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  1. I'm gonna bet against the canucks tonight. Which means they probably win
  2. Yikes. Let's hope he isn't out for any significant amount of time :/
  3. I will probably get flamed for this.. but does anyone else agree that Stecher shouldn't be on the first power play unit? He is very skilled and gonna be a good pp guy for us for a long time..however, I feel like he just doesn't have chemistry with that first unit. He should be with the other younger players on the second unit. The first unit doesn't have much of a net front presence, and Troy just doesn't shoot hard enough to score without a perfect screen. He also seems to be struggling with getting his shots through lately. I feel like they should just swap Edler and Stecher. Thoughts?
  4. This one hurt. On many levels. Dang.
  5. I was probably stupid.. I bet on the Canucks tonight. Lately when I bet for them they lose.. against them they win.. but today I break that streak! 4-2 Canucks! Horvat is due for two goals. Daniel keeps it going with one, and Hansen gets on the board. Go Canucks Go!
  6. Thanks. I missed the first few mins of the game.
  7. Where's Baertschi? They are rotating wingers on Bo's right wing.
  8. Seems like such a long time to wait for the Canucks to play again! I sadly don't like our chances in this one.. but Ill stay positive and say the Canucks squeak one out. 3-2 in OT. Horvat with the OT goal. Go Canucks Go!
  9. My Dad was a Canucks fan, and so I was just raised to be one I guess. Can't imagine ever cheering for a different team. I am now a way bigger fan then my father. When the Canucks were terrible there for a few years (before the west coast express), my dad kind of started cheering for Dallas. He liked Modano and Hull. That didn't last long though and he was back to the Canucks. I however, could never switch teams. I will always be a Canucks fan. For better or worse. haha.
  10. Canucks win this one. And I Hope Henrik gets his 1000 point on a beautiful passing play that Daniel finishes off. Just how he has gotten most of his points Horvats line also scores two goals. 3-1 canucks
  11. He may actually get into the lineup. If that wasn't the intention, why replace Pedan with him? (unless they just want Pedan to get some playing time again?), I could see this being a move to try and help the PP. Especially if Stecher can't go next game. Would be exciting to see what he could do running an NHL PP.
  12. What a game by Tryamkin . Would of been nice to see him score on that shot from the right hash mark. He deserved a goal in this one. Probably our best player on the ice.
  13. Pretty exciting end to the period for the canucks. Tryamkin had an awesome period, and they looked faster than they have in a while. Lead to some good scoring chances. Hopefully we build on that going into the third.
  14. Need to win this one. I'll say 4-2 canucks
  15. It's the best i could do from my phone. It's a fairly long Article talking about different things going on in the NHL. They talk about burrows a ways down.