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  1. Best Athlete In the World?

    Phelps, Mayweather, Lebron...anyone of them could be argued. One of the best athletes of all time has to be Dave Winfield. I know people have claimed baseball players to be inferior athletes....but Dave wasn't your average baseball player. Mr. Winfield was drafted in 1st round by the San Diego Padres....but he was also drafted in the 1st round by the Atlanta Hawks (NBA), the Utah Stars (ABA), and also drafted late by the Minnesota Vikings (NFL) just in case they could convince him to play football. The guy actually had a choice of what professional sport to play. That's a pretty impressive athlete.
  2. Who will be the first coach to be fired this season?

    This may be far fetched.... But with the Blackhawks struggling and the power play in 9 year funk, plus the fact that Bowman, McDonough (team president), and Rocky Wirtz have proven they're not afraid to pull the trigger on making wouldn't surprise me to see Q lose his job this season.
  3. Darling went for a 3rd, Enroth for a 7th, Bernier for a conditional pick. Nobody is giving up a first and a prospect for goalies recently. Anders Nilsson was traded for a 5th just last year, he might fetch a 3rd now.
  4. Getting a 1st rounder and a prospect for either goaltender is a fantasy. To put things in perspective, Ben Bishop was traded for a 4th round way a team forks over a 1st round pick for Markstrom or Nilsson.
  5. (NHL Poll) - NHL's Top 100 Jerseys of All Time

    The Blackhawks are also the #1 donator to Native American charities in Illinois, and also paid the have the Chief Blackhawks monument in Oregon, Illinois to be completely restored. I agree, I just don't see the logo changing for the "insensitive to Native Americans" reason.
  6. [Waivers] Matt Moulson

    You can probably throw ex-Shark Jonathon Cheecho in that list as well.
  7. How to get away team autographs?

    I don't think many teams will disclose travel times, arrival times, or hotel information for the privacy and protection of the players. If you try to wait for the team bus outside, you will most likely be ushered away by security. Your best bet is to contact team services and request an autograph of your player of choice. They will most likely mail you an autographed team headshot of that player. Some teams will charge for the pic and autograph, some teams wont.
  8. Its one thing to be a 40 year old man still a fan of a 70 year old man because the memories and entertainment they brought you as a child. Its another thing to be a 40 year old man waiting outside at 1am for a 20 year olds autograph. I totally understand a kid doing this for his favorite player's autograph. But if an adult does it, I dont know, it just kinda gives off a weird stalker vibe to me.
  9. [GDT] Around the NHL | October (22-28) 2017

    I agree with the decision. There's no reason to send him down, he's shown he belongs in the NHL and can hang with the big boys.
  10. As neither a fan of the Canucks or the Bruins, my unbiased opinion is that this hit will be a game or two. Unfortunately, Gudbranson is a victim of an epidemic thats been going around the league for years now where a player purposely turns his back to the defender, both as a way to avoid a hit, as well as a puck protection method. I dont like players putting themselves in vulnerable positions like that, but its not like this move is relegated to just a few players on a few teams. All players are doing it now. Defenders have to adapt accordingly. While the Boston player does put himself in a vulnerable position, its still on the defender to make a safe play. Gudbranson does hit him square in the numbers at a dangerous distance from the boards. If a player on my team was hit like that, I'd want a suspension. Considering his history, he might get only a fine, but i wouldn't be surprised if there is a game or is early in the season when punishments seem to be stiffer.
  11. [GDT] Around the NHL | October (08-14) 2017

    Yikes...facial fracture for Foligno. Guess that haymaker from Hayden had hurt even worse than it looked. Hayden needed stitches to his nose and Foligno received a facial fracture....remind me never to get into a tussle with either of those two.
  12. NHL loudest away crowds

    Well, considering both St. Louis and Nashville both came up with gimmicks to prevent Chicago fans from purchasing single game tickets, i would have to assume the Hawks fans were doing a pretty good job of filling their arenas.
  13. [GDT] Around the NHL | October (08-14) 2017

    Hayden had taken quite a few shots himself in the fight before landing that haymaker. It was a pretty entertaining scrap.
  14. [GDT] Around the NHL | October (08-14) 2017

    While i understand they have their tradition, i have no sympathy for somebody getting punished for throwing something on the ice. I'm sure if somebody threw a dead fish into his living room, he'd give them a lifetime ban from his house. He shoulda probably expected the same from the Redwings.
  15. [GDT] Around the NHL | October (08-14) 2017

    Congrats to Alex DeBrincat on his first career NHL goal tonight.