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  1. Was going to compare Boeser's deal to Konecny's but forgot that Konecny signed for an extra 3 years. In any event, $875K isn't worth sweating over.
  2. People can be frustrated at how slowly the process has played out, but they shouldn't be angry at Boeser yet. Not when he and his camp could have been so much more melodramatic. Read the comments here and tell me that Leafs fans aren't still pissed at Marner even though he signed a new contract yesterday:
  3. They played mixed doubles together at that US Open. If anything, I think he's implying that there was some 'behind the scenes business' going on that night.
  4. You're Focht. That was Focht. Holy Focht.
  5. Medvedev is low-key hilarious. Went from being a heel to a crowd favourite in the span of two weeks. Massive respect to both him and Nadal for an outstanding match.
  6. Yep:
  7. This felt like such a long time ago haha. She's definitely the greatest Canadian female tennis player of all time now. Here's to many years of future success from her.
  8. She's mentioned before that the one thing she knows she needs to improve the most is her core strength. All other things aside, her durability is really the only thing that can hold her back at this point. Hopefully now that she's firmly in the top 20 she can play fewer tournaments. Her shoulder injury this year was in large part due to playing so many matches in the first three months of the season.
  9. Knew that Bianca was going to win when she broke to level the set at 5-5. She has an immense repertoire of shots, skills, and abilities, but most importantly she has the mindset of a champion. Her ability to adjust to her opponents mid-match is something I've only seen in the very best players. I'm not worried at all about her becoming Bouchard. Her game is too strong and too well-rounded to fail.
  10. Looked a bit shaky holding serve in the second set but like a true pro, Andreescu finished the job. She conceivably could have won the second set 6-0 but fluttered a bit with her consistency. Pretty impressive that she can elevate her game almost at will, though. On an unrelated note, Antoine Roussel and John Isner are apparently buddies:
  11. Watching Pettersson, Boeser, and Hughes play 3 on 3 overtime together.
  12. Seems like he's chosen #9:
  13. There's some downright hilarious stuff in this Athletic article: It's behind a paywall, but people have posted samples of what's in it: Also a bonus from the author's podcast: Think this solidly answers the question 'Why was Paul Fenton fired?'
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