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  1. I know u set out to bring the two sides together and such but the fact is is that there are people who believe that you always want your team to win. there are others who want our team to lose. to me the latter set of fans can go frig off. any fan of any organization in sports who wants their team to lose is part of the bandwagon poser crowd. they aren't willing to go through the tough times. they want results NOW. which is funny because either way they aren't going to get their winning team tomorrow. its going to be a while. we (the anti-tank) people know it will be a while. we cheer the team on when they are not talented enough and we celebrate when they win. that represents growth. Look at the prospects we have stock piled in the past few years. our cupboards are full of prospects. This has happened without tanking. tanking just injects a losing attitude in the room. there have been teams that have purposely thrown in the towel down the stretch and I'm glad we are not one. there is a notion out there that teams have dignity. we have always been one. and I do believe that in some way,shape or form we will be rewarded for that. This Canucks team has been blessed with great hockey teams over the better part of a decade and a half. not once has this team ive loved tanked. The hockey gods have a way of working that out. id much appreciate if the tank fans not partake in the glory that's soon to come our way. I find you will be the same fans that claim you are diehards only to blame the goalie once a tough loss comes around. Tanking is no way to build a team. its no way to retrieve new fans....actually it will bring new fake fans. these past few years have been hard for sure. but I'm reassured that the true fans are still out there. all u have to do is go sit in the upper deck for a game. great atmosphere. its actually reminded me of what games used to be like before the 2000`s. even going back to the coliseum days. But the old saying "you cant go home". that's ringing pretty true. corporate seats and bandwagon fans seem to have taken over the arena. I hope some fans read this and maybe, just maybe I can persuade you to dig a little deeper as a fan and not buy into losing. we will be fine. we will start winning again. and we don't have to tank to do so. every team goes through it. and it says a lot about you as a fan how you handle it. if youre go through it. if you don't than you just aren't a die hard. you may enjoy wins and such and feel the energy a bit when we go deep....but it will never match the passion and energy die-hards who go through the thick and thin feel. we don't just lose and forget it the next day and move on. We feel it in our emotions. when we win...same goes. we dot just forget it and move on. we cherish it. we embrace it. The one day will come when the Canucks win the holy grail and we true fans will be able to say "we are Canucks". truly, madly, deeply. and nobody will be able to take that away....nobody. GO CANUCKS GO!!!
  2. Canucks and the Tale of the Rasmus'

    best response imaginable.
  3. its honestly Botchford sooooooo yeah. I'm only a little positive that I recall him writing the exact opposite a while back. I'm hoping I'm wrong because this guy is hands down one of the worst sports writers this team has seen ever and he doesn't need to be called out on it for his sake.
  4. Edmonton Oilers - Are they broken?

    I think I can sum it up in one go. Everybody after last year was saying the Oil are a cup contender. Yes they finally made it back to the playoffs with a franchise player who will one day be the best player in hockey. that being said. What exactly did the Oilers do to improve their team in the off season? They traded away Eberle for a third line at best plug. They again did nothing to address their poor defense. They did nothing to give Talbot support in a back-up after the amount of games he had to play. You can ride the momentum of a tiny playoff appearance but that will fade, which it did. I'm actually just surprised that more people and in particular these so-called pro hockey people didn't shed light on.
  5. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. St. Louis Blues

    what u say is a load of crap. u don't think they know this team is rebuilding? this team is here because we aren't stuck in the past. getting mad and saying they shouldn't smile when scoring is pure bs. youre type will get mad if we win or lose. u honestly have to realize the transition and everything that comes with it. choose a side and stick with it. I think u think what u say will get u praise and for sure it will by uneducated bandwagoners. good for u. u win some fans. the fact is is that we are in full rebuild and just because management hasn't said it outright doesn't mean its not in place. I find it seriuously funny how some idiot fans out there wont believe its a rebuild until its said by management. if u have any hockey IQ you would realize this has been happening for a few years. for the love of idiots on these forums I hope management does say it so u and others can say ok now we can build towards the future and feel right. tell me something....what will it take for u to see the rebuild that is happening and has been for the past few years? don't be dumb. use your eyes and knowledge to know it. brian burke once said now that he is gm he will straight up lie to the media now that he is in power to deter media...which also lie. ur opinion is simply one that is frustrated with the transition of a rebuild. u feel ur voice must be heard and critical of it. ur not willing to go through tough times for the rebuild. ur not a very strong fan. ive been through many changes with this canucks team. it wont be the last. my advice is stick by your team and don't kick them when down. its natural. this team although looking bleak now, has many bright days ahead because of the moves this management has made in the past few years. youre NEW IDENTITY is coming but it takes travelling through rough times to get there.
  6. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. St. Louis Blues

    I use that to wave during the playoffs
  7. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. St. Louis Blues

    great analogy lol
  8. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. St. Louis Blues

    true and a few more wins on top of that and we`re picking number one. Its just a poor plan to bank on a lottery system. Might as well stay classy and try and improve every game.
  9. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. St. Louis Blues

    not really. The word "tank" in these talks suggests we lose on purpose. Some teams in the past have obviously done that. To me people who get mad that we win show poor sportsmanship and class. Maybe its just me and a select few who feel that you should never hope your team loses.
  10. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. St. Louis Blues

    well just reading these forums it blatantly clear that many don't know that. are you being sarcastic?
  11. Draft Deal with Flamers(discussion)

    Interesting. a few questions would be are the available dmen in the top ten of the draft projected to be more solid than Calgarys prospects. Another would be can Calgary afford to have two edgy players who will no doubt put them short handed more than a handful of times.
  12. yeah but then they shouldn't be trading away first round picks already. To me that is incredibly reckless behaviour considering youre trying to establish fans and a good team for years to come.
  13. Did the other owners agree to exclude vegas from the expansion draft when/if seattle comes in? this to me is a bit ridiculous considering they will be in there third or fourth year.
  14. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. St. Louis Blues

    Just so all of you all of you saying tank, I want to actually run you over with a tank nice and slow. It doesn't work and its classless. I'm just glad we aren't actually doing it. We are crippled with injuries and the fight is still there. We are just not good enough.
  15. canucks energy score

    why is this a thread? ur person (who u know) is a kid between 5 and 9. and u also are a very sub par troll. this is the weakest troll ive seen. the fact I'm giving u an answer is credibility to my dumb $&!# self. I award u no points................and may god have mercy on your soul. (billy Madison)