contract and accept that he still is an effective nhl player...just not offensively. Like it or not it’s just the truth
  10. K, now tell us the truth. You’re his mom, right.
  11. I and a few others on here who aren’t looking through rose coloured glasses have been saying for months that this team consistently gets outshot and relies on Markstrom to much. Now it’s starting to show with marky out. Can you guys who trashed us for saying so please speak up?
  12. Commodore is a fricken goof. The way he conducts himself is that of a bad ass teenager. I highly doubt he has any insider information.
  13. This is the kind of stuff that drives me crazy about forums. Gotta leave right now
  14. How about no. Nicknames these days are so cringe and thoughtless. The first line is what you should call it.