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  1. Don't be an idiot. Drinking and driving isn't a mistake, it doesn't just happen, it's an extremely dangerous crime. Last I checked, ROR isn't struggling for money, dude can afford a taxi to come pick him up.
  2. I love Edler more than most, but in no way is he captain material. Watch one of his rare interviews, he's awkward with the media and extremely quiet in public. If the Sedins weren't around, the captain would be one of Hamhuis, Bieksa, or maybe Burrows. Like it or not, one of the captain's main jobs is to be a liaison between the team and the public, to stay late in interviews and be the team's voice. Edler can't be the voice of 23 men when he barely has one of his own.
  3. Posted this last time an Edler trade came up, feel like it's still just as relevant:
  4. After this trade: Hamhuis-Tanev Sbisa-Bieksa Stanton-Clendening/Corrado/Weber Oh god no please. Our defense is awful as it is. I'm all for a shake up, but trading one of our 2 best d-men isn't the way to do it.
  5. Oilers need a goalie. Have to go with the best one available here. Mackenzie Blackwood goes number one for sure.
  6. I'm 100% for gay marriage and gay rights, but this is overdoing it. If the baker is running his own business and doesn't want to make it, fine. Their loss of business. The couple can just go to the next bakery shop and get their cake. The business is already shut down, no need to ruin these people's lives too.
  7. AV makes it to the finals in Vancouver, "proven winner" Sedins make it to the finals, "have brought nothing to Vancouver"
  8. Gotta say Crosby. He's playing for his team's playoff life against the worst team in the league. Most Sabres players have likely checked out already. If he doesn't have a multi-point game, it'll be a big disappointment.
  9. +- means basically nothing. Edler had an awful +- last year and he's arguably our best defenceman.
  10. Because we care about the whole human population rather than just our own families? Because we don't like seeing people die from preventable diseases? It's not rocket science here.
  11. People care because: 1) Vaccines aren't 100% effective, and rely on herd immunity to protect everyone. 2) Not everyone can be vaccinated. Some people's bodies (they mention people with compromised immune systems in the article) can't handle fighting off a disease. These people also need to be protected with herd immunity. So what if companies are making billions? Just because someone makes a profit doesn't mean it's inherently bad. It can be, but that's not evidence one way or another. And that last sentence makes no sense, like at all. So what if they would die another way? At this point world hunger and common cold and flu cures aren't possible. So let's help people where we can. Edit: But you are right on one thing. Vaccines are a short term solution. If everyone had the Polio vaccine today, the disease would be 100% gone within 5 years.
  12. Anyone else loving Shulk? I think he's my new main. It's taking a while to get used to the Monado Art strategies, but his controls are so tight and he's just fun to use. I might buy Xenoblade X just because of Sm4sh
  13. @sportsnetirf: Bo learned he was staying when Willie made an announcement to the entire room. He's really liked in the room. #Canucks