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  1. I don't know why Chaput continues to be lumped in with Megna. Chaput can at least win faceoffs, hit, forecheck, and kill penalties at a replacement level. Megna can do none of those things and is quite frankly useless if he's not contributing offensively.
  2. Everything is transitory. Most players don't stay on the same line all season. I also find it amusing how so many people (not you in particular) keep forgetting to put an "R" at the end of "Gagner". It's not as if his name is on the back of his jersey or something.
  3. The Oilers PXP guys spent portions of the game gushing about him. He looks like a little boy out there but he gets in the right places to score goals and has a pretty good release. Gotta love the name, too. They didn't have nearly as many positive things to say about the Canucks' players. Limited to a few things here and there about Virtanen and Rodin. They also insinuated that Chatfield was offensively challenged (before he scored, obviously).
  4. Apparently the league is investigating his LTIR eligibility just like they're doing with Lupul:
  5. Just took that pass off his skate and kept going. Great skill.
  6. Really struggling with gap control off the rush, both this game and last. For whatever flaws Sbisa and Edler have, they can both at least do that at the NHL level. Subban has a lot of work to do in that department.
  7. Really hard to get a good read on any goalie playing behind this s***show defence.
  8. Yeah, limited as in he didn't play because he had mononucleosis. Now we know you can judge players without actually seeing them play.
  9. Same type of cancer Jason Blake had. Also seems intent on playing through it like Blake: Kick cancer's ass, Boyle.
  10. Crosby isn't the league's biggest whiner and hasn't been so for many years now. He's still carrying that reputation from his rookie season.
  11. The Oilers had 12(!) powerplays during their split-squad game in Edmonton against the Flames. 5 of the Flames' penalties were for slashing.
  12. Welp, Hurricane Maria just became the second Atlantic hurricane to make landfall at Category 5 intensity this year (pray for Dominica). Only the second time in recorded history that has happened. It's also projected to make landfall directly over Puerto Rico.
  13. You can read in WHL Rocks' post that Demers himself confirmed that he vetoed a trade to Vancouver. If he didn't want to be here, it's better the deal never went through.
  14. I really have to stop reading PGTs right after a game ends because all I get out of it is a bunch of emotionally impulsive nonsense.

    1. Green Building

      Green Building

      Not to mention, pre-season games aren't about wins and losses, but how people looking to make the team are fitting in.  


      But yeah, it usually takes a few hours for gen-pop to calm down and start analyzing what they saw.

    2. Green Building

      Green Building

      I'm just going to sneak this in here: Virtanen %100 makes the team this year, and even though I'm not sold that he's ready for a full season yet the last of 2 spots is Boeser's to lose.