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  1. We could seriously have finalists for the Calder the next 2 years. Hoglander and Rathbone 2021 and Podz 2022
  2. Dont sleep on Rafferty. And Tryamkin is still an exciting option down the road.
  3. Imagine having 2 elite PP qb's? If Bones lights it up, our PP will be top 5 at the very least for years to come.
  4. Next up Nikita Tryamkin. Next years lineup on D Edler Tryamkin Hughes Tanev Rathbone Myers Benn Year after that Woo takes Benn's spot I forgot about Rafferty. Tanev might not even get offered a contract if Rafferty can show he can play with the big boys.
  5. Looks like NBC will be doing the Conference and Stanley Cup Finals in Edm. As long as they don't put in Kendall Coyne-Schoenfeld to appease the gender equality crowd. Not a male chauvinist here but she was terrible when they had her in the Dallas vs St Louis series last year.
  6. I remember dealing with Dean Evason when I worked in Tsawwassen at an automotive shop almost 20 years ago. I guess you can say he put in his time before he got a shot at the big time. If I recall he was the second Giants coach after Dragacivic.
  7. Cause they may be my least hated team of the 15 others in the play in round.
  8. I’m sure a first overall pick has what it takes to skate with the big dogs.
  9. With all this hoopla going on I forgot we have 2 blue chip prospects that play LW too. Hogs and Pods may be expendable if we land Laffy.
  10. Imagine having Miller, Laffy, Pearson and a healthy Ferland flanking the left side over the next few years? And Boes, Virt, McEwen, Leivo and Lind on the right wing? I can live with that.
  11. This kid hits and goes to the greasy areas. He’s an Iginla with more offensive potential and can skate with the best of em