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  1. Good to see something positive come from this unfortunate incident.
  2. This League Makes Me Sick

    Not to mention, somehow he's going to convince NHLPA to reduce the number of NHL contracts by about 160 with the removal of eight teams. Good luck with that one.
  3. So when Toronto trades JvR, he's basically a throw in piece to sweeten the pot, but the minute he puts on a Canucks jersey, he's now worth a few draft picks just on his own. Boy does his value suddenly rise fast in this scenario.
  4. The reason for nipping racism in the bud is so that future generations don't have to grow numb to it.
  5. (TRADE PROPOSAL) Van/Ari/Tor

    Sooooooo, Arizona gets Cassels, Liljigren, and a 2nd for Max Domi? Yotes are making out like bandits on this trade.
  6. Pokka was never going to be part of the Blackhawks plans, which is unfortunate, because that's who they got in the Nick Leddy trade. So they pretty much lost Leddy for nothing. Not sure why Ottawa didn't grab Pokka in September when the Hawks waived him, so I guess it's good on the Hawks that they at least got something for him.
  7. Doubtful. When the invitees would've been announced, guys like JT Miller, JvR, and Saad would have been looked at first based on history. He most certainly should be on the next one though.
  8. I know Soldier Field has it's share of morons, but I don't remember any rioting after the '85 team won. I remember the team dancing on the buses at the parade because the buses couldn't move, but I can't remember any riots. Then again, I was only 8. I don't remember any Hawks, Sox, or Cubs riots either. Just the Bulls after their 1st championship and a little looting after the 2nd one.
  9. So true. Just this summer, he was voted as the 3rd best player in the NHL on this site....but suddenly he just became a aged vet on his last leg. It's basically just a way to de-value Karlsson to make a ridiculous trade sound plausible
  10. Ah yes, the old Vet. The only place where you can tailgate, cheer on your favorite team, go to court, and be sentenced all in a Sunday afternoon. Priceless.
  11. Good grief, Philly.....try not living up to ALL my expectations.
  12. Komodo. +1 I like people who get their drinking done early on Super Bowl Sunday. Cheers!
  13. If 1st overall is protected (Dahlin) in the trade, as people have suggested, then what does Ottawa get if Vancouver wins the draft lotto? A 2019 possible middle 1st instead? Where is the quality in a package of a mid 1st, middle pairing d, and a defenseman whose been a healthy scratch?
  14. Tampa would most certainly have to move more pieces over the next year. And yeah, that's a lot to give up...but when you consider the caliber of pieces they can move over the next season, they can probably get a lot of value back.
  15. Yeah, after re-reading, I see that it's implied that the 1st from the Baer trade suggestion gets carried over to the Guddy/Hutton proposal. But that still won't be enough, especially protecting Dahlin from the trade. According to reports from Tampa, they're talking a package of possibly Tyler Johnson, Anthony Cirelli, Slater Koekkoek, Libor Hajek, Connor Ingram plus their 1st in 2018 and 2020 for Karlsson. No way Ottawa takes a Guddy, Hutton and high 1st not named Dahlin over that package.