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  1. They better not trade for Wayne Simmons. We will basically be trading for another Loui Eriksson
  2. I like this trade. Madden wasn't gonna sign with us anyways and Schaller is replaceable. The only thing of value is the second round pick which would be a low one since we are heading into the playoffs.
  3. I don't blame the nux on this game. Terrible schedule. 3 games in 4 nights.
  4. Boeser really needs to work on his passing. Like holy $&!#.
  5. Yeah but Boeser made an obvious trip on the opposing player too. Ref gave us that one tbh.
  6. Loui made it too obvious it was a pick. Refs had to call that
  7. OMFG YES, they are finally putting Boeser with Horvat and Miller with Petterson to start the game. I have been saying for weeks that Green needs to put Boeser with Horvat and Miller with Petterso. I am so sure that Boeser will score 5v5 this game that I will bet the life of my future unborn son that Boeser will score this game.
  8. I really hope JV gets 25 points and 25 assists this season so we can trade him for someone better. Sigh..
  9. Love how Miller told Boeser to get in the right spot. Boeser really needs to give his head a shake on positioning.
  10. Hughes shouldn't be the one sneaking. Boeser should've went down. Saw the same play and I also saw Boeser standing at the far blueline waiting for what?
  11. Their problem will be solved if Green just pull his head out of his ass and put Boeser with Horvat, Miller with Petterson. And make the lines like this: Miller Petterson Pearson Boeser Horvat Virtanen Baertchi Gaudette Leivo 4th line
  12. Thank you. I am glad im not the only one noticing his bad passes and non-chalent plays on the PP.