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  1. Of course he's gonna say he wants to test the open market to see if he gets his NMC. And when not one team offers him one, he will be back patrolling our blue line on October.
  2. The team protected him once already. No need to do it again with a 33 year old. If he won't take the offer than I see not many teams giving him a deal that includes a NMC. I love the guy but c'mon take one for the team bud.
  3. Rypien was an absolute warrior. These dust ups with Prust were classics.
  4. I dunno, I think losing Hayes would make this move a positive one for the Jets. Kadri would fit right in with the Jets style of play.
  5. @imseanavery just said Trouba straight across for Kadri is in the works.
  6. I hope not. That would be one of their worst interviews. I would love Markstrom on the podcast. He would tell it like it is.
  7. So after listening to the Spitten Chicklets podcast, Biz noted that Brock Boeser agreed to come on the show for an interview. i'm interested to see if he opens up at all.
  8. The poor refs are gonna have a hard time deciding who they are gonna give the games to if the Sharks end up as the WC champs.
  9. If NJ takes Kakko and NYR offers us the 2nd pick for Boeser and our first rounder next year. Do we take it?
  10. Woo's probably still a little sour over the team Canada snub. And who wouldn't be in his situation? Look what happened to the Yzerman-St Louis relationship after the 2014 fiasco.
  11. He looks like the game changer Bo needs on his wing.
  12. 3 Olympic gold medals? I’m sure he only won one. Or was that a typo?
  13. I love Bo but he ain't worth nowhere near that much.
  14. FFS Loui you are lucky we aren't turning on you like the Oil fans are turning on Lucic. Just focus on showing up to camp in good shape and score a few goals so we can trade your sorry ass out of here.