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  1. Now officially the worst fire season in BC's recorded history; the biggest one burning today is approx. 500,000 hectares in size.
  2. If a top 5 pick takes 5 years to develop... I think it's safe to say he's a bust.
  3. Canucks lack of a starting goalie causes them to finish Dead last in the NHL. Horvat gets 60pts Sedins finish around 40 each. Our PowerPlay is worst in the league.
  4. 3 games back, makes you wonder where we'd be if we woulda won even 1/3 of the games in that awful stretch to begin the season.
  5. News this morning said it's up to about 315 million now, 900,000 hectares and the worst fire season in BC history. This ain't over by a long shot though. We'll still be burning when the snow flies in about 6 weeks.
  6. Pics from Thursday and Fridays games
  7. Going to see the games live on Thursday and Friday. Estrada vs Sonny Gray on Thursday. Most likely Stroman vs______ on Friday
  8. Yea a hard cap would be nice. I feel for every team that has s young star... you know where they'll end up
  9. Speaking of nuts, the Yankees are expected to add 100m/year in payroll over the next 2 years... talk of Kershaw and Harper and/or Trout ending up there. Hopefully we have some prospects emerge out of nowhere because outside of our top 3 in the system (Guerrero, Alford and Bichette) the rest have completely dropped of the radar/regressed hard.
  10. Lol yea it wasn't fun
  11. With my kids, they ate what I gave them or nothin at all. When kids learn that food is not a game and they won't get their way, they eat. A child has to get hungry first... whether it means they miss a meal or two first... but they'll expand their food range if they get hungry. Both of my older kids went through this phase and I refused to play this game with either one. There were nights they went to bed hungry... but the next morning they are whatever breakfast I made for them.
  12. Yea it's pretty awful. And like you say the irreplaceable positions are the big loss. A lifetime of memories, gone would be the worse part.
  13. Thx... lol you know how they say it's the most painful thing a human can go through... I believe it.
  14. Didn't we score the least amount of goals in a 7 game series in NHL history? I mean if we didn't have Lou.... we would have been swept. The Canucks also got out coached bad and someone said it here prior. That squad was weak mentally.