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  1. Scott Darling please. Best case scenario: he outplays Markstrom and becomes our next definitive starting goaltender until Demko. Even better scenario: he sucks without the Blackhawks defense in front of him our leaky goaltending causes us to tank harder next year for a Dahlin or Svechnikov.
  2. Yea, it will take time for Virtanen to get back into the NHL but we need to trust the process. It sucks watching guys like Nylander and Ehlers or to a lesser extent Tkachuk make these big contributions to their NHL clubs so early in their career yet Jake is still finding his game in the AHL. As fans it sure can be frustrating to watch but IMO Jake can still be a top-6 powerforward and take over games with his physicality, speed, and net presence. @Borvat is right in that Virtanen basically lost two to three years of development prior to this stint in Utica. That said, being a powerforward like him he would probably have just as much difficulty developing his game if he was on any other WHL or even CHL team not named the London Knights. Powerforwards are a special breed and take time to develop. Since being drafted, the AHL has probably been the best place for him to develop his craft. The rink in the AHL is NHL-sized and the competition is physically tougher than the CHL or Euro leagues. Similar to what @N4ZZY said, I'm thinking that this year will be Jake's "adjustment period" to the physicality, pace, and professionalism of the AHL. That is, this year is his year to learn the physicality of the game when compared to junior, play at a faster pace than what is played in junior, and play consistently -- bringing it every single game instead of every 5 or 10 games. Hopefully Jake can adjust to these things and next year, when Dahlen and Boeser are on Utica, he can regain his confidence and develop his offensive game with them. Virtanen / Dahlen / Boeser would be a lethal line for Utica in 2017.18, and hopefully all three could make the big club in 2018.19
  3. I have no idea what those advanced stats mean but if Virtanen is winning in that department and making strides in the "eye test" department down in Utica then that sounds like great news! Hopefully he can regain his confidence next season playing alongside Dahlen and Boeser there.
  4. If the Sabres would do Tanev and Granlund for Reinhart that would actually be a fair trade on both sides. Tanev is a premier shutdown defenseman who can take tougher matchups away from Ristolainen and is of similar age to O'Reilly and Kane. Granlund looks like he can put up 20/20 or even 25/25 seasons while bringing excellent two-way play. Vancouver gets a potential #1 playmaking centre (or worst-case scenario #1RW) who shoots right and is a hometown boy to boot. I'd be all over that trade. I'd add a 3rd even to get it done. Then for the draft, I would look at drafting the best available centre between Patrick, Hischier, Vilardi, and Mittelstadt or if they are all gone, then take the best defenseman between Liljegren and Makar.
  5. Both options look pretty good. Obviously it'd be better to draft Patrick/Hischier than it is for us to draft Tippett but both leave us with a very good top-6 group: Goldobin - Reinhart - Tippett Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser or Goldobin - Patrick/Hischier - Reinhart Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser with Granlund, Gaudette, Dahlen, Sutter, Lockwood as top-9/depth Juolevi - Tryamkin Hutton - Gudbranson with Stecher, Brisebois, McEneny, Subban as top-6/depth does that deal look though? Not enough value on our side? Not something that Buffalo would take?
  6. We win!!! (or not cuz of the 2 points) But hey beating the Blackhawks is always good!
  7. C'mon put out Bo, Baertschi, Stecher and Tryamkin out on the powerplay! Tryamkin for net front presence please.
  8. Horrible. Blow the lead AND not lose in regulation.
  9. Henrik supporting that stealthtank by getting that delay of game call. Fine by me lol
  10. He could, or we could have a Minnesota tandem of Mittelstadt and Boeser on the team. Heck, if all three pan out we could have an "All-American" line: Mittelstadt - Gaudette - Boeser
  11. Who is Martin Necas and why is he #3 over guys like Vilardi and Mittelstadt?? Also, interesting to see that Timothy Liljegren is on loan to Timra of the Allsvenskan, the same team as Canuck prospect Dahlen and another 2017 top prospect Pettersson. Is their season still going or are they pretty much done for the year?
  12. BUF: Tanev and Virtanen VAN: Reinhart At it's core it looks like.. BUF: Tanev and 6th overall pick (2014) VAN: 2nd overall pick (2014) Then do we draft Liljegren with our 1st or take the best available forward?
  13. LOL I legit thought this was gonna be a thread about flaming Benning for not trading a defenseman like Chris Tanev for Taylor Hall when he was available. Yo man good thing I read the whole OP. Really good read, especially the part where Benning had 111 assists and 139 points in ONE FRIGGIN SEASON!! Like wow I had know idea Benning was that good as a defenseman. It's very relieving to know that a former high profile offensive defenseman like himself has so much faith in another high profile defenseman in Olli Juolevi. I mean he must know what makes a good defenseman, right?
  14. Say if we finish in the 5th or 6th spot next year's draft. Would our 1st plus Tanev be a good idea to move up and select Dahlin, Svechnikov, or Wise?
  15. Some *objective* Granlund stats: Since the Canucks faced the Flames in the beginning of a home-and-home series on January 6 of this year, Granlund has scored 18 points in 28 games, good for 0.64 points per game. Of those 18 points, 12 of them were goals (good for 0.43 goals per game). If Granlund were to maintain this scoring rate (0.64ppg) over 82 games he would have 35 goals and 52 points. Something to note: within this 28-game stretch Granlund has been sidelined once with the mumps on February 25 and once with food poisoning on March 11. Since being sidelined with the mumps and including the food poisoning incident Granlund has maintained his scoring and has 6 points in 8 games. Also, from the start of the season to that January 6 game against the Flames Granlund played in 40 games and recorded just 14 points, producing at a rate of 0.35 points per game. Breaking it down, he got off to a hot start with 3 points in his first 5 games of this season. He then had 1 point in his next 10 games. He then had 10 points in his next 25 games after that, leading right up into the January 6 game against the Flames. Since Granlund played his first game in the NHL he's struggled with consistency. When we traded for him Flames fans were saying he would be lights out for a 5 game stretch and then disappear for the next 20 (I'm paraphrasing here but you get the point). That said, Granlund has produced at every level he's played in. From his Finnish U20 team, the Liiga, the World Junior Championships, and in the AHL Granlund has shown that he can be a high level scorer. I remember thinking last year that if Granlund could learn the pro game and play with consistency he could be a really good top-6 scorer. So far, in my opinion of course, in this 28 game stretch Granlund has consistently been one of our better forwards. Definitely right up there with Horvat and Baertschi. If he can finish off the remaining 12 games maintaining a 0.64 points per game scoring rate then it would be a huge accomplishment for him and his confidence. Give him belief that he can not only produce at this level but produce consistently.. game in and game out.