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  1. I just checked out the fair value app on a MLB site... they figure 27.7 is fair for Edwin.
  2. You're absolutely right romo, however the sun is setting on his career at his age, time to wish him thanks and each move on in our seperate ways.
  3. They got upton for .25 on the dollar...would have been dumb not to get him @4-5million for the season. Lariano is mid me that's a replacement for Dickey at only 2M more for the season. Considering where Lariano is for career strikeouts and the fact that he's a lefty throwing low-mid 90s it's a waaaaay better use of money than having Dickey here. As for Cecil, I liked him but he could be scary at times to watch... still better than any other Lefty reliever we have. as for Bautista... his time here was done, no issue with him moving on. Cespedes got 27.5 million/year so considering he's a much worse hitter than EE & Edwin's WaR numbers suggest he is worth 34-36 million/year... 25-30 is fair considering his age and lack of speed. 23/year or below is taking the hometown discount for EE. Anyone who believes different is on their knees just gobbling Rogers/Sportsnet's "Kool-aid"without even realizing it. There is less than a dozen guys in the league who hit with more power than EE and if we're not willing to pay the price, I hope to see him either in pinstripes or at Fenway helping to contribute to division titles for the next 4-7 years.
  4. When it comes down to it...who cares? The world will be fine in 100,000 years... there'll be no trace we were even here.
  5. Lol like that last comment. Sportsnet now is starting to change how much the Jays plan on spending. They are now saying 160.... so don't expect much other than basically the same team out there. Minus Edwin, Jose and Cecil. We brought in Morales for what Edwin used to cost. And I bet we go cheaper on Jose and Cecil's replacements. We slowly will play abit of moneyball. We saw last year with Price This year with Encarnacion. next year will be Donaldson. Slowly turn over the roster till you're back to "players developed in the system" (but really the appealing thing is the 90 million payroll) There's no doubt in my mind that's what Rogers hired these guys to do and they have the media covered to fool the fans while doing it.
  6. Oh and sportsnet's latest article is saying that the payroll is expected to be just about 160 million now...
  7. I bet Rogers is only gonna pay 175m Canadian.... so expect them to only spend . 10million more American to round out the roster. They won't get fowler, we can't afford him. We won't sign bullpen help, we can't afford the good players. This year they'll show EE leaving, then next year when JD walks and Tulo asks out... many of us will be done until shatkins is gone.
  8. It's a complete piss off. Finally get a team that's fun to watch, plays well together and is having success... trade em. Watched this core grow for years, it's sad to see home grown superstars treated like this.
  9. This tells me EE is gone. I sure hope Morales can ding 40/year and hit 100 rbi. EE has an awesome personality. I'm gonna miss him. Next year at this time, I'll miss JD as well.
  10. Yeah...I mean in the mid 40s-mid 90s... only 2500 nukes were tested on this planet. And global warming has sped up along with cancer rates soaring... we are on the verge of a world war again. I think the tarsands should be further back on this list of concerns. As for your view of FtMac, it probably closely resembles my view of Vancouver(or anywhere 15 minutes past Hope)
  11. You just won the internet today.
  12. On the rig pig matter; oil feeds their families and pays for your welfare/subsidies.
  13. My day yesterday 4:30am wake up, get dressed, get my stuff together. 4:45am wake up children, get them ready and fed. 5am: better be out the door and in the truck 5:30: drop kids off at babysitters 6am-5pm work 5:30pm pick kids up 6pm walk in the door at my house, start making dinner and start kids on their homework. 6:30pm: Eat 6:45-7:30: get kids ready for bed, bathed... read a book or play music with them. 7:30-9: do dishes, laundry, make lunches. 9-9:30pm: tidy up, fold laundry. 9:30-11ish tv or relax time. 11ish:Bedtime Today 4:30am: wake up and do it all over again.
  14. We had an awful first 4-weeks, so without him it looks like a huge improvement so far. ... I'll take a rough 4 weeks over the 10 game losing streak he played a major part in earlier this year.