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  1. score some goals already...
  2. he's useless.., do we really need a guy who can't score short handed. give me a fricken break.
  3. he's +3 but he made a few bad plays tonight.
  4. Rarely do i see any compliments on Bieksa.
  5. bieksa is doing alrite. He got some lame calls. Ref is hating.
  6. come on..
  7. kb is alrite but he really needs to stop blah..
  8. Love live; Do we really need him? really burrows.. really? who omg really..
  9. Burrows is OP
  10. bump it up. burrows? really?
  11. shoulda, coulda traded BuRR, Demitra for Kovalchuk and throw in Bieksa to seal the deal.
  12. burrows and sedins line are dangerous
  13. Keepin it alive. Bump it up!