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  1. Sometimes you have to smoke Texas style pork ribs and grill fresh caught spot prawns over oak.  



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    2. Ghostsof1915


      Not into shell fish. 

      But ribs work every time. 

    3. Jaku


      I need your address :P


      That sounds delicious though.

    4. Green Building

      Green Building

      Weird how the prawns pic didn't transfer at full res, the pic I tried to post looked even more succulent.  


      @NewbieCanuckFan liar, I was never vegan anything. Even my vegetables get butter and fish sauce.

  2. Ducks unveil third jersey

    Needs more purple for that.
  3. Ducks unveil third jersey

    Meh, there should be a little more orange piping or something to break up the monotony, and what's with the 2 hip bars being off kilter? It's like they're trying to make it look as though everyone's jersey is tucked in. It's goofy. Always liked the duck mask though.
  4. I feel ya, lag-dog. Not trying to harsh your buzz here, but there's some under the table stuff happening in the US. Just to clarify, I'm not outright claiming they're being sold into sex slavery, ok? But when senators/legislators are being turned away from ICE detention camps you start to wonder why. Who is keeping count? I get that the US isn't running an immigrant day care center, but why are staff being instructed NOT to console infants and children who are sitting on floors of these places devoid of their mothers (can't find the article for this, will look again upon request)? That's complete BS, yet the GOP defends it. I try to keep up to date on the goings on so I'm not entirely out of the loop when it comes up in face-to-face conversations with pro-Trump supporters that I've met right here on Vancouver Island. It's not conservatives I argue with, but Trump's lapdogs. Most of their talking points are Fox News based and easy to debunk, but it still requires being informed.
  5. Dude, land of the free indeed: It appears that, yes, they did. The following is heavily conspiracy theory based, but where do a bunch of little children disappear to when the RNC troll talking point since inauguration has been pizza parlour child sex rings run by the Clintons? Party of projection again? Harvey had no evidence beyond Q's little 4chan buddies, meanwhile kids are disappearing right before our eyes and it makes you wonder: where the &^@# are they?
  6. I don't believe people here think you're stupid, perhaps just a little prone to emotional claims like the one below? This is 1 example that I read yesterday and thought to myself, "no, he's not". There's literally zero reason to believe Trump is done based on an article written about information we knew as far back as May, maybe even longer (I can't remember when we first heard about the details of the briefing and not the briefing itself), given how the GOP has %100 ignored the entire issue to date. McConnell and Ryan won't do dick about it, the rest of the party at best will offer a soundbite which they will either immediately retract or vote oppositely should it come to that. Case in point,those in office who temporarily "spoke out" against the Trump Putin pocket festival only to have the Democratic request to question the interpreter denied today. Oh gee, what is there to hide? Perhaps if the request was granted to GOP would be done, but that's just supposition. I'm not trying to pick on you, that's just my take on why maybe you get the feeling that people think you're "stupid". Ease off the hyperbole and maybe you'll get fewer negatively-toned responses (clam, Harv, Dral, nux4lyfe, Positive Canuck et all notwithstanding, they're all goofs ). Yes, I'm a hypocrite sometimes, difference is I don't give a hoot I've also had a couple few beverages this eve so my post-editing for tone is way off. Apologies for any continuity or general dickweed errors.
  7. I do appreciate the offer, but I won't bother looking. Alabama didn't elect Ray Moore; I was genuinely proud of them for that. Imagine being genuinely proud of a state for not electing a child molester. That's the RNC for ya these days. Beto O'Rourke may take Ted Cruz down, maybe not, we'll see. The list goes on. The thing with politics is you never really know until voting day.
  8. A 3rd party won't change jack without serious electoral reform. The problem with going down that path is that the RNC will see it as an attack on their little strangleholds they have gripped by slowly eroding away various parts of the Constitution. They'll frame it as a war against them instead of something beneficial for democracy. Why? They aren't for democracy. See Mitch McConnell stealing a Supreme Court seat from Obama as the most egregious of examples. For &^@#s sake the nutjobbiest of them all already accuse Democrats of being pro-war for hating how Trump is basically Putin's pocket-holder a la T-Bag from Prison Break, and they can't stop trying to impeach Hillary even though they won. Can you imagine the Fox News, alt-right $&!# show that would result in electoral reform making things more "square" and reflective of the general populace? The US has gone so far down the rabbit hole that I doubt they escape this without some serious ramifications, and that's just one of many things Putin can cross of his list with Trump hanging on to his liner.
  9. Trump: "Me first" RNC: "Party over country/that's how you know we're family" I mean, it's right there in plain sight.
  10. I have to admit that I've been all in on following the $&!#fest that is the Trump presidency since day 1. The RNC has not been the party of Lincoln since Reagan, and their actions during this clown show are showing that they are %100 for themselves and not the people. Those who don't see that boggle my mind, but that's propaganda for ya.
  11. Jim Benning Mic'd Up at the Draft

    Fair enough, I think the evidence is that we needed a slick skating dman like Hughes, and if it came down to Tkachuk or him I'd personally take Hughes. That comes from my liking Zadina over Tkachuk, so if JB liked Hughes over Zadina then, well, pretty simple math there. I'm below amateur scout at best, but I went on record long ago as wanting another dman with our top pick so I'd still take Hughes over Tkachuk if it were between the two. Ergo, Hughes at 3 for me.
  12. You've got a pretty positive approach toward those polling numbers for a lefty. I don't trust them for beans after last year. American apathy, gerrymandering, and voter suppression are a killer for polling.
  13. Since anything passed through the senate can just be ignored by McConnell and whoever replaces Paul Ryan they'll need to flip 27 House seats without losing any of their own to really get anything done. I'm thinking those numbers'll be next to impossible, but with the current American political time dilation compressing months of BS into every week - who knows what's going to happen between now and then that could alter things?
  14. Jim Benning Mic'd Up at the Draft

    I'm sure Tkachuk will be a fine player, but they probably would have taken Hughes at 3, too.
  15. Jim Benning Mic'd Up at the Draft

    Love the little behind the scenes trade stuff, how happy Judd and JB were to get a slick dman like Hughes, and:
  16. Fox News spreading RNC aligned propaganda for decades has had the desired effect: a new generation of the weaponized ignorant have been raised to be full-rage angry at often fabricated or blown out of proportion scandals, just like the generation before them. Thank &^@# idiots like those at Rebel Media didn't get their cable TV wishes granted or we'd be a little more susceptible to the same level of societal retardation up here.
  17. Agree they don't, but it's in-your-face-odd that Trump would so quickly come out against Montenego as Putin tries to get a stranglehold on, or friendship with, any country with a port that could access/influence Europe. Turkey, Syria, the Baltic region, and now Montenegro. As usual, Putin/Russia are just playing the geo-political long game, but Trump has an uncanny ability to expedite certain portions of it. And reading a transcript of any of his rants leaves one's brow furrowed. His nuclear rant is my personal fave: ^ That guy is the president, and his base would have us believe he's intelligent enough to negotiate with North Korea, China, and Russia. How's that working out so far?
  18. Maria Butina is also the same woman that asked Trump about Russian foreign policy at one of his Klan campaign rallies. And to add to your post: Republicans made their bed with the NRA long ago, but ever since Russia has been purchasing influence with them it sure makes for some greasy looking arrangements. Like Putin's buddy and alleged Russian mobster Alexander Torshin being invited by the NRA to oversee 2012 Federal Elections. This all makes for some interesting speculation about who US PERSON 1 could be. I bet it's David Keene, but it would be extra greasy if it was someone who was a sitting or about to sit congressman at the time, like Dana Rohrabacher. edit: forgot the link ^
  19. Meanwhile, in a reality completely devoid of satire, Trump keeps marching out oddly Russian sided talking points: - President Donald Trump expressed skepticism over the US's commitment with NATO by singling Montenegro, its newest member - Trump questioned whether or not the US would defend it, as required to do by NATO's founding treaty - Trump suggested that the US, which "[pays] 90% of the costs to defend Europe," was being abused by the alliance - Trump imagined a scenario where Montenegro's "aggressive people" could spark World War III with Russia - His train of thought closely mirrors Russian anti-NATO messaging I doubt Trump could even find Montenegro on a map until Putin told him about it at the treason summit. Fox News is an enemy of the American people, and Trump is way over his head as he doubles down on burning the the reputation the States had on the world stage.
  20. Every @Positive Canuck post on this page:
  21. Which further reinforces my point that the German scientist, much like Hollywood, was not the first to posit the idea of time travel. Whether any of the others knew anything about relativity or physics wasn't relevant to my point.
  22. Yes, thanks, exactly what I meant.
  23. That's not true. Orson* Wells wrote about it in his 1894 book, The Time Machine. Time travel has also appeared in several texts prior to that, one being The Mahabharata from the 9th century, though prior to Einstein coming out with his relativity theory, time travel was largely regarded as uni-directional and with no return. Orson* Wells %100 pre-dated the german scientist's postulations. *H.G.
  24. Sacha Baron Cohen is back, and he is absolutely killing it.  



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    2. diesel_3


      "If they don't know the difference between right and wrong, they could be very effective soldiers." - Talking about training child soldiers. Wow. 

    3. Green Building

      Green Building

      @diesel_3 It's crazy that these people believe they're defending American values.

    4. Herberts Vasiljevs

      Herberts Vasiljevs

      I so wish he could have portrayed Freddie Mercury in a movie about him & Queen. Big shame that that will never happen. 

  25. Do you pronounce it "Van-couver" or "Vang-couver"?  


    I've almost always said "Vang".

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    2. Rounoush




      It shows how little time I spend in Vancouver that I just learned that this is even a thing. :lol:

    3. Green Building

      Green Building

      @Rounoush Meh, it's not like people in the city just walk around all day long pronouncing it one way or the other. I'd wager out of towners say the city name more frequently than in-towners.


      I was just trying to remember how John Ashcroft used to yell it as he announced the Nucks hitting the ice. On the spot, and if I had to guess, I'd say he pronounced it "Vancouver", which would made him wrong. 



    4. Ghostsof1915