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  1. Adam Larsson may not be equal to Taylor Hall, but he is still a really, really good defenseman. He's arguably the Oilers best defenseman. Referring to Adam Larsson as merely a 13 point defenseman is like referring to Chris Tanev as merely an oft injured 11 point defenseman. There is FAR more to their games than just the points they put up. As to Poolparty, Edmonton is gonna want more than bits and pieces for him.....and probably in their opinion, Hutton and another expendable player is just bits and pieces. Vancouver will have to give up something they won't want to in order to make that trade happen.
  2. Apples? I'd be more worried that there's a GOOD chance that ghosted teacher WILL be HUNTING him down!
  3. Well, in this situation, I wish privacy was being invaded and cities were watching people as much as you claim, because then the psycho who committed this crime would already be identified.
  4. While the camera isn't pointed at me, there are times that forehead cam might not be as wonderful as it sounds. Pretty sure nobody wants to view my morning dump, and I sure as hell dont want an audience during some of my "do it yourself" moments.
  5. Agreed. People need to realize in this situation that the only way for the Canucks to get the #1 pick, is to offer a completely over-the-top trade. The other team will have NO motivation whatsoever to trade that pick, so the offer better be dazzling. Quantity over quality trades, are uh, well, they're far less than dazzling. Nobody will trade a filet mignon for a dog turd, so don't even try to counter offer with three dog turds...because its not a better offer, it's just a bigger pile of s*** for the other team to clean up.
  6. Completely agree. There has to be a "middle of the road" solution. I think there should still be a legal and regulated way to allow people asylum, or even just an opportunity for a better life in this country if chosen. But there definitely needs to be a limit per year and some serious monitoring. Our resources are already strained enough, open borders would be absolutely crippling to this country.
  7. I think that's the view of most average Americans. Most of us, I assume, just want safe, secure borders without any radical, extreme, or inhumane methods.
  8. Who is your celebrity crush?

    Laura Harrier can be absolutely stunning at times
  9. Amen! Unfortunately, the super villains who gain notoriety are the crappy officers who give these heroes a bad reputation.
  10. It's almost scary just how sensitive the topic of race has become that people who are both against racism can still get into arguments over the subject just due to semantics and the delicacy of the topic. Perhaps we need to change the name of our planet to "Welcome", that should send a clear enough message.
  11. "Go back to your own country!"... ....words usually shouted by people who are a far more embarrassment to their country than the person they're talking to.
  12. Canada's CO2 emissions went up while USA went down???

    Seems like an unusual way to ask that question. Pretty much, What percentage of scientists have concluded that there is man made global warming? Hmmm...not knowing the exact number, but knowing there are quite a few quacks out there denying it, I probably would've guessed 4 out of 5 (80%). So I guess I'm dumb too.
  13. Stan Mikita passes away at age 78 would be surprised how many people thought that was a real place and asked it's location. Mike Myers was just doing a spin-off of Tim Horton's. Good memories from when that movie came out.
  14. Stan Mikita passes away at age 78

    Just heard.....such a shame. True Blackhawks legend. So glad Rocky Wirtz brought Stosh back to the organization so today's generation could give thanks to a man who brought pride to wearing that Blackhawks sweater. Rest in Peace, Stan. Congrats on a great career, and a great life!
  15. Thank goodness Lafreniere is a LW otherwise you guys would be really screwed over there after 2020.