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  1. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    This is Anton Rodin talk. Not ECHL talk. Anyways, i'm pumped on him coming to North America and starting in the AHL. We'll have a chance to see him, and he'll get more accustomed to how we play, and what we look for and everything. Give him a good year in the AHL, and then maybe he'll be up. We'll see.
  2. Canuck flag raising.jpg

    Wow this fun little flag picture isn't taken for face value I guess. Don't go deep into it's meaning, it's just a fun photo that someone did who has a ton of free time. He's not mocking the war in the Pacific. He's having fun. Try it. Nice work Bazooka.
  3. Worst commentators ever.

    Vancouver has seen some fantastic announcers in its day. Jim Robson was an idol, and started a wave of talented guys. Jim Hughson followed who was fantastic, and then now John Shorthouse and John Garrett. Shorthouse is good, but without Tom Larshcheid he's not as good to listen to. He doesn't really pick it up when something exciting happens, he just calls it how it is. Tommy was a true fan that's why it was fun to listen to him. He got you pumped easier than when you got your first BJ. He is the best colour guy I've heard. John Garrett is okay, but has an orgasm every time Luongo makes a save. Then talks about his positioning for 3 minutes on a meaningless play. Not to mention every time the game comes down to a minute left and Luongo's still got the shutout going, he says it out loud, on the air. What are you doing? No one is supposed to say that word...and what happens, they always let a goal in with 12 seconds left and ruin his shutout. It's too bad the Canucks kicked out Tommy because he was a legend.