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  1. That’s not very nice. I thought we were friends? Who just have a different perspective on one issue...the president, and that’s okay.
  2. I feel that when HRC was Secretary of State and in the presidential campaign was Sabre rattling hard against Russia and really wanted a conflict with them. I believe she would have pushed hard and succeeded in getting a major war with another superpower going. Thus far Trump has avoided it, regardless of what people want to say. A war with Russia is not something that any global citizen anywhere wins.
  3. I think you need to get that fact checked. Link? Mr Trump took Texas, complete red state. And he’ll get a higher % on November 3rd.
  4. I was implying the hate speech that you have towards a world leader.
  5. They were actors paid to go there from California and Vancouver
  6. I’m not trolling & until the American empire falls, it rules the world. So I know it upsets you and the thought revolts you but Trump is the the president of the USA and thus the leader of the free world.
  7. Yup and Arlington, my best friend lives in Dallas. I’ve got a lot of friends in Texas.
  8. I’m saying Trump is a winner, and we’re lucky he did. Everyone should be thankful that he did and grateful when he wins his second term.
  9. He is though, you sound just like him. And without America, Canada wouldn’t know any freedom.
  10. Naw, they love Trump. You’ve got him confused with your fantasies again
  11. I think you’re full of spit. I’ve yet to meet a Texan who doesn’t love Trump.
  12. Kind of like Scheer our last election, both systems are broken when the candidate with the most votes doesn’t win. But I’m kind of thankful though that the free world has Trump as its leader.
  13. Haven’t you ever spoke with anyone from Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Iowa, Kansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, northern B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, etc?
  14. The fuhrer you were referring to(notice the banana shirt on the right ) :