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  1. Like hell it is. It's about fans who think that if a franchise believes a player shouldn't be in the CHL or the NHL there is this other league in between them both that would suffice. For the sake of argument, let's assume you are arguing on behalf of the CHL and have no choice but to negotiate. The NHL hypothetically says it's time to revisit this and says each franchise is to be given 1 exemption every 2 years, and may be willing to deny NHL clubs from removing CHL players from teams that would result in CHL clubs losing 3 exempted players over the course of 2 seasons, but maybe not. What would your terms be?
  2. Sorry @suitup, I conveniently missed this one paragraph in your OP before responding with the exact same suggestion to another poster. I agree, and I suggest 1 every 2 draft classes, maybe 3 if the CHL plays hardball. Either way, there could easily be some leeway given.
  3. Yes, they will, but if NHL teams begin to demand a developmental compromise where their picks are able to be placed in a situation that is a little more under the individual teams control then my suggestion is a starting point. In no circumstance am I for the leeching of the CHL, but once a player is drafted by an NHL club I have no problem with them having some rights as to where an occasional standout player plays. 1 player every 2 years isn't going to destroy the league.
  4. People who like the staus quo, or are afraid of the CHL being immediately devoid of talent should something be changed. I propose something simple: every team gets 1 exemption per 2 year window. No questions, that is it.
  5. Haha! I've defended him in the past due to his strong Team Canada play, but after the recent spear I'm officially on Team Punch Joe in the Charger. I'm kind of crap at researching obscure sports stats, but I did find the record for goals by a single team in a period: 9 by the Leafs in 1981.
  6. Gotcha. He might get his for free, but that wouldn't be common as far as I know. You'd be surprised at how many players have "custom" sticks. All you have to do is go stick shopping to find out how many players have their names on sticks. It's just a way companies try to make the player happy, but typically, they aren't given away for free.
  7. Sponsorships don't mean free sticks for every player that signs the deal. The player gets piles of money if sponsored, but the team still has to buy the sticks, and all other gear too for that matter. Except for cases like Chelios' shoulder pads that he had worn since peewee. Benn didn't throw away his own $600 here, he burned the clubs $600. So in that sense the gear is free, but it all still has to be paid for.
  8. Gaunce without the points has been an integral part of the 4th line this year, and I haven't noticed him having a bad, or invisible, game for a while now.
  9. Maybe you are, maybe you aren't. This thread isn't.
  10. You forget AV's gum chewing interviews?
  11. Well I never said I hated them, I just don't like them. They totally deserved to win against Seattle, I'll give them that, and if you're calling me out on a specific position I'll say I'm honestly only neutral on Atlanta. I grew up watching Favre play QB like we played in the yard so Green Bay has a childhood nostalgia associated with them. I also have a soft spot for teams that I've watched in their home stadium. While that's kind of laughable regarding the Bears, it just furthers my hopes that GB can knock off Atlanta. To be honest I don't really think the Pats are going to lose. Year after year they prove to be a ridiculously good team. I just like it when the big dogs fall as it makes for a better story, and most of the time a better game.
  12. Not if they turn the ball over the same as they did against Houston.
  13. Maybe. I'm coming from a place of bias in not liking Atlanta and always appreciating Green Bay, but I'd rather not bet than bet against Rodgers right now.
  14. Steelers Packers Superbowl