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  1. I find the write up on Glass to be intriguing. 45% of his point totals come on the road, suggesting that he is a very consistent scorer and being in the opposition's barn doesn't phase him. Also, with 70% of his points coming 5-on-5 that equates to about 66 even-strength points, which is more points than Vilardi has for the year (granted, higher offensive team and more games). The size part is also interesting, suggesting that he might grow a couple more inches and fill out to 200+ lbs. I've heard the Mark Schiefele comparable and if he turns into that we'd have tough centres to match up against with Glass, Horvat, and Gaudette. To me, it's still a toss-up between Glass, Mittelstadt, and Vilardi. I feel as though Vilardi might solidify himself as #3 with a good performance at the Memorial Cup in the coming weeks.
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys! Haha I was out to lunch on this one but yes thanks for the constructive criticism.
  3. Very good! I like the idea of the deal, but definitely if we're going this route and having a contract THAT big it would have to be for their 10th overall pick. Go big or go home. Kinda similar to what Arizona did last year with Detroit, taking on Datsyuk's contract for the 16th overall pick to draft Jakob Chychrun. Definitely up the ante and go for the 10th overall pick. I'd go up as far as our own 3rd rounder (64th overall pick) to take back the full cap hit of Brown. That would be worth it, as we would get either a good forward like Pettersson, Necas, or Glass or even a good defenseman like Makar, Heiskanen, or Liljegren if he falls.
  4. EDIT: Clearly I was out to lunch on this one.. thanks for the feedback guys and gals! *Assuming the draft stays in the same order (ie COL picks 1st, VAN picks 2nd, VEGAS picks 3rd, ARI picks 4th)* To Arizona 2nd overall pick LW Sven Baertschi SJS 4th To Vancouver 4th overall pick LW Max Domi MIN 1st (27th overall pick) *Arizona moves up in the draft and gets a Swiss duo of Baertschi and Hischier. They are set up front with their newly found Swiss duo in addition to Keller, Strome, and Dvorak* *Vancouver moves down in the draft but gains an expansion-exempt forward and overall more offensive-minded player in Domi. Domi, also a feisty player by nature, played together with Horvat in London in their junior days and have unreal chemistry.* *The premium that Arizona pays is the better player (Domi) and the 27th overall pick, which the Canucks can use on a forward like Robert Thomas or an offensive-minded blueliner like Conor Timmins. There is also an option of packaging the 27th overall pick with our own 33rd overall pick to move into the top 20 of the draft and possibly select a defenseman like Callan Foote or Juuso Valimaki* *At 4th overall, the Canucks can select a variety of offensively gifted centres, such as Casey Mittelstadt, Gabe Vilardi, Martin Necas, or Cody Glass* *Combining this trade from a previous trade that I proposed that had a positive reception from the CDC fanbase... link:* To Dallas D Chris Tanev G Jakob Markstrom To Vancouver G Kahri Lehtonen 8th overall pick
  5. I think Benning puts a lot of thought into tournament performance. I think that's what gave Juolevi the edge over Sergachev and Chychrun. IIRC Juolevi set a record at the World Juniors as a 17 year old defenseman and followed that up with an excellent OHL Playoff and Memorial Cup performance.
  6. Jake Oettinger's first year of draft eligibility is this year. If we were to trade Markstrom we would need another bluechip goalie prospect in the pipeline as it is such an unpredictable position to project. A lot of top goalie prospects have trouble taking that next step in pro or fizzle out. For example, Markstrom himself was regarded as one of if not the best goalie prospect during his time with the Panthers; he is currently a capable starting goaltender but is his ceiling that much higher than he is currently?
  7. That's what I was thinking too.. originally I had it as.. DAL: Tanev, Markstrom, and a 2018 4th VAN: Lehtonen, the 8th overall pick in 2017, and a 2018 2nd The extra value being Vancouver jumps up ~40-50 spots by getting a late selection in the 2nd round for next year's draft (which is supposedly good). Does something like that even out the value a little more?
  8. *Assuming the draft stays in order (i.e. COL picks 1st, VAN picks 2nd, Vegas picks 3rd etc.)* To Dallas D Chris Tanev G Jacob Markstrom To Vancouver G Kahri Lehtonen 8th Overall Pick *Dallas, who has trouble defensively and between the pipes, get an elite shutdown defenseman who can take matchups away from Klingberg. They also get a capable starting goaltender in place of an aging and overpaid goaltender. Both Tanev and Lehtonen have years remaining on their deals and fit the age of Dallas' big three of Benn, Seguin, and Klingberg.* *The Canucks enter the draft with the 2nd and 8th overall picks* Draft C Nico Hischier with the VAN 1st Draft D Miro Heiskanen with the DAL 1st Draft G Jake Oettinger with the VAN 2nd Draft LW Jonah Gadjovich with the CLB 2nd *The Canucks leave the draft with a potential franchise defining 1st line centre, a potential top pairing defenseman, and a potential starting goaltender with good upside* Sign UFA D Mike Stone to a short-term year deal to replace the loss of Chris Tanev on the right side *Future Canucks* The Canucks will have a speed and skill game. Hischier leads the offensive charge down the middle, with power centre Horvat and two-way centre Gaudette providing additional offense and making life miserable for opposing forwards. Skilled wingers Boeser, Dahlen, Baertschi, and Goldobin can provide speed, goal scoring, and playmaking. Virtanen, Gadjovich, and Lockwood also provide additional speed and skill but also much-needed physicality and grit along the wings. Transition defense and swift puck movement define the Canucks group of defensemen. Juolevi and Heiskanen are both potential #1 defensemen who ooze hockey sense. They both can shutdown the opposition, move the puck with ease in all three zones, and quarterback the powerplay. Heiskanen being the more offensive and faster skater, Juolevi having more size and better shutdown capabilities. Puck movement and offensive play continues with Hutton and Stecher who can also hold their own defensively. Gudbranson and Brisebois provide size and solid defensive play. Gudbranson also brings physicality. Between the pipes the Canucks have two goaltenders who both can be legitimate #1 options in Demko and Oettinger. This completes the philosophy of one Mr Jim Benning, who believes that this team should be built from the net out with depth on defense and excellent centres down the middle of the ice.
  9. That's the most positivity I've seen all day! I like it!! (Much better than the doom and gloom I heard all morning on TSN1040)
  10. Juolevi had a good draft+1 year. Even though he didn't dominate offensively like most of us would have hoped for, he elevated his play in that regard high enough to show that he can produce quality offense both on the powerplay and even strength without the big three of Marner, Tkachuk, and Dvorak; Juolevi can create offense through his vision, passing skills, and wrist shot and is not merely the passenger that some have thought. All that while being used in a more defensive, shutdown role. Also, he led his team in playoff scoring for defenseman over the likes of high offense players in Mete and Vande Sompel IMO I'm not opposed to another year of junior for Juolevi. Vande Sompel will likely be in the AHL next season, giving Juolevi more powerplay time. Key London players like Parsons, Pu, Kuokkanen, Mete, Jones, 2017 prospect Thomas, and 2018 prospect Bouchard (who might be another 1st rounder) will all have a long summer of training and will be even better next season. Juolevi could refine his offensive game even further.
  11. I've read one scouting report that said Vilardi looks more natural on the wing. Maybe like a Dubois situation where he might end up being a winger even though he can probably play both. If that one reddit post is true and the Canucks are valuing hands, speed, and skill as priority traits then Necas has to be high on their list as well. Then maybe Pettersson as their 5th rated centreman with Vilardi and Glass afterwards. Timewise both Mittelstadt and Necas could develop in their respective leagues for a year and then jump into the NHL or AHL as early as a year from now.
  12. More info on Heiskanen: I watched the first period of the Finland vs Canada U18 game today. Heiskanen looked really good. Out on the powerplay he was calm as the lone point man and distributed the puck well. Even in tight spaces with bodies and sticks around him, Heiskanen was patient and made his move at the right time, whether if it was holding on to the puck for just a moment longer to wait for a passing lane to open up or using his skating and puck skills to quickly deke and sidestep a defender along the blueline to create space for himself and to open up those same lanes. Moreover, his skating and awareness in the defensive zone really helped him to evade the Canadian forecheck and move the puck up ice, whether through him skating the puck up himself or passing it ahead. Craig Button raved about his vision, poise, and stick skills. His ability on the powerplay to both distribute the puck and to use his puck handling ability to evade defenders. He recalled a conversation with Heiskanen's agent Igor Larionov (also Nik Goldobin's agent). Larionov said that Heiskanen's thought processing and decision making of the game reminds him of Nik Lidstrom's thought processing and decision making. Obviously very high praise by his own agent pumping his client's tires, but that is high praise nonetheless and indicative of his Hockey IQ to an extent. I didn't catch the rest of the game but Heiskanen finished with 2 points (1+1) and a +2 rating in a 6-3 Finland win over Canada.
  13. This year's crop of defensemen reminds me of last year's. There's the undisputed potential #1D of the draft in Chychrun last year who didn't have a good developmental year and he fell enough for other defensemen to make a case. Fabbro looked real good last year playing in the BCHL and looked better than Chychrun did in the U18s. Juolevi and Sergachev both had really good years as well, with Juolevi putting up an unreal performance in the WJC and in the Memorial Cup. At the end of the day, it's all very subjective. Fast forward to now, and the undisputed potential #1D of this draft Liljegren didn't have a good year at all. His body of work and skillset keep him as one of the top defensemen for me. Makar looks real good in the AJHL and other players like Heiskanen and Valimaki had good seasons in their respective leagues. Foote had a very good season with the Rockets and is shutting down heavy offenses during the playoffs. I personally wouldn't pick a defenseman with our 1st rounder this year as there are some high-offense centreman available when we pick which we so badly need. That said, with his most recent play and offensive production I would rate Heiskanen in the same tier as Liljegren and have Makar behind them, and Makar slightly ahead of Foote and Valimaki. Valimaki is a very good offensive weapon who can quarterback the powerplay and has good size and skating; Foote is a big two-way defenseman who can move the puck and shutdown the opposition. Both have good upside, although I prefer Foote more because of his play in the playoffs and the fact that he plays for the Kelowna Rockets so you know he's in good hands developmental-wise. Again, all very subjective. My rankings for defensemen: 1. Liljegren 1. Heiskanen 3. Makar 4. Foote 4. Valimaki
  14. Exactly. It's rare for high-profile 1st round picks to not sign with the team that drafted them. Maybe it's all the hype that surrounds them and the allure of making money and being a star within a few short years. Even then, he can play alongside fellow Minnesotan Brock Boeser and possibly even Adam Gaudette to create an All-American line for us.
  15. Miro Heiskanen stats: 10 points (5+5) in 37 Liiga regular season games *note* Liiga is the top Finnish men's league, where he regularly plays over 20 minutes/game as a 17 year old 3 points (0+3) in 8 Liiga playoff games 3 points (0+3) in 6 Champions Hockey League games *note* Champions Hockey League is a tournament featuring the top teams across Europe 8 points (1+7) in 4 U18 games @funkyfresh I wasn't so sure if he was going to be the top dman this draft because I didn't really know of his offensive ceiling. IMO he's now pushing for the best defenseman of the draft. Scouts were wanting him to develop his offensive game further and he puts up 8 points in 4 U18 games. With a very late birthday (July 18) it's plausible that he has very good draft+1 year compared to other prospects with earlier birthdays. The fact that he plays in the Liiga is good as he can come over to play in the AHL as soon as next season, I believe. I was hoping we could pick up a mid-1st and draft him, but with his recent U18 play has his stock risen high enough to make the top 10? Does he get picked over Liljegren and Makar?