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  1. They say that fastball will drop about 5mph with a real ball buuuut 105 is pretty much an unhittable pitch. Look how quick it gets there.
  2. Yes he was
  3. Dumb quote thingy, sorry X-boxr. Anyhow I'm happy with Bats resigning... a pissed off joey with something to prove to 29 other teams, is gonna be scary good. He's going to be a on a mission to prove to at least 15 teams(the NL) that he can still field. And he's going to try to serve up a big F. You to 14 teams who thought they had better options at DH. I think a fired up Joey Bats is a good thing to have on your side... one just has to look at the 2015 playoff series against Texas to see this.
  4. Yeah it makes it bearable... no point in crying over spilled milk though. I still feel that we are screwed though... at least until the BP gets addressed.
  5. Dumb quote thing^ Sportsnet just broke it officially that Bautista re-signed.
  6. Sportsnet just made it official.
  7. He's not signed yet is he?
  8. Especially when you have 3 guys in Tellez, Vlad Jr and Reid-Foley. That may end up special.
  9. Please USA!!! Please come liberate BC. We need you to drop as much as you can on Vancouver and Victoria in the name of freedom.
  10. I think they'll be alright with Jones, Machado and Davis.
  11. Thank Christ 5 prospects for MCcutchen no thx.
  12. I see.
  13. Hey get back to work!!!!! Those Big Macs ain't gonna make themselves. And for the love of God please scrub the toilets before the end of your Mc shift!!!
  14. This thread averages a page every 3 months. That is all that needs to be said about interest in this for BC. / End Thread