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  1. I would like to see bo with an A. Getting used to more of a leadership role. Next captain IMO.
  2. Pretty long term, but like others have stated, if we didn't go long term, he probably wouldn't of signed.
  3. Erickson and brouwer would be ideal.
  4. Right on!
  5. As someone who has actually known about this for a while (played hockey with him and live a couple towns over) , I feel bad for him that the media got a hold of this. . Although maybe it will be good to just get it over with for him. Horrible situation all around.
  6. Yay. Good news. We could use more of that around here!
  7. Can't believe we're gonna get nothing done. :/ I still trust Benning, but man.. Something back for Hammer would of been nice.
  8. If Boston is offering the most for Hammer, I sure hope he is willing to waive!
  9. Stink! I was getting excited for a canucks /hawks swap
  10. I'm gonna miss shinkaruk. :/
  11. Looks like a solid deal.
  12. Feel like the canucks have deserved a few power plays.
  13. Nice. I like Biega. Now just trade Weber for a late pick..
  14. WHAT. A. WIN!.. Sedins did their thing. Virtanen with a snipe.. Etem looked good in his first game. Just a great effort. Loving the youth movement!