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  1. Cagguila will get more points than Lucic
  2. Nice effin line change
  3. This just made my day. Effin gold
  4. Panthers clearing capspace for the Sedins? Huberdeau and Ekblad for Hank and Dank. Get er done JB
  5. My old boss is buddies with Gary Nyland. He came out a few times with us back in the early 2000's. Cool to see a guy in his early 40's coast around div 2 at the GPF absolutely dominating.
  6. I'll come drop in for a few games this winter.
  7. That's too bad. He and Ray Ferraro were my two favs in that position. Maybe his firing leads to a Ferrao hiring.
  8. 3 cups in a row starts this year. It's Lord Stanley or bust.
  9. Loui hits 45 goals Sedin's notch 85 points each Guddy destroys McDavid, then beats the tar out of Lucic on same shift. McMuffin sits out entire year. Hutton hits 50 points. Hansen gets traded to Rangers for two 2nd rounders. JB then trades one of the 2nd round picks and next years first for Blake Wheeler at the deadline. We pick up Sam Gagner for the 4th line. Finish 3rd in the pacific behind the Sharks and Kings and roll into the playoffs with the following lineup. Dank Hank Loui Baertschi Bo Wheeler Burrows Sutter Virt Gaunce Gagner Dorsett Granlund Edler Tanev Hutton Guddy Sbisa Tryamkin Juolevi Larsen JM Miller
  10. I'm picking up what you're puttin down.
  11. I'll be recovering in Edmonton from piercing my ears with Five Finger Death Punch from the previous night.
  12. Jesus. Has he even lost a fight in the NHL yet? What I can't wait to see is how he protects the crease. From what the 12 Panther fans are saying is his play bellow the hash marks is top tier. No more accidentally on purpose contact in the crease and "oops my bad" snow showers.
  13. We have enough guys that don't like to hit.
  14. If he can score 20-30 every year of his 6 year deal. I will be happy. Now if JB can add Colbourn to centre our 4th line? We should have a shot at the playoffs
  15. Took my 9 year old son to Civil War and I was actually very impressed. I loved how they tied a bunch of pervious Marvel movies into the story line. Not just the usual explosions and destruction of cities.