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  1. Why does everyone think Tanev alone will fetch us an elite forward? He's injury prone and shoots the pucks like a 12 year old.
  2. That's what I was thinking too. Because it's Mitdlestat or Vilardi after that, and I think we go with the gifted offensive dman out of Brooks AB.
  3. Crosby and Gino are a different animal than Getz and Kesler.
  4. I wanted the Ducks to beat the Oilers and lose to the Preds. Hopefully they can play off the energy of the crazy fans in Smashville and finish them off at home because game 7 in Anaheim won't be easy. Especially without your top pivot in the lineup.
  5. Better not be like this for Metallica or sh1t might hit the fan.
  6. Frack Simpson. He's gonna bawl his eyes out
  7. If Glass is still available at 5, we have to take him. Highest 5vs5 point total in the entire draft. And almost half (45%) of his points on the road. Looks like he can handle the match ups no matter where he plays. And it's not like he's being sheltered playing on the third line against inferior opponents. He's the go to guy in Portland.
  8. That's what I'm saying.
  9. Maybe there's a trade on the horizon?
  10. Yeah if I'm Ray Shero and that deal is in the table, I'll try my best not break out in uncontrollable laughter.
  11. Amazing how many people didn't want Brandon Carlo. Looks like a solid pick for the Bruins.
  12. The thing about MAkar is even though he ripped apart the AJHL. He wasn't even on team Canada's radar for the most recent Junior team or U18 teams he was eligible for. If we are going to draft a Dman in the first round. I suggest trading down to get Cal Foot. See if any of the teams in the 12-15 range will give up another second or third rounder for our pick.
  13. Watch him start in novice and work his way up to running the bench in the NHL.
  14. After this gong show we really need Virtanen to develop sooner rather than later. His career is no way over in my mind. One more solid year in Utica and hopefully he turns into a solid nhler. He needs to work on his play without the puck and add things to his game. Like penalty killing and an energy guy
  15. No let's use it and pick someone completely off the board from some Junior C league up in Tuktoyuktuk