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  1. Outstanding.
  2. Can I still deduce something?
  3. Got to get to 50 somehow, and over the course of 82 games there's no harm in resting early, especially if Boeser felt tired after playing so many preseason games. I still believe it's a combo of that, and Green wanting to limit the attention toward him on opening night. We all know the market we're in. Brock doesn't, but I bet he does now. It's all part of learning how to be a professional in the NHL.
  4. You're right, they'll be more of a future financial mess than they look to be now. It's the principle though, and I would find it an aggravating coincidence. I doubt I'd stop watching, that would be an over-reaction, but somehow it would all be Messier's fault.
  5. Key phrase.
  6. If Boeser performs well as a result of being rested occasionally, then yes, Green is making the right moves. Also, Nucks fans should be prepared for Boeser to sit more games this season as he gets his mind and body up to the day to day grind of the NHL. I want Green doing what's best for Boeser (and it looks like he is so far) rather than trying to get Boeser the Calder so early in the year. So far so good.
  7. I might leave the NHL for good if the Oil miss the playoffs and win the lottery.
  8. Fair enough, all I see is the constant highlights of him hittin' dingers all year.
  9. I hope you're wrong, but have no insight. Though, I thought Dorsett looked a bit shook up as he was walking down the tunnel after the 1st period, but he still finished the game so it must have been nothing.
  10. So as a matter of deductive logic, Canucks > Oilers.
  11. Aaron Judge doesn't know how to $&!# the bed. Yankees got a hell of a player with him. Wonder how long he'll keep it up for, including future regular seasons.
  12. CC me please.
  13. I think the surprise, at least mine, comes from the penalty shot being awarded after watching the replay. That's new.
  14. Yeah, he might have some extra motivation against his former club. If that means anything to him, then sure.
  15. Yeah, but obviously the exact same MLB playoff game has to be shown on 2 SP channels. /s I don't have 360HD either, just the included SD which I will watch, however reluctantly.