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  1. My injuries were a long time ago. I stretched to keep as loose as possible through my rehab, and when I was ready I began weight training to rebuild the muscles that support the injured area. It was a long process, and of all the people I've met with a back injury, and of all the professionals I've spoken with (excluding chiropractors as they don't sell or market prevention, just short term relief) they all confirm that back pain is for life. Now, that doesn't mean everybody needs to go out and apply for disability tomorrow. On a pain scale of 1-10 I'd say I'm around a 2 for daily activities, and that jumps to 2-4, or even 5 for extremely physical activity. The most important thing is recognizing the needs of your body, and weight training, while important, is no more important that stretching to keep your body loose before it becomes either injured, or re-injured. Also, everybody has some degree of back pain, it's just part of aging. The important thing is how we manage it. I have 30 minutes of stretches/excercises that I completed 3 times per day all throughout my rehab. It prevented my back from becoming a stiff, inert, log during gym time, and it also reduced the healing time necessary between weight days since, well, stretching, among other things, increases blood flow, and therefore, oxygen, to the injured or stretched area, and again, as long as the stretch is being done properly there should be no problem. Key points: Know exactly what range of motion you need to use to target the area you wish to stretch. Understand that everybody has a different physique and when a physiotherapist, or Youtube (careful), shows you one range of motion you may need to adjust it slightly in order to target the desired muscle(s). If the pain causes sharp bolts of lightning, or even tears to swell in your eyes, the stretch is going too far. Ease off. Exactly no good comes from overstretching. None. It has the potential to be incredibly harmful. 30 seconds maximum per stretch. It's scienctifically proven that the benefits decrease beyond that, and risks climb. 30 is enough. Breathe. This one is so important and is the most commonly overlooked. The oxygen being delivered to the stretched mucsles starts in your lungs. If you aren't breathing, you aren't benefitting. Take one deep breath, hold for a moment, and exhale. That should take approxiamately 5 seconds. Breathe that way 6 times per stretch and you don't have too count, and it also relaxes your body to benefit the targeted muscle group more. You know what helped my muscles re-engage? Acupuncture. No joke. 7 years ago acupuncture saved my ass, not chiro or anything else. But again, everybody is different, everbodies physiology is different, and what works for one person won't necessarily work for another. I will still defend proper stretching for people of all ages until the day I die. It's way too beneficial to overlook
  2. Gudbranson too. This year should be like getting 2 good players for free all over again. Louie, cause he sucked on offense last year, and Gudbranson because he was injured all year long and should now be %100 for roughly the first time as a Canuck.
  3. I want Bettman to stand firm, and players to leave and play anyways.
  4. I'm not at all a fan of foam rolling except for the outside of my knees/thighs. Or if I get tightness somewhere in my back I'll grab a firm tennis ball, throw it in a thin cloth, and roll it between my body and a wall. In my experience though, foam rolling sucks; if it works for you I'm happy for you. Stretching isn't just about making your back feel better, it's about keeping your whole body limber so it can function as a happy unit with your back. My stretches and exercises focus on my back and core muscles, and saying "stop stretching" is about the worst advice anyone can attempt to offer someone... unless they aren't stretching properly in the first place. Everyone, at all ages, should be stretching for at least 30 minutes a day. We don't fo it though because we make BS excuses like we're too busy or want to have another beer or whatever. Stretching has been medically proven to be beneficial, if it hurt you then you are either an anomally, in which case I'm sorry, or you need a refresher on how to do it properly. When it comes to maintaining an already damaged body there is no 1 perfect routine, but with my back strengthening the core muscles and proper stretching have been 2 thumbs up. No ifs, ands, or buts.
  5. Back pain is forever. I have it myself. All I can do is stretch and manage it and hope for no further injury. Find a good physiotherapist, take it seriously, and you could see good improvement Best of luck to you. Learn to stretch. I'm not joking.
  6. By eventually dumping every long term relationship girl who was ever good or great for me because I wanted a change or some variety instead of commitment?
  7. Dying alone, through no (some) fault of my own.
  8. Bergevin emphatically stated PK wasn't being shopped. Nothing against Draisaitl, obviously, but I'd rather keep our 1st rounder next year than give EDM what could be yet another high pick.
  9. Jesus Christ, are the Liberals trying to piss away tax dollars in the courts over this too? And then waste money on another election? It's bs like this that had me vote for the Green Party over the last several elections. Now they're out (technically) and they still manage to rub my rhubarb the wrong way. Get bent, Liberal Party.
  10. Burn. Also, I agree with your general statement surrounding player valuations. I think some of the money is absurd. Part of that is jealousy, haha, but hey, it's all hunky dory according to the CBA. It's hard to argue McDavid isn't worth the max given all that he brings to the Oilers. If the max is too high then the numbers should be tweaked. I'm not holding my breath on that one though.
  11. Anti-vax. 



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    2. Wilbur


      Yeah, the Last Week Tonight Videos never last long.  I think it's a Canadian rights thing.

    3. luckylager


      They haven't used a mercury based stabilizer in Canadian vax's for years and even when they did the amount of mercury was like tuna salad level.


      My kids are vaxxed, healthy and smarter than me.



    4. Green Building

      Green Building

      Sorry about the video being removed already. It still works for me, but I'm a long ways away from Canada at the moment.


      Anti-vaxxers drive me nuts. 


      My developmental years are well behind me, but I got 8 shots in one day before going on a little trip and I'm fine.


      Or am I?

  12. That article is s h i t. Virtanen hasn't worked out YET. Yes, you can't win them all. Time to move on. Juolevi, a young defenceman, has had his development arc superseded by forwards. Big deal. Water us wet. Defenseman take time. JB was looking at centers not named Pettersson, then took Pettersson anyways? Ed Willes' jackass opinion doesn't belong here. Discuss
  13. Yes indeedy. Even more exciting is when they begin trickling into the lineup. We almost enjoyed Rodin's (rookie) season last year, we should be enjoying Boeser's rookie season this year, and maybe Juolevi and one other next year. Good stuff. I don't really care where we finish as long as we play hoxkey that's a bit more entertaining, and we keep drafting, and hopefully developing, well.
  14. My point wasn't that we can't find scouts who ranked Pettersson lower, it was that there are also scouts that ranked him right where we took him. It was all over the map, and regardless of how Elias develops, this pick was not very off the board until scouting reports are filtered to demonstrate that bias. The reality is that this draft was a BPA blender. edited for C- English
  15. Cool find. Thanks for posting. I'm optimistic about our picks this draft, but we'll see what we're all saying about 2017 3-4 years from now.