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  1. Hospitality. Our family owns and operates 4 hotels. Everyone else all over the province is hurting except for us up north. Thank god for the LNG pipeline atm.
  2. i just had a staff meeting and had to lay off 5 of my 10 employees. Just feel sick to my stomach but at least they will be getting just as much from the government to help them through this tough time. Good thing my father didn't empty the well or we could be in serious trouble 6 months down the road.
  3. SD 91 is the only district that starts a week after everyone else.
  4. Still wondering why my son's school is still open this week? Especially with spring break starting next week.
  5. So do the players have to apply for Employment Insurance? the most each guy will get is around 850 bi-weekly. They gonna be hurting for sure.
  6. So Tryamkin not coming for sure now
  7. Can you please go and teach at my kids school and show them teachers how to do their job?
  8. So much for the deadline acquisition we made to get us into the playoffs. Maybe the League does us and whoever made a rental deal a favour by offering a one contract deal that doesn't count toward the salary cap.
  9. So looks like we may get hockey into July or August. Start the 2020-21 season early December and reduce the games to 62?
  10. Watch the season get cancelled and Pitt gets first overall pick like in 05.
  11. NBA just suspended their season for a couple weeks. unreal stuff going on.
  12. Ol Donny Trump looks like he contracted something. Guy could barely keep his right eye open and had a rough time getting through the Special announcement
  13. Thanks for the info. But I don’t like the stone I get off of edibles and oils. When I smoke it, I feel way more in control of my body but I don’t like what it’s doing to my lungs. I need someone to invent a THC patch I can where full time that doesn’t give me too much of a body stone.