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  1. Here here. A lot of fans think these guys got this far because they have had it easy. That's as far from the truth as possible. Most of these players have been the best players on their teams. Starting from Novice to their Junior squads they have been targeted by opposing teams and have had to work hard and take a lot of physical abuse throughout the years. Just because a player doesn't initiate the contact don't mean they a soft. And when it comes to calling out players with names like trash and garbage and useless. I would like to see any of you guys say it to their face?
  2. Ahh no. He will be fine at 180-190. The extra weight is not helping Juolevi this training camp. A player with a high hockey IQ will do just fine playing under 200 lbs. the way he's adjusting to the SHL at such a young age is very promising. Hopefully he does the same when he comes to North America.
  3. Y thoughts exactly. I believe he has the most goals as a Canuck since he joined the team in Minny late last year to present day.
  4. If he can play in the NHL now, why not? Not every solid rookie will play on a winning team right off the bat. Kane and Toews didn't start winning until their 3rd year, Doughty and his kings weren't relevant until his 3rd year, Tavares took 4 years until his Islanders made any noise, it took Stamkos 3 years until they made the post season. So big deal if Brock and co. take a few years to have a winning season.
  5. Goldy has been pretty much invisible both times I've watched him this preseason. Even if he doesn't make the big team, which he probably won't. He needs to make a difference so he is the first guy who gets the tap on the shoulder in Utica when one of the wingers in Van get hurt.
  6. I have only been to 2 other NHL rinks (rexall and the Saddledome) and know that Vancity is near the bottom of the league when it comes to home ice atmosphere. My sister and her husband have season tix and every time i use them they give me the ol "please behave yourself" spiels. If people misbehave, their season tix privilege can be taken away. And when I say misbehave. It's usually no standing and cheering if everyone around you is sitting. No yelling at the opposing team, and if you drop one swear word, it's game over for you. My god. I've seen rowdier crowds at my sons elementary school Christmas concerts.
  7. I Want nothing more than OJ playing a top 4 role in Vancity for the next 5-10 years. I just hope 3 years from now he's not fighting for a spot on our blue line but rather already playing an established role and making a difference. And right now he's far from being a regular in the bigs.
  8. Hate to bring this up but. Sergaychev, Bean, Chychren, McCavoy and Stanley all look like twice the player Juolevi is thus far.
  9. Just when I thought other fan bases will take it easy on us this year. The comments page on sportsnet website should be interesting later
  10. I know it's only preseason but it's still embarrassing as f**k
  11. Wow the only fans in LA watching the Rams and Redskins are all Redskin fans.
  12. Everyone saying Olli should go to Europe should rethink that. If he can't cut guys off and pivot to the outside faster. Wait till he hits the bigger ice.
  13. Ok just throw in the towel already.
  14. Shades of Sbisa his first two years here
  15. Holm is not very good. Tyler Wong is