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  1. His win % and save % are > than markstrom while his gaa is less. He's a better goalie in every stat that counts as a goalie. But I agree. He should probably be a career backup and markstrom should probably be further down the depth charts than him.
  2. He's got better stats across the board than markstrom though... and they're the same age and markstrom has played 10 more games.
  3. Thank you BC
  4. I'm just downplaying all the kids on here that have him being the next superstar. I couldn't really give a &^@# either way. And my point was, for every 1 of these successes that bloom late or overcame the odds there's a few hundred that didn't. Really in the scheme of things.... does it matter? Not a &^@#ing chance.
  5. Well that's 5 out of what? About 4500 players drafted in the last 20 years? If there's more I'd like to know. I think even you'd have to agree the odds of him being one these successes is against him. If he makes it this year he might get good quick but history shows that it usually takes 2-3 seasons before players become top 6 mainstays. Also Burrows developed many years in the NHL before he broke out. Also St. Louis was an NHL regular at 24 years old and played his first games in the NHL at 23 after attending the university of Vermont. I'd omit those 2 as they'd each had at least 120 NHL games by time they were 25. So they had developed somewhat in the NHL before they broke out. There's not many that put up 40-50 points in their rookie season especially at 27 years old is what I'm saying.
  6. Well just a top 6 fwd or top 3 D. My recollection gets more foggy the older I get, so I can't think of any. Perhaps you know of a few that are slipping my memory?
  7. Based on potentially being a 27 y.o. Rookie. I can't think of anyone who was in impact player that took 8-9 years to break into the league.
  8. I'm looking forward to seeing the Canucks Ice 7 forward lines and 5-D pairings once all the players cdc wants to make it.... make it. Yaaaaay! Every player in the organization makes it! (Except for our top 5 picks... we have to develop those for 5-10years)
  9. Yea... people should just be glad that they don't have a 525,000 Hectare fire burning a half hour away.
  10. You just had said that Brock would have to beat out Rodinfor a spot. I feel that with Brock's 5 points in 9 NHL games, Rodin and his 3 NHL games should have to beat out Boeser for that spot. I'm of the group that believes Rodin to be a bust and nothing more than a 14th fwd at best.
  11. If Rodin's 3 NHL games entitle him to a spot, I feel very bad for this team. At this point Boeser has more NHL experience than Rodin.
  12. 4 years ago this would be an awesome team!
  13. When you consider that Harper, Kershaw and Trout are expected to be playing in our division in the next few years, it won't get any easier. Shapkins definitely have their work cut out for them. They need to develop pitching, speed, fielding and hitting to have a chance.., that'll take probably 10 years as we all know that they won't pay prospect price or top dollar for free agents.
  14. Agreed. We've also seen what dumpster diving for relievers does. And I read recently that based on splits we're the slowest team in baseball. Would have helped to get fowler or a cheaper option in Revere or Davis...
  15. He just made 300 million? Why would he take a pay cut to go mma? Especially when anyone witha brain could see he's lost most of his speed and power. In theory if mayweather was into it... it'd take probably 700 million to get him into the octagon and that's just basically paying an old man to get beat up.