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  1. Coincidentally, Virtanen has 14 points in his last 15 games. Included in this 15 game split are 6 goals and 9 assists, 9 of which were scored at even-strength and 5 on the Power Play. Virtanen is also +3 and had 26 hits in the 15 games.
  2. Pearson with 15 points in his last 16 games. Virtanen with 8 points in his last 9 games. Gaudette with 6 points in his last 9 games. Leivo with 6 points in his last 9 games. Secondary scoring, particularly with Pearson and Virtanen, have been strong the last few games. Just need to clean-up some things defensively and of course, learn to play a full 60 minutes.
  3. Last generation's Salo, although oft-injured, was still an important piece of that core. A minute-munching defenseman who can contribute on both sides of the rink is a valuable piece. IMO if Juolevi became anywhere near Salo with or without the injuries that would be a big win for our organization. Found money, even if it's 50 cents on the dollar.
  4. At minimum we need one top-6 forward AND a minute-munching, all-situations defenseman equal to or greater than Alex Edler. We may be able to find a top-6 forward internally with Ferland or Gaudette. There's also Madden, Podkolzin, and Hoglander in the pipes. In terms of a defenseman, unless we get a miracle with Juolevi or Rathbone we may have to trade for or sign one.
  5. I don't think he has a lack of talent -- he is clearly talented as evidenced by him being the top defenseman on that gold medal-winning WJC team and his junior team. He was a top-pairing defenseman for his Finnish Liiga team in the playoffs (injuries bumped him up to that role, but he did not look out of place) and even now playing on the top-pairing in the AHL. At the time the Juolevi pick was solid and if anything was a reach by 1 or just a few spots depending on what draft list you look at. Benning chose who he and his scouting staff believed to be the best defenseman. Who knew Juolevi would have all these injuries? Speaking of injuries, imagine if we ended up with Vilardi instead of Pettersson! I absolutely agree with what you said -- you win some and you lose some. So far we're losing on the Juolevi pick but hit a home run with others!
  6. Agreed. He's a good hometown kid, but at this point in his career they should do him right and either play the kid or trade him for a player that the coach will use.
  7. Fact 1: Matthew Tkachuk was a consensus Top-5 pick. Fact 2: Olli Juolevi was not a consensus Top-5 pick. Outside the top 3 prospects, which were Matthews, Laine, and Puljujarvi, it was heavily rumoured that Benning wanted Dubois, a potential #1C. With Benning drafting Juolevi over Tkachuk, that confirms the plan going into the draft was top 3 and if not, best centreman then best defenseman. That means one of two things: #1 - that according to the Canucks' list, Juolevi was clear BPA over Tkachuk, or #2 - that the difference between Juolevi and Tkachuk were negligible and that positional value was the tiebreaker. In either case, the Canuck list had Juolevi over Tkachuk. Why? Because it would not stand reason to pick Juolevi over Tkachuk if Tkachuk was clear BPA according to their list. BPA is subjective despite objective measures, and each armchair GM, each scout, each scouting service, and each team have their own parameters in identifying who goes where on their own list.
  8. You win some, you lose some. Such is the art of drafting. I remember I was shocked when JB didn't pick Tkachuk. I remember I was also shocked when JB didn't pick Glass or Vilardi the following year. I do agree with you that Rathbone will "make us forget about OJ" -- as bad as that sounds.
  9. If Juolevi becomes an impact player for us, it will be found gold. A second pairing, puck-moving defenseman with a bit of size and can play on special teams is still a valuable piece to any cup-contending team. Will Juolevi be that? That's anybody's guess but IMO he still has that ceiling despite the now ongoing injury trouble.
  10. Juolevi and Rathbone, although both left-hand shot defenseman, would be the perfect modern-day defense pairing. The analytics in terms of zone exits, zone entries, and corsi-for would be off the charts. Juolevi has a bit more size and can better handle the defensive side of the game, and Rathbone is quick and not afraid to play physical. I think the two would complement each other perfectly, without sacrificing too much of the offensive or defensive side of things.
  11. Almost 1/4 of the season in and Virtanen has had significantly more good games than bad. He's hit the post a few times and his teammates haven't been able to convert on his set-ups, so he could have had a few more points. Definitely much better at puck retrieval, stripping the puck away from opponents, and playing hard to protect the puck when he has it. Very consistent night-in/night-out in those three aspects. I wish he was a bit more physical, but I can't be too picky. He should definitely be out there in overtime and play the PK.
  12. Excellent game. The team got off to a hot start but didn't let up offensively, scoring goals in latter half of the 2nd and 3rd period. In the Tim Schaller post-game interview he talked on how the team kept things simple by "getting pucks in deep" and that the "offense will follow." Excellent coaching where instead of sitting on a lead or scoring more goals, the emphasis was on playing the right way and things will come; by focusing on the process the results will naturally occur. Props to Travis Green (even tho I $#!**** on him after last game's debacle). Great team effort. Our bottom-six set the tone of the game with their speed, play down low, and getting pucks to the net. Our top-six finished them off. Our defense was great, especially Edler and Myers in shutting down Barkov et al. And Demko made timely saves. I'm hoping Virtanen stays with Horvat -- he's pretty much a different player playing alongside Bo. I think Ferland on the third line is a good fit. The addition of Roussel to our bottom-six adds even more offense and grit to the group. Can't wait to see where we end up by US Thanksgiving -- that'll be a big enough sample size to determine if we're legit or not. All I can say is these are exciting times ahead of us.
  13. Green can't protect a lead. Plain and simple. Yea Marky could've made a save or two, and there were some chances to end the game in OT, but Green has got to learn not to sit on leads and to use his timeout before the game is tied... I have more confidence in our PK than protecting a lead.
  14. Rathbone is a gem. Absolutely phenomenal skater, great offensive instincts, rocket shot from the point, and with +++ character.
  15. Spoke with a visiting Flyers fan on my way to the skytrain yesterday. He was excited about their chances for making the playoffs and thought that Kevin Hayes will be a big addition to their forward group. He also thought that Carter Hart will be the next superstar goalie, which I agreed with. In two games so far this season the kid has a 0.946 save percentage and 1.5 GAA (one shutout). Small sample size, I know, but last year as 20 year-old rookie his play in 31 NHL games was actually better than his play in the AHL. I'm thinking it will be a 3-2 or 2-1 game for the good guys. Virtanen giving everyone their first shotgun of the season and another multi-point evening from Hughes.