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  1. If I had a choice. It would be Van, LA, NY, Montreal or Toronto in that order. Van for obvious reasons LA and NY would be a blast being a young rich athlete Montreal and Toronto just based on their history and fan commitment.
  2. Brisebois getting everyone’s attention here. Utica defense looking very good.
  3. Loui made that happen from the bench
  4. Yes roller coaster did break off at the top and someone did die. I remember cause the summer it reopened was my first time ever at West Ed. Around 91 or 92. I think it was 92 because I bought Dance Mix 92 at the mall and didn’t stop playing it til dance mix 94 came out and blew away every track 92 had.
  5. Miller leading the team in points this postseason?
  6. Been awhile since we’ve had too many good wingers. Can’t wait to see how we match up to the favourites.
  7. Louie Eriksson just dominating everywhere tonight. Lol
  8. Straight across for Colton Parayko
  9. watch them give us the Vegas beatdown from 2 years ago.