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  1. Can you imagine Futa and Benning running the Canucks scouting?? As per the LA Kings website, Linded even said in a recent radio interview that the next group of core players will come from the draft.
  2. Hansen for Sprong and PIT 2nd Round Pick? Allows us to keep both Baertschi and Granlund from expansion, gives us a total of three 2nd round picks this draft (assuming Columbus gives up their 2nd rounder this year), and adds a scorer for Utica next season (assuming Boeser and Gaudette turn pro).
  3. Definitely. At this stage of the rebuild/retool/stealthtank/playoffrun or whatever we're calling it we need players in that mid-20s age to take off the pressure on our younger players. With guys like Boeser, Virtanen, and Gaudette transitioning into pro-level hockey in these next few years Sutter holds a lot more value than Hansen as he'll be able to play with the young guys for a longer period of time. With the play of Granlund this season, there is no question that management should protect him over Hansen. As loyal as Hansen is to this franchise hockey is at the end of the day a business. Hopefully management can trade Hansen to a team that won't expose him at the expansion draft and possibly even re-sign him once his current deal ends. Besides, Granlund is a smart, skilled player that can shoot and pass and play well enough defensively. He's a much improved player and hopefully he can take that next step in his development and be a solid top-6 winger for the team. Protected Forwards: Henrik Daniel Eriksson Horvat Sutter Baertschi Granlund
  4. Ouch too much passing not enough shots, both on all PPs and in the final minute.
  5. Oh man the Sedins, Tanev, and Burrows out in the final minute..
  6. Can never have enough bluechip goalies! Worth a 2nd but hoping we can add another 2nd or late 1st to pick up another prospect. Definitely gotta sign Aston-Reese though!
  7. If we trade Tanev, I could see the d pairings be: Edler - Stecher Sbisa - Gudbranson Hutton - Tryamkin If Sbisa continues to play well and Gudbranson finds his groove and plays like how he did in Florida it could be a good shutdown pair. They would probably bleed in terms of corsi but they would be tough as nails to play against. EDIT: I'm hoping Tryamkin can continue to be that nasty physical presence on the ice for us.
  8. How did he look tonight? First game skating full-time with the Sedins and I see on the scoresheet he got an assist.
  9. Bingo. Ever since 2011 and how we played in the Cup Final we were a butter soft team. No push back except in the short-lived Tortorella era. Benning is trying to fix that by bringing in guys like Virtanen and Tryamkin and Gudbranson (and Dorsett too), but for some reason we still have no pushback whatsoever. Lucic would've been good for this town. Big guy who can pot in 20 goals and 40 points a year while crushing guys with hits and keeping everyone accountable. And if we drafted Tkachuk instead... he has some bite and some serious skill. That said, Juolevi will be a much needed #1D for us too. If I was JB, I'd look at dealing Tanev+ to Colorado for Landeskog. Yea he's Swedish but he'll play hard and answer the bell and is good for 20+ goals, 50+ points, 160 hits, and more takeaways than giveaways each season. It'll be a step in the right direction in changing the team's culture. Maybe even overpay a little to get Landeskog on the Canucks.
  10. I'm starting to think that Stecher might slow down sometime soon. The NHL schedule and travel are so much more grueling than the NCAA. Hutton went on a bit of a slump last year too towards the end of the season I think. And yes, the team definitely needs good defense and goaltending for them to win.
  11. As sad as it is to see the Canucks lose, I'll have comfort knowing that our young guys are developing. I cheer for the team to win but know that tanking is probably best. It's not a "good" draft year and we may not get a Patrick or Hischier, but a Liljegren, Villardi, Mittelstadt, or Pettersson will be worthwhile in the long run for us fans and the franchise. And who knows, maybe management can swing a trade of defense for offensive help. Baertschi and Granlund look like potential 20-goal, top-6 scorers with the seasons their having. Horvat has been surpassing all expectations and looks to be a 1st line power centre in the near future. Hopefully Boeser can develop into another 1st line winger and Virtanen eventually into a 2nd line power forward that hits like an 18-wheeler. Still missing a pivot who can skate, create plays and distribute pucks well. But that Granlund... I thought he was gonna be a Sami Pahlsson or Marcus Kruger type defensive centre. Great to see him put up points and IIRC has 6 goals in his last 13 games.
  12. Time to shake-up the lines assuming Baertschi is out for a few games. Give Horvat some top-6 talent and see if he and Hansen can jump-start Eriksson. Daniel - Henrik - Granlund Eriksson - Horvat - Hansen Burrows - Sutter - Boucher Megna - Chaput - Skille
  13. Mittelstadt would probably be Benning's pick. He's completely rebuilt our defense core for the future with the drafting of Juolevi and Tryamkin, trading for Gudbranson, and signing NCAA UFA Stecher. He's kept Hutton and if he intends to keep Tanev then we would have to draft for team need at that point and, as SNYPERS7 said, he would be the BPA at that spot too. Like Elias Pettersson, Mittelstadt has the creative offensive tools that the team lacks and has great hockey sense. Unlike Pettersson, Mittelstadt is already at a good size of 6'1" and 200 lbs and is already accustomed to the NA ice. After Mittelstadt, I would think it would have to be Liljegren which would then force us to trade a defenseman for a forward. The next tier of guys don't seem to have as high an upside or have question marks... is Tolvanen good enough to be a 1st line winger? Is Rassmussen's success due to his size or his skill? Will Elias Pettersson gain size and will he be able to transition to the NA ice or will he struggle? Is Owen Tippett too one dimensional? Even if Mittelstadt doesn't make it as a 1st line pivot we could put him on the wing and have Mittelstadt, Horvat, and Boeser as a 1st line.
  14. Good for Tryamkin giving a pushback there.