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  1. Well one thing is for sure, if he is traded then Stevie should get some very valuable pieces coming back his way.
  2. Willie D is not the guy for this Job

    I don't entirely agree. Our 2nd line has been comprised of a less than veteran age group of late.
  3. Connor McDavid is 2.5 times better than Gretzky

    1. TheOgRook


      You watching it too eh? The puck seems to follow him around,its just crazy how good he is!

  4. The owners should sell the Canucks

    Your legs stink as much as your threads.
  5. The Pro Playoff Thread

    Yeah, I know what the Cup is. I want it.
  6. The Pro Playoff Thread

    I was on the island in 94, and at game 7 in 2011. I've never been anywhere so loud. My brain was vibrating in the upper levels. I don't see it happening either to be honest, but still want our boys to have the best chance to succeed every night. A stretch drive/playoff push can be a great way for young guys to learn all about why the way teams play during most of the regular season doesn't get it done when everything is on the line.  The last 5+ games can make the season and require another level of play, the playoffs need another step up still. I'd love to be playing against seasoned vets in the playoffs as a 19-20 year old. What other way could I learn about what it takes to win? Play losing/tanking seasons for 8 years?
  7. The Pro Playoff Thread

    Stanley Cup?
  8. Willie D is not the guy for this Job

    Hah! Willie Desjardins   0 career coaching goals Scotty Bowman    0 career coaching goals Tie for lead?
  9. Willie D is not the guy for this Job

    Apparently Willie knows this. 
  10. The Pro Playoff Thread

    No, that feels like complacency. Something that our youth movement has alleviated with the changing of the guard. Plenty of new faces around here. 
  11. The Pro Playoff Thread

    Good luck trying to keep tankers out of any thread. They are a contagious plague. You know what else has an infectious sort of feel? A winning environment.
  12. NFL thread

    I agree for the most part, the thing I wonder about is why this is facing a resurgence when it was already a known story. Because he won another title so people care about it again? If he did it then he's a bitch, and should eat shyte. So should everyone who waited until now to make an effort to go after him when they had the chance before. Obviously I'm not referring to the doctor, just media and whoever else. Win and they come after ya, what else is new eh Pats fans?
  13. NFL thread

    "According to Naughright, university officials seemed intent on downplaying the incident and protecting Manning, arguably the best and most celebrated player in Tennessee’s history. In fact, she claims one university official asked her to blame whatever transpired on an African-American athlete and she refused." Wow, Tennessee in 1996. 
  14. Take your pills Cherry, you senile old coot.