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  1. The analogy I think of while reading your post is "how do you eat an elephant". You break it down and eat it one chunk at a time and you're absolutely right. Just take it series by series. Try to walk away with a tie at the minimum to get some momentum going. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss EE after watching him for 8ish seasons(since he was the new 3rd Baseman with the hard to prounounce last name) but Morales has pleasantly surprised me by willing to play 1st Base and hustling down the line to try and beat plays out also his patience most of the time at the plate now that he's feeling more comfortable is also enjoyed at least by me. I know EEs numbers aren't there yet but I know he'll come around as he usually does in the summer( June-August) when he'll carry a team with his offense and hopefully he does against 28 other teams in the league, especially 4 of them from our division. That being said it's no longer relevant to discuss what he would/could do if he was here or to compare him to Morales. What's done is done and we have to root for our guys and hope they come around sooner than later. As we know baseball is a game where guys won't slump all year. We have great veterans and I hope they are scorching hot at the plate when other teams cool down and slump in may and June. Cheers all.
  2. Good to see you back in the thread where we can be friends . I stayed up and watched the whole thing. Loup was absolutely terrible I can't really recall him throwing a pitch above the mid-shin. But you reminded me of the coughlin play. Was nice to see Bats go yard... it was off of Chavez but nevertheless I hope it gets his confidence going as he had a pretty good night at the plate, same with Martin(I think he went 2 for 5 with a walk as well).
  3. I think you're in the same boat I am, prices start going up elsewhere in BC as folks start realizing if they sacrifice the proximity of the Ocean they can have a damned nice place and a better quality of life elsewhere. Me? I sold my farm to move to a better place to grow my kids up as being a single father with 2 lil ones all on my own became too much to do with the farm and work by myself. So I'm excited for the laid back life
  4. Lol yea it's damn close. It's a not bad 4 bedroom house, 2800 sq ft on .5 acre all updated that backs on to a farm thats in the alr. The hot tub and sauna are a nice touch too along with the garage. I cant fathom being into a place for 700,000. I'm in my 30s and it seems like that's a maybe retirement home if a guy had a wife.
  5. Reading this thread makes me feel much better. I thought I was getting into a huge mortgage at $250,000. But in retrospect I guess it's not really that much.
  6. No you won't actually.... Gibbons put Loup in who is trying his best to lose it. Loup loads the bases before they put Biagini in fml.
  7. Y'all will wake up to hear that Joey Bats was the hero tonight in the 13th.
  8. This is one of those games you wish we still had EE, he seemed to get it done.
  9. Well to put the Jays start in perspective so far they've got about 1/6th of the losses they can have in a playoff season in about 1/10th of the season
  10. Gotta love how Edmonton comes out to old school Metallica. I fully expect the Canucks to come out to 1 direction or something like lady Gaga if they give into the local crowd
  11. Well.... jays on a 34-128 pace.
  12. &^@#in Gibbons.... Grilli was clearly played out.
  13. Lol. His minutes thing, I get. They play Edler for 24 minutes a game and lets face it... he's pretty horrible... couldn't Try have had 2-3 of those minutes?
  14. Lol it's not like they've gotten better... the team is just much worse. Worse part is, we play Porcello today and Sale tomorrow.
  15. I read a little bit about him and he was actually not supposed to be the leader of Syria, he's actually a Dr. But his brother died so he took his place. I actually don't know anything about the Middle East from personal experience except for the TV told me that everyone from there was bad after September 2001, but now with all the crimes against humanity the TV is telling me I should love all the people from there and accept them with open arms... what a dilemma.