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  1. Kapanen + 1st I wonder if that same proposal can be revisited now that that 1st turned into Liljegren. Or maybe at the deadline if the Leafs are in a playoff position and get desperate we can squeeze them for Liljegren + 1st?
  2. A first and two seconds isn't that bad, especially considering 2018 picks. IIRC I think it is similar to what they gave up for Hamilton?
  3. I agree. The top prospects might be at similar levels when drafted but from then it's a long road to the NHL and it's all about prospect development. I could see 1 year in the SHL for Pettersson, followed by a year or two in the AHL. He could be in the NHL the time Vilardi and Glass make it to their first professional season in the AHL or at the very least have a year up on them in that regard.
  4. With Hamonic being reportedly traded to Calgary it will be interesting to see what the return is. Might set the price for Tanev.
  5. I shared this in the draft GDT minutes after Pettersson was selected by us: Mark Edwards of had Elias Pettersson at #5. As far as I know they were one of the few scouting services that were high on Pettersson. For what it's worth, Hockey Prospect's final rankings was this for the top 10: 1. Hischier 2. Patrick 3. Heiskanen 4. Makar 5. Pettersson 6. Glass 7. Vilardi 8. Mittelstadt 9. Necas 10. Liljegren source: Further to that, Bob McKenzie who creates a consensus list from the numerous scouts that he polls had Pettersson ranked one higher than Glass. This itself indicates that several (not all) scouts view Pettersson as a better prospect than Glass. His top ten was: 1. Hischier 2. Patrick 3. Heiskanen 4. Makar 5. Vilardi 6. Mittelstadt 7. Pettersson 8. Glass 9. Rasmussen 10. Tippett source: All of this to say that Pettersson at #5 is not as much of a reach as people make it out to be and not all scouts have firm belief that Glass > Pettersson. Even the fact that Vilardi fell out of the top 10 shows that teams have their own scouts and create their own BPA lists based off the information they have and those lists can be widely different than the list you or I or any other individual could have.
  6. Really makes me wonder what was it with Vilardi that turned off so many teams. Tippett before Vilardi.. Andersson before Vilardi... Rasmussen before Vilardi even though they are somewhat similar players.
  7. Tolvanen or Timmins at 33 please.
  8. And add Liljegren with the upcoming 15th overall pick...
  9. had Elias Pettersson at #5. As far as I know they were one of the few scouting services that were high on Pettersson. For what it's worth, Hockey Prospect's final rankings was this for the top 10: 1. Hischier 2. Patrick 3. Heiskanen 4. Makar 5. Pettersson 6. Glass 7. Vilardi 8. Mittelstadt 9. Necas 10. Liljegren source:
  10. Ya it's looking like a very weird draft where everyone "gets their guy" at the pick they have.
  11. To Vegas 5th overall pick CBJ 2nd To Vancouver Theodore 13th overall pick --x-- To New York Rangers Tanev To Vancouver 7th overall pick @7: Elias Pettersson @13: Timothy Liljegren @33: Filip Chytil Canucks draft potential #1C Pettersson and potential top pairing PP QB Liljegren in the first round. They also get Chytil in the second round and Theodore who has good upside.
  12. I like it! I was just thinking of a similar thing too after hearing NYR acquired the 7th overall pick. I would do Tanev straight across for the 7th overall pick. Gives us a shot at drafting out potential #1C and top pairing PP QB defenseman with the 5th and 7th picks. Maybe it's a Makar and Pettersson? Or Glass and Liljegren?
  13. At 5 I'm looking at a select few prospects that I would be ecstatic with. Heiskanen, Glass, Makar, and Vilardi round up the next tier of prospects after Hischier and Patrick, and as long as management picks one of them I will be a very happy fan. Heiskanen is a left hand shot but plays the right side. He could make an unreal defense pairing alongside Juolevi, and if anything as you said opens up trade possibilities. I won't be upset if Benning does take say Pettersson at #5, as I'm sure he has his vision of how he wants to build this team and he has his scouts feeding him information that we as fans won't kbow about, but like.. I just won't be as happy hahaha
  14. As devil's advocate, I would argue that picking Heiskanen at 5 if both Glass and Makar are gone would be the better move for this organization than to choose Pettersson. Heiskanen is the clear consensus BPA if he is there at 5, and Pettersson could be had later in the top 10. Also, and probably more importantly, if Sergachev can land Drouin, Larsson can land Hall, and Jones can land Johansen, should Heiskanen develop even remotely decently imagine what he could fetch us in a trade if we dangle him.
  15. To Edmonton RD Chris Tanev To Vegas C Ryan Nugent-Hopkins VAN 2nd (33rd overall) To Vancouver D Shea Theodore WPG 1st (13th overall; previously acquired by Vegas) After acquiring C Ryan Strome and clearing $3.5M in cap space, Edmonton trades C Ryan Nugent-Hopkins for RD Chris Tanev. Trading from a position of strength and adding Tanev would complete their defense core and provide the Oilers extra cap relief of about $1.5M. Las Vegas has made a few deals to give them young assets and picks that they can flip for proven players. Here, the Golden Knights flip LD Shea Theodore and the 13th overall pick (previously acquired from Winnipeg) for C Ryan Nugent-Hopkins of the Oilers and the 33rd overall pick from the Canucks. Nugent-Hopkins, who is still young and signed on for several more years, gives the Golden Knights a face for their franchise. Vegas can market the former 1st overall pick. RNH alongside another big name James Neal and up-and-comer Jonathan Marchessault will provide Vegas with good offense and can keep fans happy by lighting up the lamp. Vancouver deals out the best player in this trade (and an early 2nd rounder) but acquires a local kid who has big time upside as a defenseman as well as the 13th overall pick. Shea Theodore is a defenseman who can move the puck up ice and quarterback the powerplay. He is no slouch defensively as well. He was a highly-touted prospect coming out of junior. The 13th overall pick gives us a chance at drafting a RHD such as Timothy Liljegren or Cal Foote. If both are gone by then we may have a shot at forwards Elias Pettersson, Martin Necas, or Nick Suzuki. At the draft: @5: Cody Glass @13: Timothy Liljegren @55: Jonah Gajdovich