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  1. Yea, I was thinking of what realistically it would take to move up to the 1st overall pick. Realistically, I feel like the only way we can get the 1st overall is if we overpay (which I tried to slightly overpay in these deals). But I guess this was tooooo too much of an overpayment on our end. Thanks for the feedback! I do feel that Hischier will be a very special player in the league not up to the level of a McDavid or Crosby but better than Reinhart, Nugent-Hopkins, MacKinnon.
  2. Two steps in this proposal: 1) Flip our 5th overall pick to Dallas for their 3rd overall pick; and 2) Flip the Dallas 3rd overall pick to New Jersey for the 1st overall pick. Trade 1 To Dallas VAN 1st (5th overall pick) CBJ 2nd (55th overall pick) To Vancouver DAL 1st (3rd overall pick) G Kahri Lehtonen *G Antti Niemi *the Canucks immediately buy-out Niemi this summer and have a small cap penalty of $1.5M for the next two seasons Trade 2 To New Jersey DAL 1st (3rd overall pick) RD Chris Tanev To Vancouver NJD 1st (1st overall pick) Vancouver holds the 1st, 33rd, 64th, 95th, and 112th picks in the first four rounds. With the 1st overall pick in the 2017 NHL Entry Draft the Vancouver Canucks select C Nico Hischier With the 33rd overall pick, select RD Connor Timmins (or Henri Jokiharju) With the 64th overall pick, select LW Jonah Gajdovich Let Hischier develop in the AHL next season alongside Dahlen and Virtanen. possible canucks.. Kane - Hischier - Dahlen Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser Gajdovich - Gaudette - Virtanen Juolevi - Timmins Hutton - Gudbranson Brisebois - Stecher Demko
  3. Very interesting... based on what's come out recently in news outlets and interviews Benning and Co's top 5 could look something like: 1. Nico/Nolan 2. Nico/Nolan 3. Glass 4. Makar 5. Pettersson Which leaves Vilardi, Heiskanen, Liljegren, and Mittlestadt outside of the top 5 maybe?
  4. If there ever was a reason to give a neg this is it. Heck I don't even want to include the text of your post it's that bad.
  5. Quick three way:

    COL: Hutton + Goldobin + MTL 1st

    MTL: Duchene + VAN 2nd

    VAN: Galchenyuk

    Fair value?

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    2. Blömqvist


      @Alflives Three way trade Montreal trades out Galchenyuk and their 1st rounder for Duchene and our 2nd rounder

    3. Alflives


      Okay, now I like it:)

      i like we end up with Chucky:)

    4. Blömqvist


      @Alflives Ya it's a decent idea to start out with but as @Stamkos says Duchene is a great player and worth more than Hutton, Goldobin, and a late 1st. Needs some tinkering to do...

  6. If Heiskanen falls to our pick at 5 and Vilardi and Glass are off the board I could definitely see Benning considering him. A Juolevi-Heiskanen would be our top everything unit for the next decade+. That unit would have excellent shutdown, puck moving, and offensive ability. That said, I don't know how the fan base would react picking a defenseman at 5 two years in a row when there are some high ceiling offensive prospects on the board like Pettersson, Mittelstadt, Necas, and Tippett. If Heiskanen were to be available at 5 I think the right move for Benning would be to trade picks with Buffalo who holds the 8th pick and get another asset. Buffalo is in need of defensemen and if they can get LHD Heiskanen they could pair him with RHD Ristolainen who is Finnish as well. That would allow us to pick up an extra pick or prospect while still staying in a position to draft one of Pettersson, Mittelstadt, or Necas.
  7. Colorado does get a defenseman in this trade. Tanev is a RHD and is 27 years old. The Avalanche have Barrie and Johnson on the right side. Heiskanen, the player I propose they draft with the 3rd overall pick, is LHD but can play both sides and hasn't even turned 18 yet. Heiskanen could step into the NHL in a year or two. 10+ years of Heiskanen or 5 years of Tanev? Especially when their core of MacKinnon, Rantanen, Landeskog, and Zadorov is 24 and under. Add Heiskanen and Vilardi/Glass to that group and they will be balanced with size speed and skill on both forward and defense.
  8. I met Gaunce one time while walking through Yaletown. I asked him if I could take a photo with him and he was genuinely surprised and happy about it. He's a really nice kid, very humble. Puts the work in to become a professional. I understand the business of sports and that it's better for the franchise to keep Sbisa. If Gaunce does indeed go to Vegas I wish him the very best for his career. Hopefully he can flourish in a bottom-6 shutdown role and put up 20+ points/season.
  9. It was for them to be able to draft the top rated defenseman in addition to the forward they would likely have drafted at 4. Trade a top centre prospect for a top defense prospect (Heiskanen) who could step into the NHL as early as this coming season. Defensemen are a much-coveted commodity these days, considering recent trades of Adam Larsson and Misha Sergachev. That's fair. I personally think his ceiling is that of a point per game first line centre. Similar ceiling to that of Vilardi/Glass/Mittelstadt. Pulling off a PPG as an NCAA freshman is no easy task, but to look at the highlight reel plays that he had against guys that are 1,2,3 or even 4 years older than him hint that there's something special in Jost. The main reason why I think Jost would be a better addition to the team than Vilardi/Glass/Mittelstadt/Pettersson is that we would have direct control of his development as we decide if he's good enough to play in the NHL or needs more seasoning in the AHL.
  10. To Dallas Chris Tanev To Vancouver Kahri Lehtonen Antti Niemi DAL 1st (3rd overall pick) then we flip the pick... To Colorado DAL 1st (3rd overall pick) To Vancouver Tyson Jost Draft Makar at 5 and trade up into the 1st round with the VAN 2nd and CBJ 2nd to draft C Robert Thomas Summary: Vancouver trades Tanev for Jost (+2 cap dumps), drafts Makar at 5, and trades up into the 1st round to draft Thomas. The Canucks reunite NCAA teammates Jost and Boeser and they could form 2/3 of our next top line. Dallas gets their shutdown RHD and gets rid of their overpaid goalies. Colorado adds the third overall pick to draft the consensus best defenseman (according to Bob McKenzie's final rankings) Miro Heiskanen in hopes that he and Zadorov can stabilize that train-wreck of a defense that they have. Colorado still has the fourth overall pick to select a BPA forward to replace Jost.
  11. To Montreal Hutton Baertschi To Vancouver Galchenyuk Montreal needs and gets a top-4 left-handed defenseman. Hutton is a young defenseman who had seasons of 25 and 19 points on a ridiculously low-scoring team. Hutton can play alongside Weber and with further development on a better offensive team it is likely that he can become a puck-moving two-way defenseman who can consistently score 30 points or more. The Habs also get a young top-6 left winger capable of scoring 40-50 points right off the bat to help replace the offense lost by trading away Galchenyuk. The Canucks get a bona-fide top-6 left winger with the potential to become a 1st liner. Galchenyuk, who had seasons of 20 and 30 goals, was on pace for 59 points and 23 goals had he played a full 82 game season this past year. He may not end up as a centre long-term, but Galchenyuk is young and can develop alongside Bo Horvat and Brock Boeser. That trio will quickly become the next offensive leaders of the franchise.
  12. Seabrook and Schmaltz for Sbisa and the VAN 2nd (33rd overall pick). The Blackhawks get a serviceable #4 defenseman capable of playing 19-20 minutes a game and an early 2nd round pick which they can use on draft day to trade up from their current position. The Canucks get the former teammate of Brock Boeser and Troy Stecher. Could be a top-6 forward but with his chemistry with Boeser they could end up having 1st line production.
  13. Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Penguins for winning back-to-back Stanley Cups. Can the Penguins pull off a three-peat? 

  14. I think a part of why we drafted Virtanen was because he was a hometown kid and the PR related to that. That said, that's just a part of why we drafted him. IMO he was going to be a Benning pick anyway though. Disregarding the consensus BPA as per Bob McKenzie (who had him 7th on his consensus list), Virtanen was what Benning envisioned the Canucks to play right down to the T. Benning wanted meat and potatoes. Benning envisioned the Canucks to play with speed. He wanted the Canucks to have size. And he also wanted the Canucks to play with skill. The one thing that you can't argue is Jake's size and speed. His skill component came with his NHL-level shot, which Benning seemed to really scout for as McCann also had a lethal shot. Jake has size, speed, and skill BUT unfortunately for him, management, and us, powerforwards take much longer to develop. They may step into the show quicker because of their NHL ready size but from then on it's a process for them to develop. If at the very least Benning drafted this type of player at the beginning of our rebuild. That way once this set of draftees and Juolevi come to form Virtanen would have a few extra years of development to find his game.