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  1. i find a week or so in it will itch for a bit. if u dont touch it much it wont itch much. also proper shampooing is key. i always find a good shower and dosing of water helps keep it feeling fine and itch free. on a side note....i once didnt shave or trim for about five months. when i did i though i had dry skin under my mouth and around my chin....nope it was just old food pasted to my skin. Always deep cleanse that beard boys.
  2. [PGT] Nucks 3, Habs 4

    this. im not against everything willie does but three on three he needs to see things different. Also since we keep losing these one goal games its time to just play the young guys in the third. its clear that we cant keep a lead going into the third. weve lost ten times when leading after two. its time to adapt and try something new coach. play the youngings the whole game now. honestly why not? we arent winning not playing them.
  3. 3 on 3 obviously is not suiting us

    you cant play a line of weber, hamhuis and higgins and not expect to get burned. its all about trying to score. I dont know why at that point in the game you arent throwing out guys with speed. Look what happened when mccan and hanson were out there. if you r trying to defend the tie game to get to a shootout then u r going to lose. theres pretty much is no defence in three on three. Hamhuis has been one of our worst players dating back to last season. he has zero upside when it comes to offensive threat. why is he out there? 
  4. This is going to be one tough game. the habs were pissed we beat them last time. it would be a great character building win if we can get by them but its going to be the toughest test of the season so far  
  5. Let's talk Power Play

    get a fourth foward on the point and  pass pass shoot.  
  6. Why Can't This Team Win In OT?

    It would be refreshing if willie started another line rather then the twins for OT. Until they start going id risk it and just put speed players out there. I think Hanson with horvat would of been a better choice but who knows. But three on three is so up in the air, we could of easily won a few more in OT. 
  7. Who gets moved once everyone is healthy?

    I was watching Hamhuis at the game last night and the guy seems to play with no motavation. he looks slow and lazy out there in the defensive zone. This is going back to last years playoffs too. Im not sure if something is ailing him or some personal reasons are to blame but he is one guy i wouldnt be upset if they traded him. Am i the only one who sees this? I think he has been playing like a 5th or sixth instead of a top four.

    we underestimated your sneakyness. You very quietly turned that into a jersey changing post. well done sir
  9. What's Jake's nickname?

    uhmmm probably  
  10. if this was an open caller show this would be great. imagine an actual open line show for three hours........yes jeff would fill it for two hours but for real....when has vancity had an open line sportstalk show since dan russel?  cmon lets support this show. lets push it to be an open caller show. how fricken cool would that be in this day of age? we all work hard through out the week. we come home on a friday eve and knock a few bad boys back and inhale some questionable air. we wake up on the weekend morn and just shoot the junk with jeff..... ? sounds good to me. and we all relax and listen to jeff go on and on and also to our fellow canuck lovers go on and on and on and than we go grab a sandwhich and beer and sleep in on sunday.  
  11. What's Wrong With The Team?

    haha. although this means so awsome. the guy is truly a legend.
  12. What's Wrong With The Team?

    if the rookies are both sent down than id be angry. but if both r here id be happy. lets go through the strides. im with this and so should everyone.  
  13. What's Wrong With The Team?

    welcome to change. enjoy the hockey but dont expect us to be a top team. our core is way over do for a change. people on here need to realize this. true fans stick through it.  
  14. WD is out of his depth

    this. especially when we are looking to see what they can do.