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  1. one of my favorites, marissa miller ;3 Needs more Candice! Girl's got them uppps ;D
  2. You and them tig'ol bitties... NEEDS MORE UPTON! GET ON THAT!
  3. omfg, I'm going nuts lmao! she's hot, beautiful, pretty, elegant... EVERY POSITIVE word describes her... perfect IMO
  4. how is this goddess still not mentioned in this thread...? SHES DA BOMB! ;3
  5. shes so hot! she has a realllllly pretty face nice legs too
  6. haha good one, he got domed lol. Candice approves!
  7. she is my definition of the hottest woman in the world. Rachel Mcadams love her! and then there's Rachel Bilson also very natural and hot!
  8. your still inconsistent haha b

    itch :)

  9. yo i have a higher rep then you and i was -201 1 month ago muwhawhah!