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  1. I got most of what you said except this one part: Greenwich Sidereal Time (In Degrees) is found as follows: GST = (Sidereal Time on Jan 1st 2000 in degrees) + (#of Sidereal Degrees/day) (Number of Days) GST = (280.461)+(360.98564737)(5014.79176) = 1810548.3109093416 Next from that number we want to eliminate multiples of 360 Which leaves us with: 108.31090934 How did you get that number? Or what was the equation rather.
  2. I don't even know how you did that. I'm actually scared to put it down on my paper because if it's right I almost feel like my teacher would be like, "Wow. I didn't even know how to do that and I'm a Physics Master. Can you solve the equation for the meaning of life for me?" .......And I'll have no idea what I just said. I'm gonna use it anyways. This stupid problem is worth literally 0.1% of my final grade. We have like 4-5 assignments throughout the year, each with around 9 questions, and all 5 assignments combined is worth 10% of our final grade. This 1 question is ridiculous.
  3. I will openly admit! I am god awful at math! I even used Google to look up how to do this. I checked everywhere I could for legit over an hour for an answer. I cannot even begin HOW to start with this problem and it's due on Wednesday so I'm getting a little stressed out. Here's the problem: At 11:00pm on September 22nd, 2013 determine the local sidereal time in Abbotsford. Calculate and describe how you can obtain the local hour angle for the star Capella (R.A. 5h 16m 41.5s). Note: Using Stellatium or a similar software program to look up the answer is not acceptable, however, you may use the software to verify your answer. Help would be greatly appreciated
  4. Ehhh I think you're missing the point. I did pay for the goods and service. I only missed a 40 minute window which I thought was unfair. i paid for parking the whole day technically considering I left early, and the stall was empty. But life doesn't work that way.
  5. I've never actually changed my plates before. Forgive my lack of knowledge on the subject, but do I just go to ICBC and ask them to change my plates? Or do I go to my insurance place? Lol I've actually never done it before.
  6. Lol........ Is it UFV? I dunno. Like I said. I wouldn't care if the parking lot was FULL and I didn't pay, but when the parking lot is 75% empty its just totally ridiculous. As if a $1800 tuition isn't enough. Let's throw some parking tickets in their to! Kinda sucks. I paid. Such is life. Movin on. Still upset, but whatever. Not much I can do. Maybe next time i'll try not paying it but I don't wanna come back to the parking lot to find my car missing and having noway home, and paying $100 for a taxi.
  7. how much is your semester wide pass?
  8. If they catch you again don't they tow your car though? Or how does it work if you don't pay a ticket anyways.
  9. Like I said I don't care if I have to pay parking. It's $4 in change w/e that doesn't bug me. It sucks but whatever. Everyone does so I'll suck it up. Im upset that I was in the middle of class, and unable to pay for it and the guy told me to basically leave my class, or take my phone out and get kicked out of class to pay for it. What do I even do in that scenario. It's a lose/lose but I'm still left with a ticket. Win for them, Lose/Lose/Lose for me?
  10. i think i got Rekt more then outplayed Least I got it reduced to $15 instead of $25, but still kinda upsetting. Even asked how he would feel if the same thing happened to him, how would he feel? and he did stutter a bit so I think he at least knew that it was wrong, but he probably has a protocol he has to follow.
  11. Rant thread. Sorry. Need to blow steam Got to Uni at 9:20am, paid for parking at 9:40 for 8 hours (the max u can pay at their machine thing) was in class between the time it ran out which was 540. got out of class at 6:30, put another $1 in for pay for parking for 2 more hours at about 6:30 to finish off my night. come back to my car around 845ish. Guess what's waiting for me? Lovely parking ticket. given to me at 18:20 (6:20). Legit. I was pretty upset. You can laugh all you want. I paid for parking ALL DAY. There was a small window where I was in class and unable to get to a machine. Somebody was literally waiting beside my car "OHH BOY IMMA GET THIS ONE!!! 5 MORE MINUTES LEFT BOYZ" But Hey I calmed down, "I'll just call Impark and explain the situation to them and they'll understand. No worries!" So I call Impark, and explain the situation how there was a small window. she says can only lower the ticket to $15. I ask for a supervisor naturally. Still kind of ridiculous. Supervisor tells me the same thing "Sorry sir you have to find a way to pay for your parking before the time expires." "So you want me to leave my $500 class to go put $2 into a machine? I can understand if there was literally 0 parking stalls but when the lot is completely empty? are you legit?" "Use the phone app to pay" "Sure let me pull my phone out in the middle of a lab, or middle of my final exam. I'm sure the prof would love that" Seriously, this is totally ridiculous. Impark is legit such garbage. As if school isn't already expensive enough as it is. Let's throw some tickets ontop of it. Ok Rant is done. I don't mind paying legit parking tickets if I never paid at all. Or if my time DID expire, and I didn't go back to pay at all. But when theres a small window between the time it expires and the time i repurchase the ticket, that's total garbage. Obviously something delayed me from paying. Total garbage.
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions guys. Lol I would do it myself... but you can call me paranoid or stupid whatever! I don't wanna risk screwing something up.
  13. Looking for a computer store similar to NCIX, but with boxing day week they're going to be heavily backed up I imagine. For simple things like installing RAM, or an SSD where it's just plug and play or a couple screws I can do but, it's a new Motherboard, and my processor so I don't want to just fool around with that. Would rather get a professional to do it. Also NCIX charges a TON. I think they quoted me $200 to install a motherboard, CPU, RAM, and SSD. I mean I have no issues paying, but that seems really excessive... Anyways if you guys know of any places I'd appreciate it! Happy holidays everyone! P.S. I don't trust future shop or Best Buy lol. Sorry if I offend anyone with that.
  14. I air dusted the **** outta my comp and cleaned all around the fans and i've noticed it's gotten significantly quieter, and no issues since (mind you it's literally been 24 hours) plan on getting some major upgrades for Christmas / boxing day. Like MAJOR. Haven't determined some factors but this is on the list so far: Arc 647 gaming case (Some people don't agree with this, but it has tons of fans AND my computer will look like a spaceship ) GTX 970 Video card (outperforms the 980 in some aspects and is like $250-$300 cheaper? I think Tom's Hardware had the 970 at a 5-10 fps lower framerate then the 980 but with my specs I'll still maintain 60+ on Ultra with any game) Motherboard: I haven't determined that yet, gotta go to NCIX to see what they recommend. I don't plan to overclock so it'll be a basic board RAM: Depends on the Motherboard.. but I plan to upgrade to 16gb of DDR4 which should be out by Christmas and then finally some form of Cooling system as having a cooler system will actually significantly improve performance. Nothing fancy here tho. Expecting to dump around $700 or so? Pretty excited!
  15. Yeah I'm also gonna try cleaning it out. Don't think I've properly dusted it out in like months. Bought an air duster (compressed air) gonna clean it out see if that helps. If not I'm getting a new card come Christmas anyways. 570 is nice but it's run it's course I think