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  1. Edler “Both winning and losing has been fun here”
  2. Do you buy into what management is selling?

    I think that’s a very good assessment. I think Tanev and Gudbranson I’d have on my second pairing. Del zotto/Trymakin as my 6/7. But everything else back their needs an overhaul. Hopefully Demko is ready in the next couple of years because our goaltending has been weak. This draft we need to pick up either Dahlin or Bouchard and hope that Joulevi can be as good as what most here figure he is.
  3. Hey!, 9 out of 29 guys to play out on the Canucks are homegrown draft picks which is the highest amount of drafted players I can ever recall making the big team. In the last 12 drafts we’ve picked 9 guys that have played 100 games in the nhl. Boeser will be 10(but Hodgson and Schroeder are already done their careers, making 8 current NHLers) that’s 8/72... making the Canucks 11% success rate in the last 12 years. Benning is fixing that. But the expectations around here to have half the players drafted become nhl players is unrealistic.
  4. [Discussion] What would it take to move from 5 to 1

    Yes exactly, how many guys are 1.5ppg as a defenseman? If we can’t get Dahlin, I think it’s a no brainer. It’s what this team desperately needs.
  5. Olli Juolevi | D

    You’re lucky if any player beyond the 1st round becomes a full time nhl player. I think about 12-15% do. I don’t think you can compare the development of a top 5 overall pick to anything beyond the 1st round. Top 5 guys should be a year or two away at the very most if they’re not nhl ready when you take them. I think if you have to develop a top 5 pick for 5 years in the minors or other leagues, you most likely drafted them to high. There’s already 4 guys drafted in the same year that are full time nhl defenseman. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want the kid to fail but I think it would be best to try the kid on the big team to see how he can translate in the nhl.
  6. I remember when people used to make these predictions with Hodgson, Rodin, Schroeder, Prab Rai and Yann Sauve. With the way the fan base thinks every prospect will magically pan out. Some things never change.
  7. [Discussion] What would it take to move from 5 to 1

    Lol you don’t trade Matthews. Look at where Toronto is now and where they were before him. It’s crystal clear how much of a difference maker he is.
  8. Olli Juolevi | D

    I do realize that, but you do realize that the only D man taken in the top 5 in about the last 10 drafts that couldn’t make his nhl team in the first 3 seasons after being drafted was Griffin Reinhart? Elite defenseman don’t develop in the minors or other leagues for 5 seasons... they’re usually playing some kind of a role with their nhl team in the 2nd or 3rd season after being drafted.
  9. Olli Juolevi | D

    He has to make the jump this upcoming year though(2018-19), if he doesn’t... his game may never translate to the NHL.
  10. [Discussion] What would it take to move from 5 to 1

    I think Boeser is the only one in the lineup paired with a 5th overall and maybe even another 1st would be what it would take. I wouldn’t be interested at that price but it’s realistic. If we fall to 5th take, Evan Bouchard and watch him be the steal of the draft. He’d instantly become our top D prospect in the system.
  11. Tank Thread

    This article talks a bit about the Vegas swap that almost happened and makes me believe that Dahlin or Bouchard will be a Canuck depending on who is available when they pick.
  12. Tank Thread

    Yes at the very least he could have said: we’re lookinh at 2-3 guys. Why who do you want? And if McPhee told him Glass and Benning was thinking Peterson all along, just say yeah that’s one of the guys we’re looking at. Then he would have got the player he wanted and a 2nd rd pick annnd Vegas would feel good thinking it was necessary to move up to guarantee they get the player they want. But I’m sure Benning is respected for his honesty.
  13. Tank Thread

    Agreed Gillis left many teams hating us.
  14. Tank Thread

    Man....Bouchard put up 84 points this year as a D man. I don’t see why he’s not ranked as the #2 in this draft. If we get lucky enough to snag him, he instantly becomes the best D prospect in our system.
  15. Tank Thread

    Benning just has to be smarter than last year. McPhee thought the Canucks were going to grab Glass, so he was willing to trade a second and his pick to move up 1 spot in the draft. But country bumpkin Jim told him who he was taking and lost that opportunity to acquire another 2nd rd pick.