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  1. *AHEM 3rd period comeback.
  2. Pittsburgh totally deserves to win this game. Only 1 team came ready to play tonight. Even before the disallowed goal the Pens were showing more hustle and puck desire by a long shot. Can't blame Vasilevsky at all. Maybe we'll get a nice little 3rd period comeback.
  3. Tampa Bay has no idea how to keep their pants on in the last minute of a period. It's turrible.
  4. If I were better with photoshop I'd turn that into a "Pootie Tang" poster.
  5. I don't mind the calls going the right way, actually, I prefer it. There needs to be a better way to streamline the process that doesn't interrupt the game though.
  6. Nice to see Tampa decide to get their 5th shot on goal a bit earlier in Game 6
  7. Bah, you're talking out your derry-aire
  8. I think Canuck fans would do the same thing in Rogers. Booing good calls followed by chanting "Ref You Suck" sounds familiar.
  9. Christ. Amend all the rules!
  10. You mean review? Just saw a great replay of Malkin getting slashed and taking a retaliation penalty
  11. In theory, the rule is good, but it's being applied in all the ways it never should have been. The league should have forseen this and amended the definition of offside, or automatically reviewed every play like touchdowns in the NFL. Imagine how much some games would be slowed down for that to happen.
  12. Oh $&!#, coach brought the micrometer to the game. I sure hope this rule is altered in the offseason. It would be so easy to change.
  13. Damn rights. Great way to start off.
  14. Tanking, What Is Tanking?

    If JB hits a few dingers at the draft this year then losing a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd next year could be easier to swallow. I think it would take something freakish for us to finish bottom 5 again so I wouldn't be too worried about gifting a lottery pick CBJ's way. Let's say we offer 7.3. All they'd have to do is let Rene Bourque walk and they'd be able to match, if they were okay with shelling that kind of money out for whatever term JB applied to it. Or they could let him go, and we'd be stuck with a 7.3 million dollar question mark for several years in addition to moving the picks. If JB likes Jones then I'd like to see him kick the tires on a trade first if for nothing more than whatever he's signed for after arriving here would be more reflective of his current worth. I'm not sold on Jones one way or the other so from my perspective that's a lot of picks and cap to give up for an unknown.