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  1. I don't think Gaudette is ready defensively to be a third line centre on a playoff-calibre team; however, with the injury to Toffoli, Gaudette's offensive instincts might look good on Horvat's wing. For the bottom six, Eriksson, Sutter, and Virtanen could be a good defensive line and Motte, Beagle, MacEwen could bring some physicality (in the event Ferland and Roussel are not able to play in Game 3).
  2. IMO we shouldn't be trading a potential 30-40 goal scorer. Brock with Bo and a decent playmaker in Sven did really well two seasons ago. Imagine the two of them with Podkolzin -- and that would be our second line behind the trio of Miller, Pettersson, and Toffoli. Let others be cap casualties/traded for comparable defensemen.
  3. Regardless of the partying, management should hold onto Jake a little bit longer. Miller has brought Jake under his wing, and if Jake can develop just a bit more -- 20 goal/50 point winger with size and speed -- we'd have a good trade chip for a defenseman or a first round pick. Assuming Toffoli is signs an extension and with Podkolzin and Hoglander in the pipeline, there's only so many Top-6 winger spots available. The life cycle of good franchises -- keep the core in tact while recycling support pieces with newer, more cost-effective support pieces. Even without the social media posts and accompanying speculation, I don't think management has identified Jake as a core player. EDIT: Puck bunnies be cute tho
  4. Definite 90's and newer bias... Miller - Pettersson - Bertuzzi Bure - Linden - Smyl Courtnall - Kesler - Odjick Torres - Rypien - Brashear Jovanovski - Tryamkin Mitchell - Bieksa O'Brien - Ohlund Cloutier Lack (for that one time he punched that Flames player lmao)
  5. Shorty and Cheech were lauding Virtanen on the play he made that led to tonight's Pearson goal. After the replay the camera zoomed in on Miller who was hugging Virtanen on the bench and (presumably) giving him words of encouragement. Looked like a big bro/little bro moment.
  6. A DiPietro spaghetti comet jersey would be sick.
  7. My ideal scenario for the Canucks and their goaltending is: - Markstrom the goalie for now signs contract for $7M/yr for 5 years, front-loaded ($8.5M in year 1+2, followed by 7/6/5) with full no-trade protection for first 4 years and a modified NTC for the final year - Demko stays as back-up, then offered to Seattle in expansion - DiPietro the goalie of the future, refining and honing is game under the coaching of Ian Clarke and mentorship of Markstrom
  8. I've been on the "fire Green" bandwagon but now IMO maybe we just need a better assistant coach with a better defensive system. Someone that can take our defense group to the next level.
  9. TT w/ EP and Brock and Bo. I like the early returns with Toffoli, much like how I like the early returns with Miller. It is imperative that they sign Toffoli through the remainder of his prime years.
  10. Assuming everyone on forward is healthy, lines should be: Miller - Pettersson - Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Toffoli Roussel - Gaudette - Virtanen Motte - Beagle - Sutter Extras: Eriksson, MacEwen
  11. Coincidentally, Virtanen has 14 points in his last 15 games. Included in this 15 game split are 6 goals and 9 assists, 9 of which were scored at even-strength and 5 on the Power Play. Virtanen is also +3 and had 26 hits in the 15 games.
  12. Pearson with 15 points in his last 16 games. Virtanen with 8 points in his last 9 games. Gaudette with 6 points in his last 9 games. Leivo with 6 points in his last 9 games. Secondary scoring, particularly with Pearson and Virtanen, have been strong the last few games. Just need to clean-up some things defensively and of course, learn to play a full 60 minutes.