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  1. The only are where they are guaranteed to be better than us is goaltending.
  2. It'll be the 5th+55th+_____+ a prospect most likely. The last time a first overall pick was traded was in 2003. The trade was #3 overall+2nd Rd pick+ mikael Samuelson. And remember that was to move up 2 spots!
  3. I think it more so doesn't even guarantee you that. Maybe a feel good feeling to the people who are naive enough to believe that lie. I wonder why there are parties??? Is it to engage people on the same level pro sports teams do? I would think that a true democracy shouldn't involve parties or alliances or deal making. It should be regional representation, nothing more nothing less. Now candidates and representatives don't even have to be from that area or live in it even.
  4. Naw I just was making the point that I'll cheer for the Canadian team every time. Basically saying that the want to cheer for an American team is secretely a want to be an American.
  5. You can bitch about the politicians if you vote. But you can't complain about how &^@#ed up the system is or the government or tax rates, etc... if you choose to play a part in that system by voting.
  6. And I really wish that America would expand its borders by 25km to the north.
  7. I guess I kind of &^@#ed up by voting yesterday. Now I have no right to bitch about how &^@#ed up the whole system is.
  8. Lol 26,000 jobs have been lost in forestry in the interior/pg region since the Libs took control and those places still voted them in.
  9. It's because people are stupid here. They've got this really bad fear of a recession and seem to think that the NDP is to blame for global markets.
  10. I was thinking of another c word that describes her, actually you can keep the u in there as well.
  11. Lol same as when people claim that the NDP ruined mining in BC. Of course though provincial governments can dictate global prices and markets.
  12. Pull the goalie!!! Pull the &^@#ing goalie!!!
  13. He's just as phony as she is.
  14. You're contradicting yourself. But anyways welcome to hockey. I hope you learn much in the next few years and become an avid fan of the game. Best of luck to you.