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  1. The only team I can see being able to handle North America's team speed in Group B is Sweden. Hope they pound the life out of the Russians tomorrow.
  2. Still a bit weird to see McDavid, Eichel, and Matthews celebrating together. Genuinely sad that this might be the only place we'll ever see them on the same team, though.
  3. Didn't think anything could be worse than the digitally inserted board advertisements. Then the Americans laid an egg.
  4. Lines never stay exactly the same throughout the entire season so Eriksson will likely spend time on both the first and second line. I'd be in favour of keeping him with the Sedins most of the time, but if he develops chemistry with Sutter or Horvat, it would the team some flexibility to move players up and down the lineup.
  5. Why is Justin Smoak?

    1. numb3r 16

      numb3r 16

      why is justin smoak suck?

  6. Hedman-Stralman. I have a feeling Josi and Subban might not mesh together too well. Who takes more hooking penalties next season: Henrik or Daniel?
  7. Edler, for now. If you had to pick a three-man unit (with a goalie) to win an intergalactic 3-on-3 hockey tournament to save Earth from being obliterated, which trio would you pick: Crosby-Ovechkin-Doughty-Holtby or Kane-Benn-Karlsson-Price?
  8. Forget him. The article that he keeps citing as proof that humans aren't contributing to climate change was actually written by a mining engineer from the West Virginia Office of Miner's Safety and not an actual climate scientist (his name is Monte Hieb, if you care to know). It's important to note that there was no peer review of his work, either. A long article on why pieces of work like his aren't factually accurate:
  9. Until public understanding of the science behind climate change improves and we eradicate lobby groups that continue to spread climate change denial and the false notion that human-caused climate change isn't a scientific consensus, stories like this won't change anything. However, I am definitely concerned that tricking baristas into writing "Kanye West" on my Starbucks cup may become much more expensive in the future.
  10. Which you said somehow invalidated her from making a testimony, when it was actually her friends who testified. I don't even know what or why you are arguing any more.
  11. JMFC, did you even read the article?: This is the type of victim-blaming sentiment that continues to encourage rape
  12. That post was from last Thursday. Great effort from the defence made this all possible.
  13. Jeff Carter over Vanek. Hell, I might take Ryan Carter over Vanek at this point. Who retires first: Iginla or Jagr?
  14. Pacioretty. Who would win in a fight: Johnny Gaudreau or Patrick Kane?