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  1. Love JB, but how many forwards has he acquired on the open market with high-end skill/potential? Just want him to go for the home run with our 1st pick. If it's a miss, so be it. He's been able to find some other hidden gems after the 1st round. Just don't want a "safe pick" at 10.
  2. I believe RetroCanuck is talking about Loui. Loui no longer has a NMC.
  3. Agreed. If #10 isn't in play in exchange for 3 or 4, then there is no deal to be made. Not impossible, but extremely unlikely.
  4. Brock, Petey & Quinn in OT sure gonna something special to watch for years to come
  5. Had enough of these lazy, blind and poor passes. Get back to the basics. Time for TG to set everyone in a line at practice and work on basic passes. Start at the beginning with stationary passing before advancing to a moving target.
  6. Can we pull a Sens and make it close the next 5 minutes? Umm, nope.
  7. I’ve seen him play 3x this year. Every time I’ve been more impressed. Have seen almost nothing of the other top guys, but I sure hope Bryan somehow lands in our lap.
  8. Are there many draft eligible players this year that are thought to be NHL ready by the pro pundits? Not including Hughes or Kakko.