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  1. Infrastructure encompasses a lot more than the material they use to pave roads with PS. nitronuts getting temporarily banned from skyscraperpage again? lawl
  2. I'm comparing countries as a whole, not cities
  3. More like... luvhoward!

  4. Yeah and a bridge in ontario collapsed in the same year whoopie. Wasn't on the same scale as the bridge in Minnesota but then again we only have 1/10th of America's population. On average the US spends much more on their infrastructure. Its maintained more often and built to a higher standard from the start.
  5. Are you.... kidding me? Perfect example of the infrastructure gap between countries. Most of the pollution in the great lakes is coming from the Canadian side. The US has made huge investments in their water management infrastructure for the areas surrounding the great lakes. They have greatly reduced the amount of pollutants they let into the water over the past few years. Canada meanwhile has made no effort.
  6. Transportation, energy, water management, and communications infrastructure in the US is much more cutting edge and built to a higher standard They've got us beat in every category of infrastructure
  7. Why is America's infrastructure so much more superior than Canada's?
  8. So what happens to Thiago Silva now??? What's his next move? Whats the latest news on him? He's quickly becoming one of my favorite fighters in the UFC. I don't want this loss to mess up his plans.
  9. In other UFC related news, Logan and Natasha are no longer ring girls
  11. Both have great ground games, great striking. Both are really well rounded
  12. I wanna know who you guys are betting on for UFC 108. Evans Vs. Silva seems like a really even match up but I'm goin with Silva. Losing to Machida was a good thing for him. Made him hungrier. He's probably been training non stop since then. I like the way he handled Jardine at UFC 102.
  13. Couldn't find anything about Mir Vs. Carwin
  14. Source?
  15. I miss Brock