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  1. Quick Saturday night three way...


    EDM: Horvat + VAN 2nd + *TOR 2nd

    TOR: Tanev

    VAN: Draisaitl + Liljegren

    *Edmonton receives the highest of Toronto's two second round picks


    Draisaitl + Pettersson + Gaudette down the middle. Juolevi + Liljegren dictating play from the backend. 

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    2. RetroCanuck


      Cap problems might make edm make such a trade


    3. Baer.


      They could probably get twice that for draisaitl alone.

    4. Blömqvist


      I was hoping Horvat signed at ~$5M cap hit plus two 2nd rounders (early 2nd and mid 2nd) would be enough for Draisaitl, who we would sign at ~$9M

  2. I think Goldobin has top-6 upside as a scoring winger. His speed and and creativity are top-notch and he's produced at every level he's been at, including the top Finnish men's league and inthe AHL. I personally think the offense should be spread out so that gives guys like Goldobin and Boeser a shot at making the opening lineup. Have Henrik, Horvat, Granlund, and Sutter centre their own lines. Let Sutter have the responsibility of heavy d-zone starts so we can afford to shelter guys like Goldobin and Boeser. That way they can show and develop their offensive talent without having to worry too much about the defensive side of things (not saying they don't need to develop further defensively).
  3. Based off of recent trades involving defensemen.. Dougie Hamilton went to Calgary for a 1st and two 2nd round picks Travis Hamonic (and a 4th rounder) went to Calgary for a 1st and two 2nd round picks Erik Gudbranson went to Vancouver for McCann (former 1st rounder) and a 2nd round pick Griffin Reinhart went to Edmonton for a 1st and a 2nd round pick Tanev is on a similar level to Hamilton and Hamonic. Therefore, his value should be around a 1st and two 2nd rounders (with a little extra being send out as well). Therefore, with the Hamonic trade specifically in mind: TOR: Tanev + VAN 3rd VAN: Liljegren + TOR 2nd + SJS 2nd
  4. I wouldn't mind Tanev for JVR if we gave them something a little extra and got Liljegren back. If it was Tanev straight across for JVR then hopefully there's another trade coming back for a young puck moving RHD or we're flipping JVR for a younger LW with high upside.
  5. I agree. Even if he's here for just a month and plays in 9 games then he gets NHL level coaching and training and get mentored from guys like Edler or Tanev while he's here. A small stint in the NHL is good for Juolevi as he gets an idea of what it takes to be a true professional in the NHL.
  6. As much as I love Horvat and know that he will one day be captain of the Canucks once the Sedins retire, I would trade him in a heartbeat for Draisaitl. Yes, Draisaitl is playing behind McDavid but his ceiling is a lot higher than Horvat's. Draisaitl is already almost a PPG player in the NHL as a 21 year old. He is over a PPG in the playoffs (small 13 game sample size). Draisaitl at the age of 21 is a legitimate elite 1C and could turn into a franchise centreman. A 1-2-3 punch of Draisaitl, Pettersson, and Gaudette down the middle would be unreal and could make us one of the high-scoring teams in the league. That said, there's no way I would trade Horvat and our 1st for Draisaitl, and I think that Horvat and our 2nd is still a ways off. Our 1st round pick, considering what the lottery is like nowadays, could be a top-3 selection and with some high-upside prospects this draft we should not consider trading it away.
  7. Not likely to deal us Puljujarvi, but I could see something like this: EDM: Tanev and a 2nd Round Pick VAN: Puljujarvi and Fayne Even that's probably not enough. That said, I would drool at the thought of a Dahlen, Pettersson, Puljujarvi first line... oh buddy lol
  8. What I like about Gadjovich on top of his maturity, dedication to the game, and how tough and physical he can play, is that he does possess skill and can play well with high offensive players like Nick Suzuki. With his size and physicality Gadjovich can create time and space for players like Suzuki and he also possesses the hands, shot, and net drive to score goals. As an aside, I'm looking forward to the draft+2 season (2018.19) for both Gadjovich and Lind, as they both would be 1st years in the AHL potentially the wingmen to Pettersson or Gaudette and with Juolevi and Chatfield on the backend. That would be great for their development -- to come up as a group -- and might actually be Benning's plan considering his most recent free agent signings.
  9. 6'3" 200 lbs and it's only July 1st. If there's a lot of fat in that weight he has a good two months to cut his body fat % down and get lean. He could surprise at camp and earn a #6 spot, but I wouldn't be upset if they sent him back for another year in London. We'll see how this summer and training camp plays out for him.
  10. Kelowna will be a good team next year. Cal Foote and Kole Lind will be in their draft+1 seasons. Nolan Foote had 35 points in 52 games in his Draft-2 season and may be near a PPG this upcoming season. He is eligible for the 2019 draft. Dillon Dube will be in his final junior season. Looking forward to Lind's development. I could see see an agreement being made between the NHL and CHL. Obviously money would have to be involved (it is a business after all). Maybe 1 player per NHL organization that can be "bought out" and play in the AHL. Specifically, maybe the player in question would have to be in their final junior season too. So for example, Virtanen after being drafted would spend his Draft+1 year in the WHL and in his Draft+2 year the Canucks have the option to use their 1 player slot to "buy out" Virtanen from his WHL team and have him play in the AHL as opposed to another year in junior or a year in the NHL.
  11. 2015.16 Olli Juolevi 2016.17 Elias Pettersson 2017.18 Rasmus Dahlin The Canucks' "Big Three" with Pettersson leading the charge up front. Having Juolevi and Dahlin on separate pairings giving us 40+ minutes of elite defensive talent out on the ice per game. Major contributions from Horvat, Boeser, and Demko. Dahlin might not be the undisputed 1st overall pick in next year's draft, but with his skillset it looks like he may end up being the best player of that draft even if he isn't picked in the top 3 (kinda like how some people think that of Pettersson this year).
  12. Defensemen are severely underrated. Their impact on the game is huge. Minutes-wise, Tkachuk may become a 16-20min/game forward who plays hard and creates offense, but Juolevi may become a 22-30min/game defensemen who does it all -- from shutting down top players (see Juolevi vs Vilardi), moving the puck up ice with passing and carrying the puck up on the breakout, to faciliting the offense with good reads and holds at the blue line, and to feeding guys for one timers and shot opportunities like he did with Laine and Puljujarvi at the WJC. Heck he has a good wrist shot and can snipe pucks in from the slot too. If both reach their full potential, Juolevi will impact the game far more than Tkachuk.
  13. 1. Boeser 2. Pettersson 3. Demko 4. Juolevi 5. Dahlen 5. Gaudette
  14. Kapanen + 1st I wonder if that same proposal can be revisited now that that 1st turned into Liljegren. Or maybe at the deadline if the Leafs are in a playoff position and get desperate we can squeeze them for Liljegren + 1st?
  15. A first and two seconds isn't that bad, especially considering 2018 picks. IIRC I think it is similar to what they gave up for Hamilton?