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  1. Draft Day (Proposal)

    To be honest, in my opinion these valuations aren't all that bad. I'd prefer to see proposals like this one as opposed to the proposals that suggest Biega and a 3rd will land DeBrincat, or Tanev and Sutter would get you Matthews.
  2. Proposal Van- TML

    And this is why I still come back to this site....because where else can I get such easy entertainment. You sincerely just made my morning, so thanks for that. For the record, that offer won't even get you Matthews.
  3. Luongo Not Retiring yet

    Probably meant Richards.
  4. Luongo Not Retiring yet

    Ironically, that's pretty much exactly what the NHL did though. The NHL office agreed to the contracts when they were signed, but now are punishing teams for those contracts because, well, because they just don't like they did that anymore. In all seriousness though, I agree with you. Not much can be done until the next CBA gets dealt with. No point complaining about it.
  5. [Report] Patrick Sharp announces retirement

    Great career. Great guy. Might be involved in the best trade ever for the Blackhawks when they got Patrick Sharp for Matt Ellison from Philadelphia. Matt Ellison plays a whopping seven games over a few seasons while registering one assist for the Flyers...Patrick Sharp goes on to become the 6th leading goal scorer in franchise history for the Blackhawks behind only Hull, Mikita, Savard, Roenick, and Larmer. The three Stanley Cups are just a bonus.
  6. [GDT] Around the NHL | April (01-08) 2018

    Patrick Sharp has announced that tomorrow night's game in Winnipeg will most likely be his last game as he plans for retirement. While never showing much promise in Philadelphia and being just a shell of his former self in Dallas, Patrick Sharp was a 3 time Stanley Cup Champion in Chicago. He was there at the beginning when the team was still in the dark ages, and became an important piece of a core that made the Blackhawks a perennial powerhouse. He leaves Chicago as a top 10 in goals and points in franchise history for both regular season and playoffs. Not too shabby for a guy the Hawks traded Matt Elison for. Enjoy your retirement, Patrick! Congrats on a great career!
  7. [Proposal] VAN-VGK

    Pfft, that's an easy answer. If I'm trading him, then yes, he's easily worth a 2nd rounder. If I'm trading FOR him, then no, he isn't even remotely close to a 2nd rounder. Sound about right?
  8. I agree +/- can be a flawed stat, but that doesn't mean it's irrelevant. It does have some relevance to it otherwise it wouldn't be tracked. Never said Seabrook was better than Keith....i said Keith didn't fare too well without Seabrook. Going from a +23 last year to a -25 this year, regardless how flawed that stat is, supports that claim. I agree Seabrook is not a 1st pairing defenseman, which is why I said he's still a very serviceable 2nd pairing defenseman. Seabrook played over 20 minutes a night, 2nd on the Hawks behind Keith. He was also 2nd in amount of shifts per night behind Keith. So it's not like he was being protected by playing against weak opposition...unless you really think that the other team was playing their 4th line 20 minutes a night.
  9. Seabrook is still a very serviceable defenseman as well. His 24 points would have been 2nd among Canucks defensemen, and his +0 would have been 2nd on the team as well. Both stats were 2nd among Hawks defensemen too. Keep in mind that Seabrook went from playing with Duncan Keith to playing with a rotation of Franson, Murphy, Kempny, Gustaffsson, Ruuta, Oesterle, etc... Keith didn't fare too well without Seabrook either, it was his lowest offensive output in 10 years and his worst +/- (-25) of his career. Seabrook is not worth his contract, but he is still a very serviceable 2nd pairing defenseman.
  10. Congrats to Lu - moving up in all time wins - Luuuu

    Retiring a player's number is not synonymous with saying they're more important than doctors and nurses. Hospitals do honor their former doctors with pics of remembrance on walls, as well as departments and wings of the building named after them. If the hospitals start hanging jersey numbers instead doctors pics, then I can see your point. But I see no disrespect to other professions when an organization wants to honor their own former employees for their contributions. A hospital seems like a good spot to honor doctors and nurses, and the Rogers Arena seems like a good spot to honor former Canucks.
  11. Congrats to Lu - moving up in all time wins - Luuuu

    I can see your point and I can't really disagree with you. But I also think retiring of numbers is a good way to ensure a player's legacy gets passed on from generation to the contributions that player made to the organization aren't easily forgotten.
  12. [Proposal] VAN-CHI; VAN-EDM

    I could see the Hawks giving up the late 1st they got from Nashville in the Hartman trade. But that young, cheap winger the Hawks need.....well, they can get him with their early 1st, and he will most likely have way more potential than Goldobin.
  13. [GDT] Around the NHL | March (25-31) 2018

    Overshadowed by Foster's performance was the Blackhawks celebrating Brent Seabrook's 1000th game, all as a Blackhawk. Often the teams leader in both hits and blocked shots, Seabrook has only missed 15 games throughout his career. Very impressive for the kind of game he plays.
  14. (Proposal) Van-Anh

    It would appear that Goldobin has officially surpassed Mason Raymond as the apex of Trade Proposals. Hutton is slowly closing in on Ballard.
  15. Tempting Pkg For DAHLIN?(discussion)

    To be honest, I never saw the Lindros trade all that lopsided. Sure it instantly turned the Quebec/Colorado franchise around, but Philly also did well after the trade too. They never won the Cup, but they did go to the Finals twice and finished 1st or 2nd in their division 10 straight years. Plus Lindros was the center piece to some very productive lines...the Crazy 8's line with Brent Fedyk and Recchi and then one of the most intimidating lines ever, the Legion of Doom line. It was a great trade for Quebec and a very good trade for Philly, in my opinion.