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  1. Well, you've come to the right place then.
  2. I hear San Jose threw Edmonton in the shower.
  3. Who does Eichel think he is already. Lebron James? And at the punk age of 20? I don't buy the story.
  4. Stojanov for Naslund lmao

    1. numb3r 16

      numb3r 16

      It's what people are gonna be saying about the shinkaruk-granlund deal in 15 years.

    2. numb3r 16

      numb3r 16

      With granny being naslund of course

    3. Pears


      Burrows for Dahlen lawl

  5. Game #3 shouldn't suck.
  6. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait for tomorrow.
  7. I could go for another round of playoff OT. Make it happen Sharks.
  8. Montreal disagreed with him.
  9. Those days were full of exciting hockey, just making light fun of Hrudey's comment.
  10. Perhaps it's time to let go then. I'm just glad he's turned his life around.
  11. That's your opinion. Congratulations on using 2 years of hindsight to come up with it.
  12. It sounds much more blunt than aggressive in my head, but yeah, likewise.
  13. Come on. It was somewhat documented at the time (via JB's mouth) that he was offered help. We can infer by the trade that he wasn't ready to help himself. I'm glad you aren't the GM if your idea of dealing with a player with an issue who doesn't want your help is to bury him on our farm team with the rest of our prospects (even if we had none at the time). I'm glad he's improved his personal life, but the trade at the time didn't bother me, and it doesn't bother me any more than the Grabner trade... which is nil.