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  1. naggers
  2. we will sign them both for about three million each. thats fair. and in the mean time bo, sven and markus will share top line minutes with them until someone steps up
  3. dude, its clear u r just trying to start another thread like "clutch" did years ago. okay u got peoples attention but youre a tool and troll. im sure people have pointed that out to u already but by some miracle they have not........go back to your nhl 13 game and stay there. u provide no logic and i award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul. business ethics.
  4. love u bro. u got the right idea. but chances of all this happening is this to iphone is going to get charged more than bill cosby.
  5. in a perfect world i do see what u r saying but what was the cap when Crosby and Malkin signed their contacts? the pens made it work and have won three cups. my point is ,is that the oilers should have no problem making things work. as far as comparible contracts not being the same player....well thats the management of other teams fault. as far as ltir players. thats a problem the nhl and nhlpa need to look at. pronger, horton....ext. we know these guy are done. its a loophole. The amount a player like Mcdavid brings into not only the oilers but the league far rises above what mcdavid signed for.
  6. i have a big problem with what you are saying. You r saying that revenues arent going to increase because of players like mcdavid making 13.25 million? draisaitl deserves what he is asking only because mcdavid helped him out. The fact that salary cap is rising in the nhl is exactly because the owners are making more......and lets wait for it.......REVENUE! if pittsburgh has done it with crosby. edmonton can do it to on this salary cap game
  7. man i love these forums. we may bicker back and forth but when it comes down to it we still respect an love eachother. reading this thread mad me teary eyed and happy too. much love to all of you who have lost someone. life sucks. but we keep truckin. dave semenko has stayed at my families hotel in abbotsford, british columbia constantly for the past two or three years. i looked him up when i heard he passed because i always thought he was a scout or something staying at our hotel. the only thing i found was he was a comentator. anyone else know anymore?
  8. is that an attempt at being clever? if so u fail. we have a lot of cap space and there is no reason to rush our young guys into the league. this is a nice bridge signing. we could use him to mentor the young guys too.
  9. this to me would be a great signing if its for two years. not only for us but for del zotto. 27 year old puck moving defenseman who kind of has to prove himself again. we have a lot of cap space. almost too much. come next year we will have the sedins off of that for probably half their current contracts at year to year. del zotto fills a void that we need being a puck moving offensive minded dman. its a perfect bridge until our younger d are ready. if he happens to have a few nice years ( hopefully the latter year) on his contact you could easily flip an offensive defenseman at the deadline for a prospect or a pick. again. why not. if we managed to sign him and ganger i think that would definetley make our team more competitive without going against the rebuild.
  10. what did he say?
  11. call me a racist. call me whatever u want. im not against the actual people who are muslim but im totally against this religion. and yes, u can say " its only extremist" who carry out these attacks. the facts of the matter is that you only see terrorists of muslim background carrying out these attacks. its a stem from the quran. the quran does not reconize the time we are in and suggests killing those who dont believe. im not a bigot. im just stating what is said. its our own liberalism that is allowing these acts to happen. if you care at all for this free world you should reconize these things. the uk and france are losing their freedom as we speak. we have to draw the line somewhere when it comes to being free.
  12. he did more than they were asking for. the one bad thing he did was pull the goalie with almost three minutes left while being down by only one. this drove me nuts. i understand the ducks did great things while having their goalie pulled ( see down 3-0 against edmonton.) but this was his biggest mistake of the year. could of played another minute atleast before doing that.
  13. im not a believer in the most talented wearing the "c". So to answer your question. No. Bo has demonstrated the qualities of a leader. He is young but has experience now. He has stepped up when we needed someone to and has lead our team in points this year. He leads by example. His work ethic is top notch. And from what we hear is that he conducts himself like a vet off the ice. This is the type of player you want to guild your team around.
  14. this is pure comic gold. nice!
  15. you may want to change your name to "uptightboarder"