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  1. Team Ohlund and Team McLean?? Did I miss something this training camp? Were they here tutoring our young guys??
  2. That's the big takeaway that some of us (or most, I dunno) were forgetting when the trade went down. There's value in a guy like Gudbranson that can't be measured quantitatively. Gudbranson is without a doubt helping to develop Virtanen, Hutton, and any other younger player that comes onto the team. Whether it be helping to develop their professionalism, or their game on the ice, or even the overall team toughness and physicality, Gudbranson is impacting our team in ways that can't be measured. I just hope our defense goes into beastmode with Gudbranson and Tryamkin laying out guys left right and centre, and with Virtanen punishing guys on the forecheck.
  3. I wonder if the Twins can catch Alfredsson before they retire.
  4. That's the worst, to lose and consistently get pushed around like we did last year... Thank goodness for Gudbranson and hopefully Tryamkin as well, who looks like he could be a top-4 guy in the near future.
  5. I'm in the same boat as you too. I played a ton but stopped cuz of work. Did things get better?
  6. I agree. Trade Tanev for either of them (Landeskog preferably), then put Tryamkin in a top-4 role, and spread the minutes between the top-4 of Edler, Tryamkin, Hutton, and Gudbranson. Sink or swim with the defense, and if we swim with the young guys taking big strides then great! If we sink then hey, another high draft pick and we have a potential top-line of Landeskog, Horvat, and Boeser.
  7. Maybe the only way I see the Canucks winning the cup with the Sedins still on the team is if we get more offensive support from our young guys to the point where they supplant the Twins as our number one offensive threat. But, with our current young guys that'll be at least 3-4 years (Boeser is our most offense-minded prospect and he's still in the NCAA for 1 year followed by at least another year in the AHL), which by then the Sedins will be 3-4 years older and who knows what their effectiveness will be like. The Canucks need to make tough decisions in the coming year or two. They've already made some moves that have allowed them to get to this point, but very very soon they will be at a fork in the road; one final attempt at a cup with the Sedins giving quality 2nd line production, or continue the rebuild and accumulating assets that can give us quality scoring. One move that I believe we can do to for the former is to trade Tanev (of course lol). Tanev, a top pairing right handed defenseman in his own right, for a 1st line forward (example Landeskog). Progression with Hutton, Gudbranson, Tryamkin, Juolevi, and Stecher would soften the blow from a Tanev trade. That way, in 2017.18 we would have... Line 1: Landeskog - Horvat - _______ Line 2: Daniel - Henrik - _______ Line 3: Gaunce - Sutter - _______ Line 4: _______ - Cassels - Hansen Pairing 1: Hutton - Gudbranson Pairing 2: Edler - Tryamkin Pairing 3: Juolevi - Stecher Goalies: Markstrom and Demko tandem Then we have open wing positions for Baertschi, Eriksson, Virtanen, Rodin if he pans out, and Boeser if he's ready. And then once the Twins do retire shortly thereafter we'll have other draft picks, NCAA signings, and free agents to fill in the middle 6 forward positions. I believe that would be the best option for management. Let the Twins retire in front of their fans and take a last attempt at a cup, while moving from a position of relative strength (defensive depth) for weakness (1st line scoring) with a player that fits the age group of our future core.
  8. How was Cassels? I watched a bit of the game here and there and tried to pay specific attention to the defense, especially Stecher, Juolevi, Subban, and Brisebois, so I didn't really see too much of the forwards.
  9. Wait, what I'm awkward now?
  10. This year, if Tanev develops an offensive game (30+ points with elite shutdown ability) I would keep him, but if he doesn't and we see progression from Gudbranson and Tryamkin then I would definitely trade Tanev for the right price.
  11. Holy cow Matt Bartkowski had 6 goals last year??!? Wowwwwwwww I'm hoping the D-Core as a whole generates more offense and better transition game with the addition of Gudbranson, considering he gives us another solid defense pair and, as Tanev says, moves well and is a smart player.
  12. Imagine our team then... heavyweights with skill. Virtanen, Horvat, Gudbranson, Tryamkin, and possibly Rasmussen. Plus Boeser and Baerstchi and Hutton and Juolevi as pure skill. Ohhhhh baby what a team that would be
  13. Rasmussen is a local kid from Surrey too! It's weird though, he's a large centre with skill, athleticism, plays physical and with a power game, and he has put up a good amount of points in his rookie WHL year and in the U17 tournament, but he's ranked later on in the the 1st round in prospect rankings. I wonder what gives. But I think Bo has the potential to be a 1C. By production and usage he's already a lower-end 2C right now.
  14. The Avs have some good pieces on forward and on defence. They have solid prospects in Rantanen and Jost, with MacKinnon in the NHL alongside Duchene, and Grigorenko who is highly skilled as well. On defence they have Zadorov and Bigras as young guys, with Barrie and Johnson eating up a lot of minutes. Tanev for Landeskog would be a dream, but I don't think Colorado would do it because of what they have already (Barrie and Johnson as RHD)
  15. I like the idea, but we already have Rodin that we still need to make room for. Rodin is a question mark, but Pulkkinen is too considering he's had trouble staying in the NHL lineup and with producing offense at the NHL level.