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  1. To set the record straight (and it's honestly baffling how many times I've read this), the Canucks were the ones who asked for the 7th overall pick + for Schneider. The Oilers were the ones who backed away from any potential deal, not the other way around: You can read more about the whole thing here: In any event, even if the Canucks couldn't recuperate what people felt was market value for Schneider, they still did pretty well getting Horvat out of it. Kinda feel bad though that Schneids is wasting his prime years on a team that's still trying to climb out of a rebuild of sorts.
  2. (Looks into thread about Josh Healey. Sees no posts about Josh Healey.) Seems legit.
  3. 2 games, 2 goals.
  4. Of course Hanzal elbows Stecher and gets away with it. Has Hanzal ever been called for a penalty for a hit on a Canuck?
  5. I remember when people here said the same thing about Schroeder and Hodgson. Good times. But oh man, they seem to have chemistry already.
  6. Not to mention Boeser's game yesterday went into double overtime. I wonder if he'll play tomorrow because he'll be damn tired by then.
  7. Boeser signed. Demko signed. Hutton signed. It's probably time to stop worrying about this team's college prospects signing here.
  8. Know I'm bumping an old thread, but Montreal's Lance Stroll is going to make his F1 qualifying debut for Williams in Australia in about an hour on TSN5. His grand prix debut will be at 10pm tomorrow evening (for those in the Pacific Time Zone).
  9. Knew from the moment I learned Horvat wears 53 in honour of Ian Jenkins that he had serious character. It sounds cheesy but I'm glad the Canucks care about developing good people just as much they do about developing good players: Good read, thanks for sharing.
  10. Juolevi rips a wrist shot high glove to open the scoring for London. Canucks fans can rest easy for a moment.
  11. Can't imagine that the winning team will have much gas left in the tank for tomorrow's game.
  12. Stop pluralizing offside, you moron.
  13. It's a cheap slash for sure, but the problem with the way NHL discipline is currently set up is that if Methot hadn't been injured, nobody would be talking about it. Slashes like this happen so often that we only notice when this is the end result. If they want to cut down on this kind of slashing, they have to start calling penalties for it.
  14. That sounds more like Real is going to make a big push for Hazard during the summer transfer window, not that any transfer agreement has been made. There's a bit more detail here:
  15. If your favourite team choking once is grounds for not laughing at any other team's misfortune, then every single fan of every NHL team wouldn't be allowed to say anything. Enough of this moral high ground stuff, it's just sports.