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  1. It says Isbister in the file name
  2. Wow! A pun referring to a crappy movie from 7 years ago! So clever, relevant, refreshing and funny!!
  3. Daniel Sedin is such a good guy. His answers are so humble, honest, and selfless. What a great role model!
  4. I'm confused, is there a new rule that says Canucks aren't allowed to play in the offensive zone in the second period? Cuz that's sure what it looks like.
  5. Can people just STOP with these "curious case of..." thread titles?
  6. Is everyone just speculating or did Henrik or someone else say he's not playing? Sorry if I missed it.
  7. Who will we count on to kill penalties if Hansen & Higgins are both gone?? Burrows can't do it all by himself. I agree the prospects have been pushing the vets, but I really think people undervalue all the little things Hansen & Higgins bring to the table.
  8. Just had to sign in to give my two cents - this might be the dumbest sh!t I've ever seen on this board.
  10. I was at this game (most exciting game I've been to!) sitting in the second row behind the Canucks bench, so I got a clear look at the play and I can say with 100% certainty that Gaustad embellished on that play. It was an unfortunate collision and Gaustad milked it for all he could. If the refs were going to call anything, it should have been 2 for interference on Burrows and 2 for embellishment on Gaustad. There shouldn't have been any majors or misconducts, and there better not be any supplemental discipline for Burrows! Awesome effort by the team tonight. So proud of the fight they put up to get the 2 points. Most of the Preds fans I talked to tonight had tons of positive things to say about the Canucks and I didn't hear any of them whining about the Burrows-Gaustad incident. I think they were too embarrassed that they lost after all the opportunities the refs gave them.
  11. What would Daneyko say?
  12. How??? Because they have the same initials? what are you basing this on? I don't see any similarity between them.
  13. Peyton Manning is going to make Richard Sherman look like a fool in a couple weeks.
  14. Peter Zezel RIP
  15. What are you, 12?