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  1. That's just it though, people want to keep 95% of the team the same and expect different results. We have 3+ players that have all or nothing approaches.
  2. I guess, perhaps a trade for a more solid 1st base or a starting RF? To me he's a great control pitcher but easy to figure out for a lot of teams by his 3rd time through a lineup. Maybe if Gibbons had a more solid bullpen that could shutout from the 6th on it would remedy this if we were to keep him.
  3. So to summerize our opening day lineup should look like this; Revere Upton ? JD Tulo Travis ? Sanchez Martin DH: EE/ new guy(depending on if EE is @ 1st) bench; carerra pompey? Navarro/Pentecost Smoak ? bullpen; Estrada Biagini Cecil Schultz ? ? Osuna remaining rotation 2) Happ 3) Stroman 4) Lariano 5)? comments? Concerns with that lineup... i love pillar but hes a rally killer.. same could be said with Saunders. absolutely have to go; Loup, Feldman, Bautista, Dickey and Thole. on the fence; Pillar navarro Barney Smoak Tepera Estrada(can't hit more than up homeruns to easy if off his game)
  4. Well it was a pretty good year despite the finish and unexplainable slumps. This off season I'd like to see us add a couple fielders who can hit. I would ultimately like to see revere back because of his solid defence and hitting numbers that are usually around 300...he runs up opposing pitch counts...something that was sorely missed in the lead off spot. That would mean Saunders gone which would be good considering his all or nothing approach. I'd like to see Upton in a full year at centre field meaning Pillar gone and his brutal batting(maybe a revere for him trade or traded for bullpen help. I'd like to see carerra as a #4 fielder. Bautista has to go so we need a right Pompey ready? If not we need a guy who can hit to both sides, plays solid D and can put up 15-20 dingers. The infield is pretty solid, but I'd like to see smoak less and have a first baseman that can be patient in their approach or speedy. EE has to be re-signed. I'd also like us to aquired a solid utility guy that can play 3rd & short to give Tulo/JD 15-20 games of rest each. I'd also like to see a rotation of: Sanchez Happ Stroman Lariano (aquired a solid 5th pitcher) Estrada moved to the pen for long relief/spot starts/insurance in case of injury. For the bullpen we need to add 3 solid arms(one might include Estrada) we need a solid lefty. And a fireball righty. Too add to Cecil, Biagini, Grilli and Osuna. That means; Loup Feldman Tepera and maybe Benoit out. Wouldn't mind Navarro back but if we give Pentecost a look at back up catcher it maybe good. If not I'd like to see a catcher with solid defence, better speed than Navarro and can put the ball in play or do situational hitting for 30-40 games. I think we need a new batting coach as well and need to revamp defensive play... we can't be giving up stolen bases by playing the shift in close games. As good as this season ended up overall... there's a lot of work to be done this off season.
  5. Yet Lou got the blame for only getting 3 shutouts instead of 4. Hopefully the pitching is recognized for How well it did.
  6. So I hear we're playing like crap.... there needs to be a major shake up. Bautista out, Sanders out, Loup out, Feldman out, Tepera out. Dickey out, Thole out. Probably the hitting coach out and possibly Gibbons out. Probably Pillar gone as well.
  7. Anyone else get tired of Bautista's sideshow? I mean let's $&!# talk the opposing pitcher to try and get him motivated to beat us....
  8. Well did you ever think with 3Billion being made weekly on gambling between the big 4 that maybe, just maybe all the major sports are fixed. When the NFL went to trial for it the precedent was set that the only thing a league has to guarantee is a form of entertainment, it can be rehearsed or scripted, it doesn't matter. And it's also not illegal for a ref or ump to heavily favour a team to get the best result possible that pays the most to the gambling agency. I like watching the Jays and the NHL even though I know there's a high chance it's fixed. I watch cuz it's entertaining and fun.
  9. We don't look like a team that wants to live... personally with their sub .150 averages I'd have Bautista and Martin in 8th and 9th. Prime example of why gibbons should be fired... he's got 1 rally killer guaranteed in his batting lineup every inning.
  10. Lol Zauny with the ol sinker has become a stinker line again.
  11. Imho, Francona is the best manager in baseball. The one positive in this, is that this is the team that Shapiro built in Cleveland, it gives me some hope. But I'll repeat that we need a new hitting coach and I'd even consider a new manager. Always loved Ozzie.
  12. If they had really any hitting when they have runners on base... &^@# even EE hasn't walked the parrot after coming up big.
  13. Blue Jays need to offer Joey bats like 5 million or less/year.