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  1. According to Murray, BB6 is just lucky. According to BB6, Murray just isn’t good. Suck it Murray!
  2. JB values character. While Laine is a character, don’t think JB would be looking to bring that attitude into our locker room. Need to stay away from him.
  3. Not to mention that there were probably concerns about his back.
  4. Gardiner waiting 2 months as a free agent only hurt himself money wise. Nobody would pay him close to what he’d hope for with camp around the corner. Could have hit a home run the first week of free agency. He missed out on a better payday.
  5. You do realize that it’s not Loui that GMs don’t want that makes him no longer an NHLer, right? I don’t want him here anymore either, but what the rest of the league doesn’t want is Loui with that contract. He is still an NHL calibre player (although definitely declining), but if he had a much more appealing looking contract I’m sure JB would find a taker.
  6. Future captain? Even he comes back, and I hope that he does, his previous actions as a Canucks do not exemplify captain.
  7. Where's the option for selling? I don't see why they couldn't buy and sell. We've got some guys who may not bring in a king's ransom but who are depth guys who we can replace easily from within or free agency in the coming years. We've upgraded our secondary/complimentary pieces. Some others could be moved without keeping us from being able to compete.
  8. A pop quiz I didn't need to study for???? TOO EASY!!!!!
  9. I'd be all over this trade in a heartbeat. There would obviously have to be a plan in place to make room for him. Despite not living up to expectations of a 4th overall pick, he still has a lot of potential, is only 23, and has a style of play that fits with how the Canucks are trending. He would fit right in now and the foreseeable future. Having said all this, not sure a "1 for 1" gets it done.
  10. That's what many people don't understand. Miller is a solid player. JB is betting on the team being much better. If it works and it's a non-lottery pick, any player taken in that range would be a good pick if they COULD become the kind of player JT is, or even be in the neighbourhood of producing as he has. There are no guarantees. I've had to listen to the same guy at work non-stop whining over the loss of the 1st. I agree that it is a gamble. He argues we gave up a 1st for a guy who scored 13 goals and had only 47 points on a strong team. I've even mentioned his 56 and 58 pt season prior to last, and his term and dollars. Always goes back to 13 & 47. The point is that he was on a STRONG team, much stronger and deeper than when he was with the Rangers. Didn't have anything more to say when I asked him if he'd prefer similar players (production, not style) like Gourde (1 more pt, 5 more GP, year older), Johnson (same pts, 5 more GP, 2 yr older), Killorn (7 fewer pts, 7 more GP, 3 yr older), Palat (13 fewer pts, 13 fewer GP, 2 yr older). All good players, but not any better than Miller. Add in the fact he's plays a harder game then the previously named players. I could totally be wrong, but I'd also like to believe JT has more to give with a larger role this year.
  11. You’d like to see more offensive contributions during the playoffs, but Ferland is the type of player who can still be very effective without putting up points during the postseason.