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  1. I don't really have any strong opinions on LeBron the basketball player, but I definitely object to the use of the nickname 'LeChina'. Why? Because 'Qing James' is a much catchier nickname.
  2. As of yesterday, Canada has tested 256,933 people while the United States has tested 1,149,960. Per capita, Canada has tested about 6,780 people per million while the US has tested about 3,749 people per million. Canada testing source: US testing source:
  3. At 1:17 of the second video, Luongo appears and tells everyone that Lack crapped his pants during the Heritage Classic lmfao. Best of luck to Eddie.
  4. I learned in the Twitter replies that he is himself a grandfather. I say we sacrifice him first.
  5. Do yourselves a favour and DON'T Google search Jamal Murray.


    Or maybe do, perhaps you could use the levity, if you could call it that.

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    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      thanks for the warning.

    3. Shift-4


      also don't think about a giraffe

    4. J-23


      Too late, was up all night yesterday and saw the story. Rip to my eyes.

  6. For many years, I've been simply turning the commentary off on this game because it got too annoying to hear them repeat the same lines over and over again.
  7. The Bruins' owner shouldn't be let off the hook here, either:
  8. Google 'spring break' if you want some cheap entertainment.

    1. -AJ-


      More depressing than anything else, really.

  9. Also, some handwashing instructions courtesy of John Shorthouse:
  10. Figured we could use a less serious and more fun thread separate from the main thread to share ways to pass time while we're all self-isolating/social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak. I just finished watching an F1 sim race that featured some past and present F1 drivers, as well as a Real Madrid goalkeeper (who actually finished 11th out of 20): Figure I'll also be spending more time taking walks/runs outside in places that don't have too many people. What are you guys up to?
  11. Honestly, the biggest reason we should be taking the quarantine measures seriously is because if it spreads to too many people at once, we're going to run the risk of completely overwhelming our public healthcare infrastructure. Most people who contract coronavirus will probably live, but there will still be a large number of people who will require hospitalization because of it. If too many people become seriously ill at the same time, it's entirely possible we won't have enough resources to properly treat them all.
  12. That was my first thought, as well. I'd personally propose using points percentage as the standings determiner, but that's just me.
  13. We are living in a world where coronavirus could decide whether the Canucks make the playoffs (and also whether they get to keep their 2020 first round pick):
  14. Donated $30 to the Canucks For Kids Fund but should have donated a dollar for every Demko save, damn he was good.