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  1. Sportsnet is carrying NHL Network's coverage of the draft today, so send any hate mail to those guys.
  2. Lots of chatter that the Isles may be trying to gather assets for a potential Duchene trade.
  3. Didn't read my sig, eh?

    1. S'all Good Man

      S'all Good Man

      just giving you a hard time - no offence meant 

  4. Brock Boeser will play his first game of the season in Utica, then be immediately called up and never sent down again. numb3r 16 then will have to change his username to IReallyLoveMen10:
  5. They have to build their prospect pool entirely from the ground up. Not surprised one bit that they went out and got a bucket full of picks.
  6. Didn't think a Canucks fan saying that being a Canucks fan is painful would cause this much anger.
  7. I feel your pain, Jacob.
  8. Been delaying this for a while: The Trump thread and pretty much any other politics or religion thread on this forum represent the absolute worst that humanity has to offer. It barely passes as a discussion thread when nobody can argue a goddamn thing without resorting to using childish insults, an endless barrage of loosely connected tweets, or shallow and factually inaccurate memes. Everyone there thinks they're right 100% of the time and when their beliefs are challenged, they simply start yelling louder and calling people who question them idiotic haters or something along those lines. I swear if the mods could ban me from going in there, I would gladly ask for it. It's no wonder politics is so dysfunctional when these are the people actually casting votes.
  9. I've given up on reading these threads (with this being one notable exception). Humanity for as long as it has existed has indulged in completely pointless violence against itself and it doesn't appear that we are going to evolve past it any time soon.
  10. Never mind him, he's the type that thinks vaccines are a lie.
  11. No shots for the Pens in the 2nd lmao.
  12. Craig Anderson's wife Nicholle is reportedly cancer-free:
  13. If only this was true, I'd offer to bring Fedor Fedorov over there.
  14. It's happened twice. The Red Wings beat the Rangers in 1950 and then beat the Canadiens in game 7 OT in 1954.