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  1. let’s give Gagner 20 games before we write him off. I believe he can produce on the PP when he gets comfortable.
  2. He just needs to keep moving his feet and always be aware because playing with those two guys who look alike will get you chances to score. Do not get complacent and keep working hard. I hope his family keeps him as grounded as possible because not many local kids get a chance like he’s getting now. He can be the next Linden in terms of popularity and respect if he can filter out the negatives and focus on being a difference maker on and off the ice.
  3. Let’s keep the pedal to the metal fellas. How about making Brocks second home coming a success.
  4. Nice to able to say the Canucks look like the faster team.
  5. Take a seat Kronwall
  6. Wiercioch in his way to Minny.
  7. Pouliot having a quietly good all around game also.
  8. “This is what we call the ol Vanekouver” are you effin kidding me? That was as bad as it gets.
  9. Yeah atta boy Jakie
  10. Just throw Stecher’s jersey on Biega for the rest Of the night. Nobody will notice cause no ones there.
  11. Even the twins are on the forecheck. I’m loving it.
  12. Add to the fact our new guy behind the bench wants 2 guys pressuring and a third waiting for turnovers just like that.
  13. They weren’t gonna be denied. Too many grade A chances.
  14. Man these guys are working hard. Keep it up boys. This forchecking is something else.
  15. Has a player ever led their teams in points, goals, hits and penalties by years end?