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  1. I think this poll is kind of skewed with Dal Colle and Draisaitl being included. Of course they could be available but then they would be consensus picks.
  2. The STL-CHI game would be 10x more entertaining with ANY other commentators than these.

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    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Still an improvement over Mark Lee's gross unprofessionalism

    3. Silfverberg Snipes

      Silfverberg Snipes

      To each his own I guess, I don't really care much for professionalism in commentary. Guys like Edwards and Hughson give me the chills when they roar calls. I'd take that anyday over some monotone bloke who treats it like a job.

    4. nux4lyfe


      these guys are putting me to asleep..feels like I'm watching baseball..

  3. Kane plays like a powerforward whereas Samuelsson played like a Sedin with the bonus of being able to snipe off the half wall. Intelligence made Sammy a key asset because he could play with the Sedins or Kes without missing a beat.
  4. Might as well call out a Soviet while going out. Caboose is full of crap because the role he outlined is much like one Nazis have. It is a mafia role. The last part he tweaked for the sake of blending in does TPs no help nor does it make sense. Lynch him.
  5. I outlive Gummy, no regrets here.
  6. Now on my to-do list. Thankee.
  7. Well. I still love you all, didn't even get to use my investigation. GG
  8. Welp. I'm here I'm here. I have no idea how to defend myself for inactivity but doesn't really matter I guess if the consensus is already me you'll find out I'm TP tonight. In the meantime.. Vote Peaches I don't buy his 'heads up' ploy.
  9. Tried this with a friend yesterday and almost gave up a quarter way. This shit is not getting easier. Are there any pussy beers that actually taste good?
  10. ALRIGHT. Done with that brutal week of finals so I'll be active from here on out. Anyone want to do a quick summary for me?
  11. Hawks in five. Blues have had no answer for elite teams all year and Hawks have always had that extra gear. .
  12. Sign me up!
  13. You do know what I'm reciting right?