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  1. Yes, thanks, because I compare real hockey to NHL20! Give your head a shake. You need to manage a game better! Change up the lines. Use the press box for those so called scrubs. Let the young guys learn from their mistakes and not bench them because they made a mistake. Green constantly gets out coached by veteran coaches.
  2. That's exactly what I'm talking about! The scrubs are being dependent on way too much by green. (they are veterans! They can close out a game, etc). The players you mentioned would of had those seasons no matter who they were coached by. Hughes is just so skilled and talented that giving green credit for his achievement is kinda undermining Hughes. Miller is having a career year is because he is finally getting the top minutes he deserves. It's not his fault he was playing in the shadow of superstars for years.
  3. I think Benning has done fairly well. The problem is that green is not utilizing the players properly and does not adapt during the game. He constantly gets out coached. You can't have a playoff team be on the top of the list for concided goals in the 3rd. That's just plain poor game management.
  4. If the canucks miss the playoffs, there is no way green comes back! Is there?
  5. Shocking to see a team that's been in the playoff race, pretty much the entire season, give up so many goals in the 3rd. Stats like that belong to buttom feeders. That's on coaching.
  6. Get a defenceman that can defend. Barrie is a UFA, dont push it. He is a local boy and we will have a great chance to sign him during the off season. He will not push this team over the top...
  7. Everyone needs to chill. Adding a conditional means that they will attempt to resign him. It's a good hockey trade. Madden is an unknown and we tend to over hype our prospects.
  8. Was always a fan of this trade! I still believe that Miller was not the first choice for Tampa to trade.
  9. Ferland skating? That's a good sign. I hope they let him take his time and make sure he comes back healthy. At this point, im more concerned for his wellbeing than him playing games.
  10. I am not as upset with Demko as I am with the coaching. I believe Demko wasn't supposed to start but Marky got sick.
  11. I love demnko but today he was terrible. Atleast 3 of those goals were average shots. I'm not even going to speak abour coaching because it was piss poor. Team like the canucks needs an established coach who has experience with coaching young stars.
  12. Demko couldn't make a save. He was not dialed in today for whatever reason. Green with a poor poor game management.
  13. Gor to agree with this statement! Let the chips fall and go from there.
  14. Yeah that's because some of those games he played 1 minute...