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  1. I don't think that would flow with the Canucks fanbase. For one, Boeser is already producing in the NHL with back-to-back 20 goal seasons in a first line role. If the Canucks were to trade Boeser, I would hope it would be for a similar-aged defenseman of similar level of impact. As it stands, Jokiharju isn't at that level and he may or may not get to that level. Joker definitely does have potential as a #2/3 or Top4 defenseman, and right-handed puck moving defenseman are always coveted.
  2. We don't have a lot of good forward prospects to give up. Maybe Dahlen (when we had him) for Jokiharju but Dahlen was still a few years away from making the NHL. The only other forward prospect we have that's NHL-ready is Gaudette. How would you guys feel about a Gaudette for Jokiharju swap? Is that more palatable than Virtanen for Jokiharju?
  3. It would be foolish to trade Olli Juolevi considering his trade value as a former 6th overall pick has plummeted. The only case it makes sense is for another highly-touted, recently highly-drafted prospect that also has yet to reach their potential. Like Jesse Puljujarvi. Or Tyson Jost.
  4. Byram is going to be a stud. If we are fortunate enough to draft him our defense will be set for the next decade with two potential #1Ds in Hughes and Byram and solid two-way top-4 guys in Juolevi and Woo. We would still need some extra firepower up front to support Pettersson, Boeser, and Horvat but thankfully the two Northeastern kids Gaudette and Madden look like gems.
  5. I genuinely hope Gudbranson thrives well under coach Mike Sullivan's system.
  6. If Jake can be as much of a pest AND work as hard as Roussel; Roussel isn't the biggest person, or the fastest, or the most talented, but he shows up to play and makes a difference every night for us. If Jake can work at that level and with his natural skillset then he'll be a very valuable player for us.
  7. He's an NHL vet with over 700 games to his resume; he knows all the on-ice situations, how to react to those, and the safe simple plays to get him out of trouble. If the only knock on Schenn was his ability to keep up with the faster pace of today's NHL, then by all accounts if he puts in the work to improve his skating and passing I do see him extending his career by a few years. If he does just that, I do see him in that sheltered third pairing role with PK time as you said. It's only been a 1 game sample size, but by all accounts Schenn wasn't as slow as advertised which looks good for him.
  8. We'll have some big additions coming shortly. We'll have one of our top pairing defensemen in Edler back in the lineup and our new top-6 forward in Pearson as well. Hoping Virtanen, Sutter, and Tanev are back in time for the stretch run too. Our secret weapon though is Quinn Hughes. Some professional hockey analysts were saying he may already be our best defenseman -- last year! Now he has a year of development underneath him, as well as some much needed added weight and strength. Hughes and Schenn could potentially round out our bottom pairing and play sheltered even strength minutes, but both could be relied upon pretty heavily on special teams. Especially Hughes on the power play. it will be an interesting 19 games, to say the least. Finally Canuck hockey where games after the trade deadline actually matter!
  9. I would've liked to move Dahlen in a package for a bigger fish that's in the age range of Horvat and that can immediately help us now and into the future. What could Dahlen and a 2nd rounder get us? Or, what about [Roster Player], Dahlen, and a 2019 2nd or 2020 1st?
  10. My semi-realistic scenario for the defense moving forward would be to bring Tryamkin back, sign Tyler Myers, and trade Tanev for immediate forward help. Edler - Tryamkin Hughes - Myers Hutton - Stecher
  11. The only gripe I have with Gudbranson's time here was that he wasn't given an extended look with Alex Edler; Gudbranson's most common defense partners were Hutton (pre-2018.19 revival) and Pouliot. He played with Edler for a short time last season and he looked great. He looked every bit as the physical top-4 shutdown defenseman that Benning advertised him as in that short stint with Edler. And even then, Edler played a "bigger" game too. Unfortunate that he didn't get that extended look with Edler but all the best to him. Half the fan base ragged on him but he will be going to a cup contender in the Penguins without half the expectations that he had here.
  12. How do you spell relief? C-O-R-Y!

  13. World Junior Gold Medal game tix going for $500+/ticket on Craigslist... oh man. 

    1. debluvscanucks


      I really hate scalpers a great deal.  Get real jobs like the rest of us.  It's one thing if you buy tickets then can't go.  It's another to buy them to make a profit.