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  1. linden17

    [PGT] Florida Panthers at Vancouver Canucks | Jan. 13, 2019

    Im sorry but if you think this game was like a playoff game then you must think bread and water is fine dining. This was possibly one of the more boring games of the year besides a few great chances by us in the first. sorry to be a dick but.......
  2. linden17

    [PGT] Florida Panthers at Vancouver Canucks | Jan. 13, 2019

    seriously cant believe the hate-on for luongo in this thread. He actually played very well. Much like his time here. Just goes to show the mentality of lots at you make real fans look bad while you are often the loudest voice in the room. Id love to meet a bunch of you after ive had a few beers and make it so you cant type words anymore.
  3. I think we are sellers either way. Although we have been decent its pretty evident that without petterson we are lacking scoring. What we were hoping was that Brock would be able to pick up the slack which for the better part has been average. thats no knock on Brock because he is still only in his second year and coming off a major injury. There is no doubt down the road he should/will be able to do so but the timing just isnt right. That being said , who else could we rely on? I like Bo and Sven but they just arent first line guys. When healthy a first line of Petey, Brock and (insert whoever) followed by a second line of bo and sven is definitely decent, it still can and does need to improve. Im somewhat scared that upper management (owners) may think this is good enough. We have key places in place but i still think we could use another high draft pick before we really say " hey, now we really push for a playoff spot and see what our boys are made of". with Quinn coming in there is no doubt that that adds another piece that we sorely need but at the same time while these current boys grow we need another wave of young promising guys to fill out our future roster. Id say at the very least try and trade edler for maybe a high second or late first round pick. sign him back in the off season if he is willing. that would be ideal but who knows. keep tanev as he is still in his prime. possibly explore moving sutter (although i really like him as a third line guy) and if you can get a prospect for him, do it. Guadette is definitely an NHL player and eventually will be able to do at least what sutter is doing now. In the mean time beagle should be able to fill in. just my thoughts. yours?
  4. I just love how jumps around and lives in the moment. One game is great but spread it around a bit. where was this post five maybe ten games ago? i do like him. but your pros and cons list is based off of one game and hype like a thirteen year old girl. And im saying this strictly because there is no way your list would of been this ten games ago. I agree that he is a valuable part but its very quietly been that part. you are promoting him like he is a key part of the team which is not the case. If he would of done that maybe five more times previously than yes. but it just hasnt been the case. consistency is huge and sometimes our fans forget that and live in the moment. One of the reasons why burrows made it big in this league was because he was constant. thats something rousell has not demonstrated with us. to come out and make this post is very like......very bandwagon like. show me consistency and then yes your post will make a ton of sense...otherwise your like the others who are satisfied with one game performances
  5. linden17

    Petterssons next contract

    yes yes u are. you are legitimately asking that brock and elias take us to the the promise land before they even hit their prime. therefore you are also asking that hughes steps in and dominates the d. again this is outrageous to beyond belief. Sadly i will get flack for my opinion. there are so many notable users on this forum that get credit just because they post often. But often they talk mumbo jumbo. I suggest you look into what im actually saying and consider it. Weve gotten excited about a few. thats okay. but weve got alot of work ahead of us as a team. This team right now reminds me very much of a pre-west coast express. we are surprising teams but we are still growing. we arent there just yet. we are more of a prima donna sort of speaking. this year is a stepping stone.
  6. linden17

    Petterssons next contract

    Apollo, does anyone ever just take you aside and beat the living crap out of you for what you say? honest question.
  7. linden17

    Petterssons next contract

    I hate you and your fan point of view. Brocks stock has lowered? what because he is on pace for last year? by what you said youre depicting his play for about 3 weeks and judging him based on that. Did you say that last year ? So now he is worth about 6-6.5........ your`e proving what a band wagon fan is. ohhh look at that crosby kid...he only put up 5 points in 8 games. he`s only worth what TJ Oshie is!!! its very apparent that both brock an elias will be more than that. Just ask 30 other teams.
  8. linden17

    [PGT] Washington Capitals at Vancouver Canucks | Oct. 22, 2018

    No, thanks to Stetcher for taking a dumb penalty and the Caps taking advantage of it.
  9. linden17


    yeah like i said it probably/can and does happen. im just sayin....why delay it when everyone knows who it is?!!! And im a little surprised at you BAGGINS for not understanding that. Also there is little difference on the ice and off? cmon man.....if u go by that logic the leafs are winning the cup last wednesday!
  10. linden17

    Finding Big Country Documentary

    What a great post. Thank you so much, honeydews. It would of been nice if there was some more in depth questions about the actual grizzlies and the locker room but beggars cant be choosers.
  11. linden17


    No he wont do anything different but that proves my point. why not now? why not have someone in the locker room who players can lean on. We have all been around certain types who maybe arent outspoken but would maybe go to a captain for whatever reason. This to me is why a captain is important. its not only for what we see on the outside. its about inside the locker room too. say a player is unhappy....he could relay a message through the captain to address a problem. Not that that cant happen now but it would be good for the team to have a go to guy in the locker room. Im a deep thinker so i think about stuff like that/
  12. linden17


    Is it just me or have we jumped onto a growing trend of teams not naming a captaincy? of course we have. But the question is why? For me a captain is there for a few purposes and a big one is being able to represent the team. After last nights performance from Bo it is clear why he is supposed to be our next captain. So why are we delaying this? Being named a captain takes some things. You have to lead by example and you have to be able to stand before your team and answer questions. Bo can already do both so why are we waiting? I dont like the mentality that they dont want the pressure on him. Isnt that why certain players are considered? If Bo cant handle the pressure now then why are we even considering him? (by the way he is more than capable) I cant help but think its just the snowflake mentality of a few that are delaying this. Part of being a captain is being able to take on the pressure and that includes being in a hockey hot bed market like Vancouver. Pressure is what pushes guys to be better. If it doesnt than you arent captain material. Bo is ready! Lets name him captain and get it out of the way. I think it would be a key part in the growth of our team.
  13. linden17

    Emergence of Nilsson

    well i really hope youre joking, smokes. i know u are but why piss everyone off.
  14. K what? you mean the interviews they have given since lindens departure? which is a handful at most and nothing out of the ordinary. Those seem honest to you? on another note, you think current mgmt seems to be working very well? What are you basing this on?
  15. linden17

    Boeser playing scared?

    alright........stop being a dick. lol . we all know that this may be really good. even i know this. Just Go Canucks Go. cmon man.