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  1. Agreed, but I think you meant "can't argue there isn't".
  2. Doesn't it though? I don't know how this will all play out, but it reads like "We're the NHL and we're going to strongarm our way through this nuisance copyright issue in a flash, see you in June".
  3. I am ignorant of the facts of this topic, but I do love kimchi.
  4. John Tavares, Dougie Hamilton, Jack Skille?

    1. Green Building

      Green Building

      Slick moves by those 3 tonight.

    2. Pears


      Tavares is a glitch

    3. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      John Skille, Dougie Tavares, Jack Hamilton. 

  5. Unreal. I know what you said. The only obvious thing is your hatred.
  6. That's your opinion, and I find it a little suspect. This team is so obviously smack dab in the middle of rebuild. Look at the roster for Christ's sake. Very very few people remain from 4-5 years ago. Is it a full blown kick everybody out rebuild? Obviously not, but to suggest that empty seats would be a little more full were JB and TL to come out and say "we suck and we're shooting to miss the playoffs" is more than a little presumptive. I accept where we're at now because I can see the direction we're headed. It's never an easy road no matter how it's traveled, and right now it's awkward as $&!# as there is some obvious catering to certain franchise elements, but that doesn't mean we haven't amassed some great pieces since JB took over, I mean our prospect pool actually has some prospects in it for once. Would I have liked JB to have drafted a few more times over the past couple seasons? You bet. You play the hand you're dealt though, and JB was dealt an Aquilini with a couple of Sedins and he and TL are trying to make the most of all of it. Agreed, it's a fickle market overall, and plenty big enough to support the team. Ticket prices are fairly high though, and I'm not surprised that individuals aren't shelling out bucks for irregular entertainment. Personally, I want to see fast competitive hockey, and to be honest winning or losing doesn't matter if they games are close, and exciting (aside from blowout wins of course).
  7. Some of our guys. He tried to draw a penalty anyways with the baby jabs behind the net, too bad Manning didn't call him on it. I wish I heard what Manning really said. What ever happened to mic'd up anyways?
  8. No problem. Might as well blame Newton for inventing physics while we're at it.
  9. Honest question: For arguments sake, if this is slated to be a repeat of the 1999 draft then what are 2 more "top" prospects worth exactly? If it really could be a weak class then why not keep the pick, pass on Nolan anyways, then select the next best instead? I understand the desire to grab multiple pieces, but what value do they have if they amount to 1999 fluff?
  10. You're being utterly ridiculous. It is thoroughly clear that the only options for Sbisa on that play were: 1 - shove the puck up the near boards and right into 2 players, then prepare to be vilified here by CDC coaches 2 - attempt a pass to Granlund, right up the middle of the ice mind you, and perhaps turn it over at his own blue line where he would then prepare to be vilified here by CDC coaches 3 - try to flip a rolling puck out towards center with Parenteau, his stick, and the aforementioned same 2 people right in front of him where an unlucky bounce results in a turnover and he is vilified here by CDC coaches 4- pass back to Larsen (who may have called for the pass noticing the situation Sbisa was in) who may not have seen Hall due to his focusing on a rolling puck, the cluttered near boards, and a steaming pile of Parenteau coming right at him, where he proceeds to watch his partner get smoked and awaits to be vilified here by CDC coaches I guess the guy can't do anything right can he? That was sarcasm. The hate Sbisa already gets is completely absurd, and those who now want to blame him for the Larsen hit are right out to lunch.
  11. Devan Dubnyk is playing hockey this year. 


    0.946 SV%

    1.65   GAA

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      Member Super Socco?




    3. Green Building

      Green Building

      Do I! An ex really liked a pair of shorts I wore in summertime, she called them Super Socco. Damn she was fine.  

    4. Mr.DirtyDangles
  12. If you watch the video again you'll see that Sbisa fed a blind pass behind his own net due to his side of the ice being congested. He knew his partner was there, but couldn't see that Hall had drifted down low on the opposite side of the ice due to Parenteau closing in on him. Marky was watching the puck move down low, that leaves only the ref to shout the heads up, which they do, but in this case it was too little too late. I know people like to jump on Sbisa for stuff, but this play wasn't his fault at all.