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  1. I literally went to go make a sandwich and turned the channel for minute it seemed like.
  2. With Babs whining about not having any depth on D, maybe it’s a good time to dangle Tanev in Dubas’ face and take him to the cleaners. Kapanen and a pick for Tanev sound good.
  3. What if Jersey takes Hughes with the #1 pick and NYR offers us the #2 pick for Quinn? Who here would take that deal?
  4. I love rough and tumble hockey. This postseason just shows us we are a ways from competing with the current contenders. Our young guns aren’t ready for the gong show that awaits them in mid April. The PP’s are far and few between when the games are tight. I can only imagine Goldy trying to win a puck battle against Buff in the corner, Goldy would get destroyed.
  5. Yup guys like Reaves and Wilson are giving their top lines a ton of room by running over everyone in sight.
  6. Tough sequence for the Blues. Huge chance to tie and boom down by 2
  7. Just send him a text. If he’s anything like me, rejection via text is much easier to take