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  1. Monday Practice - new lines, no Miller

    I really like those lines. Virtanen gets a good chance to succeed in that spot.  I also like Hansen with Bo and Sven.  
  2. [GDT] - Capitals vs Canucks - October 22 2015 - 7:00pm

    Man. Hutton is looking so good.  Getting better every shift.. 
  3. Virtanen most likely playing!? I love those lines. 4-3 canucks.
  4. First goal of the season?

    Horvat will either score the goal, or be the main reason we score it.
  5. [PETITION] - Change Vancouver Canucks Jerseys

    We have the nicest jerseys in the league. Let's build an identity... By keeping our jerseys!!
  6. [Trade] Canucks trade for F Brandon sutter

    Seeing as Sutter is a good 3rd line centre, this could mean Horvat gets a shot at 2nd line centre. That is exciting.
  7. I do trust Benning. But man this is sad. I love Kass.
  8. Offseason moves [Discussion]

    I like the look of this lineup for next year.
  9. Faster, not bigger

    Shawn Matthias type. With maybe a little more goal scoring ability.
  10. List Your 8 all time fav Canucks..

    1.Bure 2.Burrows 3.Kassian 4 D. Sedin 5.Linden 6.Bertuzzi 7.Luongo 8.Salo That's what I could come up with from the top of my head. Sort of a random order too.
  11. Post your opening night Vancouver Canucks Roster

    Sedin Sedin Burrows Kassian Bonino Vrbata Matthias Vey Higgins Dorsett Richardson Hansen Sestito Hamhuis Bieksa Edler Tanev Sbisa Stanton Weber Miller Lack I think Vrbata., Kassian, and Burrows should all get a chance with the twins at some Point. I just like the look of Vrbata on the second line with Bonino. Gives us two good scoring lines, and they could have good chemistry. Bonino is a good playmaker too.
  12. Which Canuck do you have your eye on next year?

    There is a few for me. One would be Vey. Probably because I played a season with him back in minor hockey, but I really am curious to see what kind of role that kassian will play. If Horvat makes it, he would be my other choice.
  13. Vey vs Etem

    I know Linden a little bit, played some minor hockey with him on a line. I really dont think he is over 6 feet. I actually think he is probably just under 6 feet.