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  1. Exactly my thoughts. I voted Gadjovich, but I think Lockwood would be right behind him.
  2. Yup. Demko running away with this vote. As he should at this point.
  3. May as well try. Assuming we can get him on a decently cheap contract. Give him a 1 year even. The guy has skill. Just needs to figure things out.
  4. I like it. Hopefully he can stay healthy, and be a hard nosed shut down guy. Would make it easier to trade Tanev if he can take over the shut down duties.
  5. Not sure why I waited so long to actually read this fully. Wow. What a letter. Burrows is one of my all time favs for sure!
  6. Going to say Canucks win this one to get a streak going. 3-2 . Horvat, Goldy, and Edler or Stecher with the goals. Go Canucks Go
  7. Horvat needs to be protected I think.
  8. I'll say canucks battle hard. Lose 4-2. Horvat and Bouchier with the Gino's.
  9. I voted 7, would of been nice to get something for Miller, but I also don't think there was a proper market for him. Well done Benning. (Maybe could of voted 8).
  10. Yeah I was hoping for the excitement of another trade, but this probably isn't a bad idea. Not many teams looking for a starting goalie. Probably wouldn't of got much in return anyways.
  11. As I posted in the burrows trade page, it's very sad to see Burrows go, but changes were needed and now we give the A to Bo and move on as best we can.
  12. Bitter sweet for sure. One of my fav canucks ever, but we need to get younger and it sounds like a good trade. Now just strap the A on Horvat and we move on.
  13. I'm gonna bet against the canucks tonight. Which means they probably win
  14. Yikes. Let's hope he isn't out for any significant amount of time :/
  15. I will probably get flamed for this.. but does anyone else agree that Stecher shouldn't be on the first power play unit? He is very skilled and gonna be a good pp guy for us for a long time..however, I feel like he just doesn't have chemistry with that first unit. He should be with the other younger players on the second unit. The first unit doesn't have much of a net front presence, and Troy just doesn't shoot hard enough to score without a perfect screen. He also seems to be struggling with getting his shots through lately. I feel like they should just swap Edler and Stecher. Thoughts?