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  1. its gonna be a long Oct-April.
  2. I think that's how this year will play out. "Geez if the blue Jays, had won more of those games the BP gave up the lead in, we coulda won the division." And 'geez if our bats could have found a way to score 10 runs so that we could out score the 9 the BP would give up, we coulda won a playoff series'
  3. Well.... Theeee old "consistent" Cecil looks to be back to his old form.
  4. And sometimes ump's will do that. That's why they say to never leave it in the ump's hands if close. I'd imagine a 94mph 2 inches off the strike zone is hard to judge in real time with no pitch trax
  5. As soon as you start questioning the strike zone though... You'll usually get the response somewhat like " you better swing at the next strike". Then you say don't you mean pitch? And the ump says " it's a strike no matter where it ends up" in MLB I bet it's no different except that the calls don't look as awful because the pitchers can usually get within the broadside of the zone.
  6. When the states invaded Afghanistan there was a population of about 20 million, around 10.5million of those were ages 14 or under. Yet Afghanistan was made out to be this big monster of a country. I'm just saying the US don't want it with Russia, They don't want it with China, They don't want it with Iran. They'd rather bully countries that have a lot of children or that are pretty weak. Me? I don't really give a &^@# what happens outside of Canada's borders. It's none of our business and my what a world we could live in if countries payed more attention and put energy into the problems that exist within their own borders. Instead there's so much election fixing, territory expansion and meddling by countries that consider themselves/want to be empires.
  7. The thing is once you're throwing 30-50 pitches in an inning your chance of a blister goes waaaaaay up. Too much friction in a short amount of time. But oh well if he misses a start( which they plan on doing anyways so that he can pitch in October) it gives him an extra 5 days to heal that blister.
  8. Yeah definitely, Iran is no Afghanistan(a country that was more than 50% children when the states invaded her)
  9. If you look at all the 1-run games we've lost thx to the bull pen, we could easily be there.
  10. Is any one else switching back and forth between the game and the hip concert?
  11. Yes but against the catcher as he's clearly called that twice. It's the same respect NL pitchers have usually to not throw at other Pitchers.
  12. If I'm Martin, I call a fastball up and in on the catcher next time he bats after the two Jays get pitches up and in this inning.
  13. FFS, that error by Travis was costly... If he throws within the broad side of a barn on that, we get a double play... Probably get out of the inning untouched. Sanchez goes 7 or 8... Rather than the 4 or 5 he's gonna go after that 40+ pitch inning. Thank you EE, we need a big inning now ourselves.