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  1. I'll be rooting for my Hawks, but I still think Vegas in 6....probably 5. With Keith, Matta, De haan and Murphy the Hawks were able to neutralize the top heavy Oilers. Vegas has much more depth at forward and a heavier forecheck, its gonna be a far more difficult challenge on the Hawks defense. I also fear an entire series facing Ryan Reaves, he could easily end someone's playoffs with one big hit.
  2. The ugly....Saros in net for the Preds. Looks like he's been fighting the puck, letting in some soft goals. And his puck handling outside the crease hasn't been very good either. The bad....the whole Bruins team has looked pretty bad. Players look unmotivated, careless even. Haven't seen all their games in entirety, but what I have seen is some very uninspired hockey. The good....Both the play of Quinn Hughes and Kirby Dach as rookies. Hughes' puck control and decision making has been extremely impressive for any defenseman, let alone a rookie. Shows so much poise for his age and he controls the game so well. Dach's size, reach, and speed has left me pleasantly surprised. Combined with his compete level, he should progress nicely into a good top 6 center. Also with the good....Shea Weber and Jonathan Toews both look like they found the fountain of youth. Both players were huge reasons their teams advanced.
  3. He also screwed the Hawks by tying up $12m of cap space in Khabibulin and Huet. On the flip side, he also drafted Babchuk (1), Keith(2), Wizniewski(5), Byfuglien(8), Crawford(2), Seabrook(2), Brouwer (7), Bolland (3), Hjarlmarsson (4), Toews and Kane. As well as bringing in top FA's Hossa and Campbell. Pulled off some pretty sweet trades like Matt Ellison for Patrick Sharp (probably the best trade EVER in Blackhawks history), Brandon Bochenski for 2 time Cup winner Kris Versteeg, and Tuomo Ruuttu for Andrew Ladd. Personally, I can think of FAR worse people than Dsle Tallon to be GM of a hockey team.
  4. 2min for boarding, okay.....but a 5min major for THAT?!?! And Hartman gets only 2?
  5. So annoying, even when he knows he f'ed up, he's still too handsome to be angry at
  6. "Reports are saying the port may have housed fireworks." Fireworks did THAT!?!? Seems like a pretty significant explosion for it to be just fireworks.
  7. I don't think I've ever been this excited for a game between two teams i couldn't give a hoot about.
  8. Its probably to drown out the swearing on the ice. Caught a couple f bombs in the Chicago/St Louis broadcast.
  9. So weird watching a hockey game with no fans. Then again, I am watching a game between St Louis and Chicago being played in Edmonton...being called by Eddie Olcyzk in his hotel room in Samford, Connecticut and Pat Foley in a truck outside the United Center. I guess weird is the new normal.
  10. Not sure how people feel about penny stocks with their volatility and all, but Kronos Tech (KNOS) has been an animal. They make masks, air purifiers, sanitation supplies, etc. Perfect for schools.. Bought in at $0.12 awhile back and its now hovering around $0.40. They're now being a supplier of Walmart as of this weekend, and the CEO wants a Nasdaq listing. If this sucker hits a $1.00 I'll be ecstatic. I'm still loading up at 0.40
  11. Less than 600 calories. 66g of protein, 72g of carbs, 3g of fat, 3g of sugar. Made mostly of pumpkin, egg whites, coconut flour, protein powder, unsweetened cocoa, and unsweetened applesauce. The icing is Greek yogurt and protein powder with various extracts. Delicious and filling. And guilt free!
  12. Depends on what your goals are. Whole eggs (in moderation) are not bad for you. In some studies its actually been shown that the yolk might actually help the absorption of the nutrients of the entire egg; the vitamins, the minerals, the fats, etc...same is said about whole milk as well. And the more we learn about cholesterol, the more we learn its not as bad the reputation would indicate. But there still are the calories. There's no getting around whole eggs are densely caloric, 70-80 calories an egg. So if you're trying to cut weight, whole eggs can add up quick and not even fill you up. Egg whites plain suck, but for how much protein they bring and for as little calories, its wise to find ways to make use of them. I recommend you Youtube "Remington James anabolic recipes" as well as Greg Doucette anabolic recipes. Alot of usage of egg whites and pumpkin and protein powder. You won't be disappointed.
  13. I know he scrimmaged yesterday and he will also be traveling with the team, but rumors from people who witnessed the scrimmage was that Crawford looked "rough" at best. With Crow being the kind of goalie that takes a while to find his rhythm, I find that news less than encouraging. Hopefully I'm wrong, but I'm kind of expecting a Scott Darling/Nashville situation where a back up is going to have to come in and replace a struggling Crawford.