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  1. I use AdBlockPlus, it's great. If it is a virus type malware though I don't think it would remove the virus it would just cover up the ads. Nevertheless, I concur with ABP. @NucksPatsFan I don't get those popups here, nor do I get the notification that one has been blocked by ABP. Also, "believe in Jimmy"? Meh, it'll be the rest of the team that carries you if you do 0.500 or better.
  2. There are 2 things that come to mind here: 1 - there are currently 2 hurricanes on the way to big island, and 2- hurricanes are unpredictable You may be fine, you may be rolling the dice.
  3. ^ Hah! I was going to say "by-products of porn" but your response is a little more on the nose. The neat thing about this forum is the breadth of content by the users, and I can think of worse places to posit a generic inquiry. Plus, when someone says "...I've researched the problem..." but admits coming up short I wouldn't blame him, but I might blame the guy being the dick for actually being a dick. That said, I've no help other than moral support. Looking forward to the Pats starting 0-4 too .
  4. I'm doing the work this year, okay? Yeah, I may even fly out to some mini camps. How about that.

  5. I hope that Oklahoma Houston game is on TV Saturday morning. Houston could be Week 1 spoilers to the Sooner season!
  6. That absolutely sucks. Dislocated knee and torn ACL. Probably done for the year. Brutal.
  7. The satire should have covered that as well.
  8. I'm not impressed yet either, but 1st on the team is still 1st. Doesn't matter anyways. Unless he has a breakout season or for some reason performs better in the NHL than the AHL he could have a tough time as an NHL regular.
  9. Hate to break it to you but he had 48 points on the Comets last season. Not very hot, but it was good enough for 1st on the team.
  10. Lol Romo:
  11. Don't be so morbid? Whatever man. Terminal brain cancer is the very embodiment of morbid. That said, you do realize the irony of your comment right?
  12. I cried man tears tonight... twice.


    Great day, good last show. Hope he feels good enough to do another few small venue gigs and if by some off chance I'm there? Outstanding.

  13. It's my understanding that he's been pretty good about that already, but as anyone could guess I'm not in their inner circle. Just going off combos of the bromance and anecdotal evidence.
  14. ^however: "Anything is possible I don't think limits"