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  1. 4 2 Canucks. Don't care who scores them. Just get the W
  2. Thank goodness for Miller tonight
  3. Not sure i have ever wanted a win in the middle of the regular season this badly. Kinda have a bad feeling, but what the heck.. 5-2 canucks.
  4. Not sure about this one, but I will predict a Canucks win anyways. haha. 4 3. Horvat Chaput Granlund Gaunce with the goals. Go Canucks!
  5. Bo Horvat. For sure. The poll should have the Sedins separated though imo. Daniel Sedin is a close second for me.
  6. This is going to be a tough one. Good test for sure. (Especially without our top pairing on the back end), but I will say 3 2 Canucks. Horvat with a goal and an assist. Megna with a goal Gudbrandson with a goal.
  7. This is a big road trip. If we can win all 3 (all winnable games), then we are back in it, if we have a bad road trip, we are probably done. I think this road trip will determine if I am on team playoffs or team tank. haha. Go Canucks Go. ..and I will predict a 3 2 Canucks win.
  8. What other d man can play power play and penalty kill effectively, and eat up the tough minutes against other teams top lines like Edler does? He makes some mistakes for sure, but I think we are a better team with Edler on the ice.
  9. Edler is our best defenseman right now. Enough said.
  10. Tonight we get the bounces early in the game. (We always seem to start strong, just cant buy the first one). Tonight we score first, and go on to win 4-2. Go Canucks!
  11. I think this is it. Thanks for the help
  12. I need help finding a song. (hope this is the right place to ask for help). They play it during the game quite often it seems like. It's the song that Ben Hutton is bobbing his head to in the newest video of him "mic'd up" during the rangers game. If anyone knows the name of that song, that would be awesome
  13. I like that . I probably like Sbisa more than most people , but this makes the most sense to me when I combine the immediate needs of the team with the needs of the future .
  14. I hope they shuffle the lines a bit tonight. It's clearly not working right now. I would like to see: 1.Daniel Henrik Hansen 2.Baer Horvat Eriksson 3.Granlund Sutter Virtanen 4.Whoever else it healthy enough to play.
  15. All pretty normal stuff. Nice to hear it from the coach though. Nice to hear how he feels about Jake, and how Tryamkin is coming along. Hopefully we see a strong effort from the gang tomorrow night. Go Canucks!