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  1. I hear you. The wife loves when I pvr and watch a game in under an hour. The last 3 seasons plus have made my home life much more enjoyable from her standpoint. I myself have had to resort to self medicating with the good ol vap pen.
  2. Ref can't call a goal if he's intending to blow the whistle. Our boys got lucky but you know they won't take advantage of it
  3. I guess the road game in CGY didn't count.
  4. So Cousins thinks it's ok to jump at Tryamkin from behind but when he gets belted. He embellishes
  5. I swear our team spends more time in the defensive zone than any other team by far.
  6. If we don't score. Which is highly likely. We don't win
  7. Stecher is good and all but he's still a kid who makes mistakes. Two years from now. No way he hits the guys shin pads.
  8. When it's there for the taking. We just can't take it.
  9. 1:40 and zero grade A chances.
  10. Get off the ice Sedin's. Baer and Louie were ready. But oh no. Let's stay on the ice. I read that play way before it manufactured.
  11. Hhhmmmm maybe raising the puck might have worked.