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  1. Don’t want them to bear down and protect leads. I want them to go for the kill!
  2. What a great night!!! Bruins lookIng deflated after getting destroyed by the Canucks and the Leafs looking deflated after getting defeated by their own farm club’s zamboni driver....LOVE IT!!!
  3. Can we sign & call up this guy?
  4. How is Rafferty’s play in the DZone? Would he be capable of filling Stecher’s role on the 3rd pairing if he were to be traded at the deadline? Or does he need more time? Obviously his offensive numbers say he is, but how about defensively?
  5. They do know Colin’s kid doesn’t play for Boston anymore....don’t they?
  6. Never gonna get a call vs Boston. Canucks gotta learn it’s time to let it go....but what Bu11$4i7!!!
  7. According to Murray, BB6 is just lucky. According to BB6, Murray just isn’t good. Suck it Murray!
  8. JB values character. While Laine is a character, don’t think JB would be looking to bring that attitude into our locker room. Need to stay away from him.
  9. Not to mention that there were probably concerns about his back.
  10. Gardiner waiting 2 months as a free agent only hurt himself money wise. Nobody would pay him close to what he’d hope for with camp around the corner. Could have hit a home run the first week of free agency. He missed out on a better payday.