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  1. Was not at all a fan of how the crowd treated Shapovalov during the match. Repeatedly interupted his serves with noise. It got bad enough that the chair umpire basically had to tell the crowd off. Shapovalov has been steadily improving his composure and shot selection since the middle of last year and especially since Mikhail Youzhny became his coach. I won't be surprised if he cracks the top ten this season.
  2. List of Canadian international heroes against Russia: Paul Henderson Mario Lemieux Jordan Eberle Akil Thomas The TSN camera
  3. Galaxy brain proposal: rip off the Flames for Johnny Gaudreau while his value is low, prop up his numbers by playing him with Pettersson, flip him to a contender at the deadline for a king's ransom. Worth a try, right? Meanwhile, the Sharks will likely finish the night 3rd last in the league and don't have their first-round pick this year. You hate to see it (obvious sarcasm implied).
  4. You're right, Burns didn't make it. Looks like the selections are heavily weighted towards forwards this year: A bit more palatable this way, but still would have been nice to see Hughes there.
  5. Quinn Hughes has more points than any of the Pacific division defencemen named to the ASG (Giordano, Fowler, Burns). He's a -6 on the year but Brent Burns made it despite having a plus-minus of -22 and fewer points in more games. The Sharks and Flames each have one other player going to the ASG, so team representation shouldn't have been the deciding factor in Burns' selection. I don't always love using charts like this because of how easily they can be misused, but look at this and tell me Burns has played better defensively than Hughes: Hughes was snubbed because he isn't as recognizable as Burns, plain and simple. It's been since brought to my attention that Burns was not selected. My mistake.
  6. Because nobody asked for it, here's the annoying song they've been playing after every penalty:
  7. The challenge is finding a good balance between developing individual skill and emphasizing the importance of playing within a team system. I personally think Canada's current approach puts too much emphasis on the latter, but I agree that it's still something that needs to be taught. The Finnish development program had a similar issue with regards to a lack of emphasis on individual skill development. It's not a coincidence that once they adjusted their approach that they started developing elite players at much better rate. I'm not saying at all that players should start playing as individuals, rather that they should be allowed to develop skills that can set them apart from other players. The team game is obviously important, but when other countries can match your systems and work ethic, you need players that can tilt the balance of the game in your favour with their skill.
  8. Moreso I was talking about kids being encouraged to work on their individual skills before they get to the junior level. Obviously at a tournament like this, you need to implement effective systems to have a chance of winning.
  9. There's an issue with overcoaching in the development program, honestly. How many of Canada's players on this team can you genuinely say have some kind of gamebreaking skill, whether it be a great shot, creativity with the puck, or blazing speed? One, two? There are obviously exceptions, but it feels like the majority of this team is the same cookie cutter two way player with okayish skills. Hockey Canada puts an emphasis on coaching their players to play this way. It's time to start putting more emphasis on individual skill. The details of the game can be taught as players get older.