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  1. That elbow was amazing, form the perspective that Bure had been eating Stars turds all series and stood up for himself. Never liked Dallas, never will. Since Bure was a star player, maybe 1 game.
  2. Meh, no big loss. His oysters sucked anyways.
  3. I'd like to request that you do a list of past winning lotto numbers so that we can reflect on all of our poor choices, and not just those of past GM's.
  4. That's basically what happened to me about 6 years ago. Years and years of awkward lifting caught up with me when one day I decided to reach for a shoe. The situation mattered not, it was the combination of all previous situations that led to it. Lucky for me I was assured it was only muscular, but it changed the way I look at stuff like the importance of stretching. Everybody should stretch, even if they haven't thrown their back out. I wish I started in my 20's. I stretched muscles while at the gym, but not core muscles. It may have prevented it from ever being thrown out in the first place.
  5. More manly than getting hurt by a cracker. First thing that came to mind after reading Mac's post. Coitus is one of the only ways my muscle gets pulled. It may be a BS story, or it may be Norwalk. I've eaten food past due as well and it has never been that which has poisoned me. Think of what the flu feels like, subtract the immediate general aches and then add butt fountains to the situation. You don't just walk that off. Hydrating is a major issue for professional athletes, and it is literally impossible to do when you're sitting on a toilet all day. The only BS here is your idea that someone with food borne illness can crap-and-go.
  6. You think people who resort to brandishing knives read?
  7. Who is Willie Desjardins, and why are there so few threads about him?
  8. It is, much the same way Naslund was over shadowed by Linden.
  9. @S'all Good Man Are you still in Victoria looking for food stuffs?

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    2. S'all Good Man

      S'all Good Man

      Thats great, thanks man. I did make it to Il Terrazza and Fol Epi. 

    3. Green Building

      Green Building

      Don't know why I said chestnut, it's acorns. 

    4. S'all Good Man

      S'all Good Man

      You don't have to be rich to enjoy good things anymore, which is nice. People drop $15 on total crap and could have roasted an organic chicken for the same dough. 


      I was really impressed with Vic tho, if it had skiing nearby I might consider making the switch from Vancouver some day! 

  10. What a ridiculous comment, he owes Vancouver nothing. That said, I'd love it if he re-signed and was able to stay healthy for a year or more.
  11. He had best play better than his junk in the trunk bum looking oaf year he had last season. He was hot garbage that wouldn't fit down the chute, and I'm not impressed. Something had to happen at RB with Rawls being injured all the time and Prosise not really being big enough to handle full time, but he need to have quite the bounce back season to fit in. Pats don't even phase me anymore. They could repeat their 19-0 attempt with their schedule. Battle is for runner up again.
  12. Not to nit pick, but not everybody hated that. We needed a goalie and easily had the cap space to burn.
  13. You must be in the wrong place, this is CDC.
  14. Loud and clear.