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  1. I don't know about you, but I'd rather be viewed as spineless than be host to the world's biggest active COVID outbreak.
  2. A quick series of polls to gather everyone's thoughts about the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery. A brief summary: A placeholder team won the first overall pick in the 2020 NHL Draft. The eight teams that lose their play-in series to determine the final 8 participants in the 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs will each have 12.5% odds of winning the lottery to award the first overall pick. If the season is cancelled before the conclusion of the play-in series, the eight teams that finished between 9th and 12th in their respective conferences based on regular season points percentage will participate in the lottery to award the first overall pick, each with 12.5% odds. The Devils will receive the Canucks' 2020 first round pick if either the Canucks defeat the Wild to advance to the 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs or the season is cancelled before the conclusion of the play-in series (the Canucks finished 7th in the West based on regular season points percentage). With all that being said, what would you like to see? Answer above.
  3. I don't think anyone envisioned 2020 unfolding this way.

    1. luckylager


      Still 6months to go!

      Second half could be all rainbows and unicorns.


      Fingers crossed

    2. coastal.view



      i swear if you look at what i wrote and put in the time capsule

      you'll clearly see i predicted a world wide pandemic

      race protests/riots in the usa that would spread globally

      gas at 78 cents a litre in vancouver

      oh yeah

      and that the nhl would elect to not designate vancouver as a hub city cuz the province does things too damn safely


  4. People had the gall to criticize players like Akim Aliu for standing up to this type of behaviour. Digusting, honestly.
  5. Think I finally understand where the motivation for this song came from:
  6. Says that he'll start working for Sportsnet upon the resumption of the season. Genuinely curious which play-in series he'll be assigned to call. There are five different series involving Canadian teams. With the two hub cities arrangement, it's also entirely possible that he'll be assigned to more than one series: Penguins-Canadiens Leafs-Jackets Jets-Flames Oilers-Blackhawks Canucks-Wild Also, a classic:
  7. If the protests have taught me anything, it's that if you don't speak out against something you believe is wrong, you are only serving to enable it.
  8. I personally don't think the format is perfect, but we're in the middle of what has frankly been a depressing pandemic. If we get to a place where we can see live hockey again, I'll take it.
  9. Something died and made Kevin Bieksa's head its final resting place:


    1. Vanuckles


      Were they doing a zoom call for game 7? Tried Youtubing it, didn't find anything.

    2. Sean Monahan

      Sean Monahan

      is that Steve Dangle at the bottom?

    3. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      @Vanuckles Bieksa joins at about 1:30:05. Steve Dangle was there too and eventually got booted for Dan Murphy lmao.

  10. Found an entire thread of comments from the group chat where these comments originated from: I get people talking crap for fun, but this seems straight up hurtful. In any event, if you read through the whole thing, there's a lot of comments that I personally wouldn't be proud of making, even in private.
  11. According to Horvat, Boeser smells bad.
  12. Still the most recent team to lead the NHL in both goals for and goals against. If not for a lousy two games against the Oilers when they'd already clinched the Presidents' Trophy, they very likely would have also finished with the league's best powerplay and penalty kill (they ended up 1st in PP% and 3rd in PK%). That year, the Canucks won the following awards, either individually or as a team: Presidents' Trophy Art Ross Trophy Ted Lindsay Award Frank J. Selke Trophy William M. Jennings Trophy Clarence Campbell Bowl NHL General Manager of the Year Award They also had finalists for the Hart Trophy, Vezina Trophy, and Jack Adams Award. Falling just short of the Cup probably left people to underappreciate just how much that team accomplished that year.
  13. The Bruins, Blues, Lightning, and Avalanche must be bad too, they don't have anyone on this list.
  14. I don't really have any strong opinions on LeBron the basketball player, but I definitely object to the use of the nickname 'LeChina'. Why? Because 'Qing James' is a much catchier nickname.
  15. As of yesterday, Canada has tested 256,933 people while the United States has tested 1,149,960. Per capita, Canada has tested about 6,780 people per million while the US has tested about 3,749 people per million. Canada testing source: US testing source:
  16. At 1:17 of the second video, Luongo appears and tells everyone that Lack crapped his pants during the Heritage Classic lmfao. Best of luck to Eddie.
  17. I learned in the Twitter replies that he is himself a grandfather. I say we sacrifice him first.
  18. Do yourselves a favour and DON'T Google search Jamal Murray.


    Or maybe do, perhaps you could use the levity, if you could call it that.

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    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      thanks for the warning.

    3. Shift-4


      also don't think about a giraffe

    4. J-23


      Too late, was up all night yesterday and saw the story. Rip to my eyes.

  19. For many years, I've been simply turning the commentary off on this game because it got too annoying to hear them repeat the same lines over and over again.
  20. The Bruins' owner shouldn't be let off the hook here, either: