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  1. Yeah, that's a valid point. His performance was fine in There Will Be Blood, but I still found what he was performing to be entirely uncaptivating, if you catch my drift. The movie was too long, there was too much "I'm an oil man", and I just failed to buy in. Since he was in quite a bit of the movie I feel I can hold him accountable for my boredom. But hey, the enjoyment of movies is subjective, and I happen to fall on the other side of the DDL Oscar winning fence. I'd have to watch Gangs of New York again to comment (watched it twice many years ago) but it wasn't that great of a movie so I'll just go ahead and give you the win on that argument. The Last of the Mohicans was the last movie I liked of his, but that was so long ago I wonder if I'd feel the same way today. Some people simply aren't entertained by other actors, kind of like how people roast me for not liking The Wire. I don't care, sometimes that's just the way it is.
  2. Honest question: Am I the only one that doesn't care and believes he's as over-rated as humanly possible? There Will Be Blood was as bland a movie as he is an actor. Best of luck in his future endeavors though, maybe he'll be a better director if he swings that way.
  3. Welcome to the internet. Just out of curiosity, who are teams 1 and 2? You can PM me if you don't want it public. The way people act here sometimes is childish and silly, but them's the breaks of a west coast team with a poor history at the draft and no championships thus far. Of course the goofs will stand out if you are looking for them, or are hyper-aware of them, but there are also a lot of knowledgeable posters here. I've seen your name around here more and more of late, and if you can ignore, or just accept, the drivel (which you must be doing otherwise you would not be here) then this board can continue being your place of hockey talk refuge. I'll take CDC over Hot Fart Boards anyday of the week.
  4. I hope you are having a good day today.
  5. You mean his right hand?
  6. That was obviously a complete, against the grain of a finfoil hat, fluke. Plain and simple, Pittsburgh trounced the Pred's hard early in the series, and they couldn't recover for more than 1 game.
  7. Eh? Looks like he's tucked a couple of baby squid tubes under that rug.
  8. Fair enough, I can understand that. I hesitated at bluntly positing that he would have found amusement in his cartoon toxic waste cancer only to then contract and pass from leukemia, even though that was the very thing I was alluding to. I still think we're both right.
  9. I know. That's one of the reasons I laughed at it, then mentioned it, then posted the clips.
  10. Yuck.
  11. I'm too young to have watched the original Batman, but everybody knows who Adam West is: I don't want to share a beer with anyone who doesn't chuckle a minimum of 4 times while watching that video. Minute ~ 1:20 hits the nail pretty close to the head; Adam West would probably have chuckled at it.
  12. Bingo. I don't even want to give them one of our 2nd's as part of the deal. Dallas can love it, or shove it.
  13. Pratt has followers?
  14. Yes, thank you. I may have mis-spoke slightly, but it's also somewhat what I meant by "weak draft be damned". I certainly agree with your assessment of quality NHL players being in the top 10 though. Who knows? Perhaps in 5 or 6 years we'll be talking about how underrated this draft was prior to its occurence. The fact there is such a rankings mash up between 3 and X may give us a slight advantage in acquiring another pick this year. Or not, *shoulder shrug* but I feel it's as good a time as any to make a move given the players we have, and the potential needs of multiple teams around us in a high draft position. I wouldn't even view it as a strong, or a necessarily bold move, it would just be a move that makes sense after our last season, or seasons. Edit: our, not out, and some other stuff
  15. Yes please to 2 top 10 picks, extra yes please to 2 top 5 picks. Weak draft be damned, we could use both a strong center prospect, and a strong defensive prospect, and if this is our year to make that move then let's do it. Thank you for your service to one of, or both of, Edler and/or Tanev as the rebuild [hopefully] puts a strong foot forward.