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  1. So, if I'm reading this agreement by the players means the world's best players will be participating in the Olympics, and there will be no possible work stoppage from hockey until 2022, right? As a fan, that sounds great.
  2. Honestly, in Chicago, alot of Cubs fans never blamed Bartman.....most knowledgeable fans rightfully placed the blame on Dusty Baker and Alex Gonzalez. The media and the morons were the ones who sensationalized Bartman. And I wouldn't say the morons have forgiven him, but more or less, forgotten him. His name never gets mentioned anymore except by non-Cubs (mostly Sox/Cardinals) fans who are trying to draw a reaction from the Cubs fans. Kind of how Yankees fans would always bring up Bill Buckner to Red Sox fans.
  3. I thought I had heard that usually channel stuffing ends up hurting the company doing it in the long run. That the company usually suffers with serious production issues and erratic sales because of it?
  4. Hawks traded him to San Jose for Andrew Desjardins at the deadline last year. I think he's currently in the AHL with Toronto or something.
  5. I don't think that's an accurate correlation. There are still plenty of staged fights, two guys dropping the gloves the second play begins, and usually it's to gain momentum for their team...not because of the refs or the DoPS. And I still see plenty of fights start over perfectly clean hits. Panarin went after Dumba when he laid out Kane with a great hit...Panarin didn't care about the refs, the DoPS, or that it was a clean hit. It was an emotional response to seeing a teammate get rocked, simple as that. Most fights are just emotional reactions. It's not like refs can call penalties for clean hits just because somebody might fight the guy.
  6. First thing I'd like you all to do is line up alphabetically by height. -Casey Stengel It is difficult to get someone to agree with you when his salary is dependent on him not agreeing with you. -Upton Sinclair Comprehension is not requisite of cooperation. -Source unknown Nothing is impossible for the man who isn't going to do it himself. -Source unknown
  7. Panarin doesn't play with Toews or Hossa, he's with Anisimov and Kane. Q has actually held that line together all season long except for a minor injury here and there to Anisimov. But usually Teravainen centered the line, not Toews. I don't think Panarin deserves the Calder though, not because his age or his production, but rather his professional status. He might be a rookie to the NHL, but he's not a rookie to professional hockey. Panarin has been a professional for like six years now. I can understand any one of Larkin, McDavid, or Ghost getting it. You can make a good case for all three. I would even throw Eichel in there as well. It really was a great year for the NHL when it came to rookies entering the league!
  8. I don't think this hit was cheap or dirty...probably unnecessary considering the score and the time of the game, but not dirty. If it's a tie game, that's a hit that HAS to be made. In my opinion, Domi jumping Garbutt from behind is just as unnecessary as Garbutt finishing his check in a 5-1 snoozer.
  9. Wow...that even pre-dates Pulford!
  10. Ties the franchise record....and its the second time the Hawks have done it in the last 2 1/2 years. Nice little run they're on.
  11. If Panik scores a single point, or even plays a game in a Hawks uniform, it will be more than they would have gotten from Morin this year. Q hated Morin and there was no way he was ever gonna play at the NHL level for the Hawks organization. From the Hawks perspective, they were giving up nothing. I'm sure Toronto doesn't feel all that much different with the loss of Panik.
  12. This was like the 3rd or 4th time Toews has dropped the gloves this year. He also leads the team in PIM's thus far. Its been a much more irritable Captain Serious to start the season. But it my doesn't hurt to see the captain throw a few fists every now and then.
  13. You can Kessel to your list of players on Team USA that I dislike....Saad, Leddy, Eichel, etc. can't replace a few of these goofs soon enough!
  14. You won't be disappointed
  15. Sheer numbers...according to Oxfam, an estimated 13 billion bullets are fired each year in the US (and a majority of those bullets are fired at ranges/practice facilities), only 8800 gun deaths. Yes, there are a lot of cars on the road, but there are also a lot of bullets being fired. Nearly 13 billion bullets are fired without killing anyone, so a gun apparently has more of a purpose than just killing something. Just because you automatically associate guns with killing, doesn't mean its true. Most bullets are fired at targets. Almost you're entire alcohol reasoning is no different from gun advocates reasoning. They find firing guns pleasurable just like others find alcohol pleasurable. Just like how alcohol if used responsibly/in moderation can be safe, so can guns (millions of gun owners who have never killed anyone is proof of that). When either are used irresponsibly, can kill or injure...instantly. 10,000 drunk driving deaths and 290,000 drunk driving injuries in 2013 are proof of that. Both can be pleasurable, both can be used forever safely, and both can become instant instruments of death. Its not the product that kills, its the person. I've said many times that I do not own a gun, nor ever plan on owning one. But whether you live in Canada or the US, you are supposed to be living in a free country. That includes freedom of choice...if people choose to own a firearm, that is their god-given choice and according to the 2nd amendment, that is thier right. If their choices EVER causes harm to others, they should pay heavy consequences...whether it was done with a car, a gun, a bat, or a tuna fish sandwich.